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A Roadmap to Success: How to Sell Online Effectively


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Selling is not easy whether it's online or offline. In the online world, there are so many tools and strategies to keep track of, it can often be challenging and intimidating. In an effort to provide some clarity around this maze of to-do's and not-to-do’s, we have created this eBook to help everyone carve a successful path in the online world. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned veteran, this eBook covers all of the areas you'll need to be successful online. Chapter by chapter, we have outlined a clear and easy to understand roadmap to follow so you take the right steps toward your online success.

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A Roadmap to Success: How to Sell Online Effectively

  1. 1. How To Sell Online Effectively A Roadmap To Success
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  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONHow To Sell Online Effectively: A Roadmap ToSuccessCHAPTER 1Selling: The Things You Need To Get StartedCHAPTER 2Blogging: Building Your Community and YourBrandCHAPTER 3Connecting: Promoting You and Your BusinessThrough Social MediaCHAPTER 4Responding: Making and Keeping Your CustomersHappyCHAPTER 5Evolving: Taking Your Business To The Next Level 3
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONDo you have your own business? Have you tried to sellyour products online without much success? If theanswer to both of these questions is “yes” then you arenot alone. While there are millions of creativeentrepreneurs online today, many of them are strugglingto find success selling their products and millions ofothers are just simply staying out of the online spacebecause setting up, running, and managing currentecommerce solutions is difficult and intimidating.We’re going to try to help alleviate some of thosechallenges and ease the anxiety of selling online byproviding you with a clear roadmap and the keys toselling online effectively.Here’s Some Good News!There are 2 billion people in the world today that haveaccess to the Internet compared with only 360 millionpeople just 10 years ago. That’s means that 1/3 of theworld’s population is online and is growing by almost 2million new users every month.With that type of growth in new users across the globe,there is a huge opportunity to expand your potentialcustomer base from just your local community to theentire world. In addition, there are many other benefitsto sharing your products online including: Your customers can shop 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even while you’re sleeping. Your loyal customers can share your information with their network in many places very easily. It is much more cost effective than a traditional brick and mortar store or booth at an event. We said it earlier, but the potential customer reach is exponential and worldwide. 4
  5. 5. Now that we’ve convinced you to start your onlinebusiness, let’s look into what it takes and how you caneffectively embark on this adventurous journey.Although there are a lot of things that you will need toconsider in order to effectively sell online, you can easilydo so by following a clear roadmap that we’ve outlined inthis eBook. We have built the roadmap around 5 keyareas to show you a clear path to help you achieve theultimate success you are aiming for.1. Selling2. Blogging3. Connecting4. Responding5. EvolvingTo download the full eBook, go to the link below. to-sell-online-effectively-a- roadmap-to-success-ebook 5