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Custex with ConceptSnap


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In this real life study we show how to understand and design great customer experiences that will drive your KPIs - customer satisfaction, Trust, NPS and consideration.

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Custex with ConceptSnap

  1. 1. Developing  high  trust  experiences:   Customer  experience  analysis  and  design   Example:  Inbound  Sales  Call    
  2. 2. Touch  point  specific  customer  experience  is  an  important   component  of  brand  building,  advocacy,  compe::ve  advantage   and  immediate  revenue  opportunity.       Especially  sales  &  service  touch  points  are  considered  cri:cal  ‘moments  of  truth’.   Therefore,  understanding  the  full  experience  in  a  way  that  enables  quick,  prac:cal   improvement  is  important.     Inbound  sales  calls  are  one  of  those  great  opportuni:es.  In  this  anonymised  case   study  we  compare  the  interac:ons  with  2  service  companies  and  analyse  the   customer’s  experiences  and  resul:ng  trust  dynamics.     We  asked  32  mystery  shoppers  from  the  valuable  18-­‐24  audience  to  call  these   companies  with  a  clear  buying  indica:on.  Companies  were  called  mul:ple  :mes  to   eliminate  the  possibility  of  isolated  good/bad  experiences.     The  experience  analysis  results  can  be  turned  into  immediate  ac:on  to  make  a   difference  right  away  through:   -­‐ Scrip:ng  op:misa:on   -­‐ Process   -­‐ Training   -­‐ Marke:ng     Please  note:  This  document  is  an  excerpt  only  and  strongly  modified  for  confiden9ality.   Contents:   p3              The  case   p10          The  methodology   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   Introduc<on  
  3. 3. Call to buy! How the sales experience makes or breaks the opportunity. part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   The  case  
  4. 4. Using  HuTrust  and   ConceptSnap  the   mystery  shoppers   rated  their  trust  and   described  the   expected  experience.   Company  1  has  a  clear   trust  advantage   without  too  high  an   experience   expecta:on.   Company  1   Company  2   ConceptSnap  ,HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  Trust  are  trademark  and  copyright  ifm/mext.     Use  of  the  concepts  and  any  of  their  content  is  not  permiDed  without  express  permission  from  the  copyright  holder  and  trademark  owner.  Photos  copyright  and  mext.   HuTrust  Profile.     The  6  drivers  of  trust   HuTrust  Profile.     The  6  drivers  of  trust   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   Pre-­‐call  expecta<on  
  5. 5. AWer  their  call,  respondents  repeat  their  ra:ng  and  experience  descrip:on.  This  shows  us  the  impact  of  the  actual  experience  in  all  dimensions.   Company  1  has  lost  its  advantage  to  a  point  of  now  being  distrusted.   Company  1   Company  2   Company  1  has  lost   posi:ve  associa:ons   and  reinforced   nega:ve  ones.   Company  2  has  added   a  number  of  posi:ve   associa:ons  and  lost   or  diminished   nega:ve  ones.   ConceptSnap  ,HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  Trust  are  trademark  and  copyright  ifm/mext.     Use  of  the  concepts  and  any  of  their  content  is  not  permiDed  without  express  permission  from  the  copyright  holder  and  trademark  owner.  Photos  copyright  and  mext.   HuTrust  Profile.     The  6  drivers  of  trust   HuTrust  Profile.     The  6  drivers  of  trust   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   Post-­‐call  ra<ng  
  6. 6. The  HuTrust  analysis  shows  which  HuTrust  Facets  are  impacted  posi:vely  and  nega:vely.     security   prac:ced   powerful   leading   indifference   steady   enduring   successful   Old  fashioned   experienced   ?   Full  and   lazy   Not  commercial,   only  self  interested   effort   Effort   from  me   uneasy   vital   Australian   unintelligent   kindness   effort   comfort   honest   fresh   refreshing   local   steady   prac:ced   modern   uncomplicated   freedom   Understanding   easy   leading   suppor<ve   closeness   effort   Experience  dimensions  within  the   HuTrust  Hexagon  drive  trust,  those   outside  diminish  trust.   ConceptSnap  ,HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  Trust  are  trademark  and  copyright  ifm/mext.     Use  of  the  concepts  and  any  of  their  content  is  not  permiDed  without  express  permission  from  the  copyright  holder  and  trademark  owner.  Photos  copyright  and  mext.   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   Hutrust®  analysis   Company  1   Company  2  
