Improve sales effectiveness. Bridging the gap between seller and buyer.


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Trust drives immediate sales effectiveness.
Sales professionals agree that trust is the key to their sales success.
Customers readily confirm it. The stats confirm it.
A 20% increase in customer trust means a 400% improvement in buyer predisposition.
Yet many companies do not focus on their people’s capability to actively build trust.
The reasons are varied and range from a lack of robust methodologies to the continued belief in wrong myth.
With HuTrust® mext and sales performance partners, Huthwaite, have shown that trust building can be learned quickly, improves sales results immediately and renews confidence and passion of the sales teams.
Have a look at the little presentation.

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Improve sales effectiveness. Bridging the gap between seller and buyer.

  1. 1. Improve your sales effectiveness and KPIs by bridging the trust gap between seller and buyer. How sales & service organisations can open up great sales opportunities by improving their customer trust building capability.! ! October 2012! ! This  publica,on  and  results  are  copyright  mext  2013.  HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  trust  are  copyright  and  trademark  of  ifm/mext.  Copying  and  publishing  by  any  means  is  not  permiCed  without  express  permission  of  the  copyright  holder  except  as  permiCed  through  the  Australian  copyright  act   and  for  informa,on  purposes.       All  images  copyright  Istock  and  used  under  license  by  ifm  &  mext  
  2. 2. We work daily with sales professionals. Consult to them, train them and workshop with them to improve their sales effectiveness. As part of our ongoing research work to better sales improvement approaches we surveyed over 970 sales and business development professionals globally. We also surveyed 1800 B2B customers. The results show great opportunities to drive sales performance through active trust building. •  By mext and Huthwaite International • Adam Thorp • Stefan Grafe • part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  3. 3. A topic that pops up time and again is:! trust part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  4. 4. Over 95% of you consider trust critically important to selling 95% consider trust critically important, 4% important and 1% not important to ! •  Selling! •  Repeat purchase! •  Customer loyalty! ! part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  5. 5. You got it right there. Your customers perfectly support that. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  6. 6. 82% will use its products frequently If clients trust you and your brand… part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  7. 7. 78% will look to it first for the things they want If clients trust you and your brand… part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  8. 8. 78% will give its new products and services a chance If clients trust you and your brand… part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  9. 9. 83% will recommend it to others If clients trust you and your brand… part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  10. 10. 47% will pay more for its products or services If clients trust you and your brand… part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  11. 11. 47% believe it will inform them about products and services they’ll like If clients trust you and your brand… part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  12. 12. Trust is the most powerful driver to buy. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  13. 13. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   Trust is also the driver of your ‘soft’ KPIs.
  14. 14. Being able to trust you is immensely valuable to your customer. That’s why it’s valuable to you. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  15. 15. Quite rightly many organisations want their sales and business development professionals to be the trusted advisor… part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  16. 16. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   95% of sales professionals are very confident in their ability to build and manage trust.! 79% of sales professionals are very confident in their ability to build and manage trust in their company.!
  17. 17. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   but
  18. 18. Why then do customers consistently trust us sales professionals significantly less than we think they do? part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  19. 19. Sales and business development professionals tend to overrate their customer’s trust. In our surveys sales professionals rate their trust as an average of 8 – being well trusted. However, all our customer studies in B2B show that customers rate us as an average of 6.3 (5.2-6.8 depending on category). A gap of around 20%. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  20. 20. Why do we consistently miss out on great sales possibilities without even knowing? The trust effect: A 20% increase in trust improves buying propensity by 400% I  would  recommend  this     brand/product   I  would  go  out  of  my  way  to  buy     this  brand/product   I  feel  connected  to  this  brand/product/ company   Avg  b2b   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  21. 21. The way we tend to rate our trust higher than it is, we assume a much higher propensity to buy from us and connection to us than is true. This leads us automatically to show the wrong behaviours, message incorrectly and assess wrongly where the customer is in their decision making process. Low trust (7) doubles the customers commitment to you. If your customer would rate you 8 instead of 6, their commitment to you quadruples – and so forth. That should be reason enough to properly understand how your customer behaves at each level and know precisely how to shift that trust just that little bit each time. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  22. 22. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   because
