Integrated Talent Management Seminar


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Integrated Talent Management Seminar

  1. 1. Human Capital Management Community Presents a Pre-Conference Session: Fully Integrated Talent Management with SAP HCM Solution: Insight from the ExpertsThis seminar is geared towards enabling a comprehensive understanding of the latest enhancements andthe best methods to maximize the value of an integrated SAP talent management solution to meet HR andbusiness needs – from recruiting through training, assessing performance, compensating, and retaining toptalent in the millennium generation. You know that SAP provides integrated talent management. But howdoes it all work? What will it take for you to enable managers to have the answers they need at theirfingertips for recruiting, retaining, and managing the best talent? How can you link employee training tocorporate strategy? You will have an opportunity to get the answers you need directly from SAP and fromleading consultants in the HR field. Get detailed information on how to enable self-services with out-of-the-box SAP-delivered functionality and receive guidance on how to maximize the rest of SAPPHIRE® NOW andthe ASUG Annual Conference – learning where and how to get detailed information tailored to your needs.Picture this seminar as a “Day in the Life” of a company managing their talent…Starting the Conversation: SAP or Best in Breed?Get the straight facts from Harry West, former Director of Solution Management at SAP and now a leading As companies emerge fromHR authority with Knowledge Infusion. the current recession, business leaders areFirst things First: Build an Organizational Structure to Feed Your Talent Pipeline demanding more value fromTake home expert guidance from noted HR expert and owner of Symphony Management Consulting, Kellie human resources…[but]Fitzpatrick, on how to build the essential foundation for an effective integrated talent management system. most HR departments areRecruit and Onboard into Your Organization still not equipped to helpSAP Solution Owner, Kim Lessley, will give attendees insight into the latest SAP developments and how SAP grow the bottom line,optimized e-recruiting for maximum user adoption and a superior end user experience. quantify talent needs, find and hire the bestIntegrate Your LMS: Qualifications, Competency Assessment, and Skill Gap AnalysisSharon Wolf Newton, recognized expert in enterprise learning and owner of hyperCision Inc., will bring candidates, and develop andclarity to the complexities of tracking skills and competencies against business requirements, assessing retain the highestemployees, and measuring the gap between job requirements and employee proficiencies. performers… HR can use technology to focus in onHands On: SAP® StreamWork™ and Usability Testing the best recruits, provideGet insight into SAP development and usability from, Julie Lemieux, an expert at the center of the ProductManagement and User Experience teams for SAP. higher-quality service for employees, and produceManage Performance and Tie Performance to Compensation more actionable humanGain expert knowledge on necessary elements for integrating Performance Management with Enterprise capital data.Compensation Management through customer case studies and expertise shared by Luc Hedou, Presidentof /n SPRO and former SAP Platinum consultant. - 10 Minutes on Transforming HR ( © 2010Identify and Retain Top Talent: Plan for Succession PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP)Take home lessons learned and the keys to implementing Succession Planning with SAP Enhancement Pack4 in this detailed session presented with expert insight from SAP’s Venki Krishnamoorthy along with first-hand customer experience from W.W.Grainger’s Arun Govindaraju and Irene MosiasGetting the Data Out of SAP: Workforce AnalyticsBe among the first to learn how SAP solves the challenges of analyzing your workforce with EnhancementPack 5, Business Objects and out-of-the-box dashboards. Judith Roess from SAP will take us beyond thebasics to show attendees how to provide managers and decision makers with easy-to-process, simplifiedand visually clear HCM analytics.Wrapping up the Day: Trends in Human Capital ManagementC. James Erickson, Solution Principal in SAP’s HCM Center of Excellence, will examine current HCM trendsand measures, and will present the SAP roadmap to attain greater efficiencies and effectiveness for youremployee stakeholders.