  7. 7.             The  ideal   experience   descrip<on   provides  the   benchmark   for  the  gap   analysis.     enduring   successful   prac:ced   steady   safe   kindness   comfort   honest   Australian   insighZul   local   rewarding   transparent   develop ed   quality   reliable   flexible   uncomplicated   green   fresh   freedom   suppor<ve   natural   innova<ve   experienced   Posi<ve   easy   leading   Understanding   effort   apprecia<on   professional   ConceptSnap  ,HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  Trust  are  trademark  and  copyright  ifm/mext.     Use  of  the  concepts  and  any  of  their  content  is  not  permiDed  without  express  permission  from  the  copyright  holder  and  trademark  owner.  Photos  copyright  and  mext.   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  8. 8. The  findings  can  immediately  be  turned  into  concrete  ac:on  to  develop  high   trust  experiences.   Ac:on  &  proof   points   Priori:sa:on  by   ac:vity   Experience  design   plan   ConceptSnap  ,HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  Trust  are  trademark  and  copyright  ifm/mext.     Use  of  the  concepts  and  any  of  their  content  is  not  permiDed  without  express  permission  from  the  copyright  holder  and  trademark  owner.  Photos  copyright  and  mext.   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group   Implementa<on  
  9. 9. ConceptSnap  ,HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  Trust  are  trademark  and  copyright  ifm/mext.     Use  of  the  concepts  and  any  of  their  content  is  not  permiDed  without  express  permission  from  the  copyright  holder  and  trademark  owner.  Photos  copyright  and  mext.   Methodology   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  10. 10. ConceptSnap  –  helping  customers  and  internal  stakeholders  express  themselves   For  customers  it  is  difficult  to  express  the  expected,  actual  and  desired   experience  beyond  ra:onal  and  func:onal  verbalisa:on.  This  makes  it   difficult  to  understand  nuances  between  companies  and  grasp   customers’  experiences  beyond  their  post  ra:onalisa:on.  In  order  to   gain  a  deeper  and  more  accurate  understanding,  we  developed  a  tool   that  helps  customers  and  internal  stakeholders  express  themselves   be]er.     ConceptSnap  comprises  3  parts:   ConceptSnap  was  developed  with  a  team  of  prac::oners  in  brand,  sales   and  marke:ng,  psychologists  and  linguists.  It  has  been  calibrated  over  10   years  and  adapted  to  different  languages  and  cultures.  In  June  2013   alone  more  than  17,000  employees  and  customers  conducted  the   ConceptSnap  exercise  offline  and  online.     Image  sort:     Based  on  42  mood  boards  to  help  respondents  define   the  atmosphere    and  symbols  associated.  These  images   have  been  calibrated  for  over  10  years.     AMribute  sort:     Normally  we  use  only  10%  of  our  available  vocabulary.     Our  350  a]ributes  based  on  linguis:c  families  and   colour  psychology    allow  respondents  to  precisely   ar:culate  what  they  mean.  For  you  this  means  no  more   generic  ‘innova:on’  or  ‘trustworthy’  expressions.     Emo<on  sort:     What  do  customers  really  feel  and  how  do  they  want  to   feel?  How  don’t  they  want  to  feel?  Difficult  to  say,   unless  you  have  a  full  set  of  emo:ons  for  them  to   choose  and  pinpoint   approachable   inclusive   appreciated   indifference   ConceptSnap  ,HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  Trust  are  trademark  and  copyright  ifm/mext.     Use  of  the  concepts  and  any  of  their  content  is  not  permiDed  without  express  permission  from  the  copyright  holder  and  trademark  owner.  Photos  copyright  and  mext.   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
  11. 11. HuTrust  –  the  robust  approach  to  analyse  and  build  customer  trust   HuTrust  (human  trust)  reveals  the  six  clear  drivers  of  trust.     Developed  under  supervision  of  the  father  of  the  most  modern   psychology  theory,  Professor  Salber,  it  is     -­‐  psychologically  correct   -­‐  sta:s:cally  robust  and     -­‐  prac:cally  proven   This  understanding     of  how  trust  forms     in  our  minds  allows     us  to  analyse  the     strengths,     weaknesses     and  opportuni:es  to     build  more  trust  be]er.     For  more  info  visit  or       Why  focus  on  trust   Because  trust  is  the  root  cause  of  most  of  our  behaviours.  The   more  we  trust,  the  more  likely  we  are  to  buy.  A  20%  increase  in   trust  can  mean  a  400%  improvement  in  buyer  behaviour.     Most  services  companies  score  an  average  of  6.8-­‐7.2,  leaving  ample   room  for  improvement  for  most.     For  those  that  measure  the  NPS  or  sa:sfac:on:  Trust  has  a  very   high  correla:on  with  both  these  measures  and  drives  over  70%  of   them.     That’s  not  surprising  as  we  only  recommend  someone  if  we  trust   them.     So,  even  if  you  use  opera:onal  NPS,  focusing  your  efforts  on   building  trust  is  the  most  effec:ve  way  to  achieve  improvements.   How  to  work  with  trust.   You  can  imagine  the  six  drivers  as  six  buckets  of  trust  that   need  to  be  filled.  The  average  of  their  levels  is  always  the   same  as  trust  and  advocacy  overall.   The  Trust  Effect     Stability   trust   Development   trust   Benefit   trust   Competence   trust   Vision   trust   Rela:onship   trust   ConceptSnap  ,HuTrust  and  the  6  drivers  of  Trust  are  trademark  and  copyright  ifm/mext.     Use  of  the  concepts  and  any  of  their  content  is  not  permiDed  without  express  permission  from  the  copyright  holder  and  trademark  owner.  Photos  copyright  and  mext.   part  of  the  Asia  Pacific  mext/duxton  group  
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