  23. 23. 1) If we measure customer trust at all, we tend to do it wrong. The gap. Using the wrong scale, we interpret the attitude of a large part of our customers incorrect. Customers giving us a 5 and 6 don’t distrust us, but neither do they trust us. Typical interpretation What customers really mean Distrust Neutral Trust part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  24. 24. Typically organisations consider everything above the midpoint as ‘trust’ or ‘satisfaction’. However, customers express only the slightest level of trust by ticking 7 and above. The result is significantly skewed, because a huge proportion of customers tick 5 and 6 and merely mean they are neutral. This gives us a false sense of what our customer’s commitment to us is – and thus what we need to do to better sell. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  25. 25. 2) Our understanding of trust is lacking, out-dated or wrong. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  26. 26. Despite huge advances in the understanding of trust, many still believe they build sufficient trust by • Being transparent • Communicating • Being honest • Being punctual • Building an intimate relationship • Being customer oriented We continue to believe that ‘trust takes a long time to build and only a second to destroy’. Heard it before? It takes you in the wrong direction! part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  27. 27. 3) We consider ‘trust’ a talent, not a skill part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  28. 28. Trust is still considered fluffy and emotional. A God given talent rather than a skill. While most managers know the importance, they are lacking robust and effective frameworks to give their teams the crucial trust building capability. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  29. 29. 4) We don’t understand that improving trust is the key to directly improving sales effectiveness AND our sat/NPS KPIs. More trust = More Sales + More satisfaction + More advocacy (NPS) part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  30. 30. Many sales professionals still doubt that slightly increased trust translates directly and immediately into sales improvements. Most organisations also have not been able to connect sales performance with the achievement of soft KPIs like satisfaction and the NPS. While a ‘focus on satisfaction/NPS’ to drive measurable sales improvement is difficult, operationalising them through trust building is intuitive and proven to improve both sales and KPIs. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  31. 31. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   now what
  32. 32. Trust is driven by six clear facets. Scientifically correct, statistically and practically proven. Trust is not fluffy and intangible. It is clear and understandable. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  33. 33. Trust is driven by 6 clear facets. Trust in stability Trust in future development, Trust in a relevant way of relating to us Trust in a relevant benefit Trust in an appealing vision and purpose and Trust in the right competencies. These 6 facets were developed by a team of psychologists and practitioners with over 6000 interviews, with supervision by Professor Salber, the father of the most recent psychology theory and validated through statistical analysis and practical application with leading organisations globally. The approach is called The exercises were great. Everyone has their own style. This training shifted their perspective fundamentally and they could apply it intuitively. The guys already have better results with it. T sales team manager one week after kick off training. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  34. 34. Once you know how trust really works you can’t go back. Trust building is a skill. Effective immediately. L   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  35. 35. Understanding and building Trust can be learned and improved (even if you are already great at it). By understanding how trust really forms, sales professionals can intuitively workshop and define their personal, product and brand trust drivers. Improving their confidence and ability to build that trust that improves their sales even more. ‘I used the HuTrust® outcomes with a client I had to visit the same evening. The conversation was very different and I was able to sell to a much higher value.’! Senior Sales Manager and HuTrust® workshop participant. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  36. 36. Can you say confidently: • What trust is? • What your trust level is? • What exactly your customer wants to trust you for in each of the six facets of HuTrust®? • How, and how well, you deliver on that? • If you deliver better and different than the competition? • How to build and manage sales effective trust in every interaction? part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  37. 37. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   no?
  38. 38. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   Learn it Join over 1000 sales and service professionals who attended the HuTrust® training this year already & improve your sales effectiveness immediately.!
  39. 39. The 6 components of the model were great. I could clearly see how to change our approach with our customers using the HuTrust Model. Truly the most effective training this year. Thanks. Sales Director Visit our website and subscribe to our news updates and blog Get started. Get the book on Amazon. See what trust is made of and how you can build it better! .com part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
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