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Rewiring Charities


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A slide I used in a presentation to The Funding Commission held at the offices of NCVO on 26 November 2009. A work in progess.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Rewiring Charities

  1. 1. aspirational participation openness challenges for traditional charities goals the changing giving experience aggregation self- of small organising, accountability acts peer-to-peer, vs instant employee campaigns innovation networks voices more platform to make transactional partnership relationships connected relationships supporters experiences look good reset social software focused earmarked vs institutions micro- payments general funds return on attention mobile donor global citizens ‘intimacy’ global reach impact donations reporting online hyper 3% local governance permission interruption Steve  Bridger  |  26.11.09  |  original  doodle  by  @davegray  -­‐  remixed  with  permission