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An Intro to Scratch Programming for Parents


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Provides a quick introduction to Scratch and how easy it is to get started

This was a presentation I did today for a course on Presentation Skills. However I thought other parents may find it interesting.

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An Intro to Scratch Programming for Parents

  1. 1. Scratch Programming for Parents
  2. 2. What is Scratch? • An excellent introduction to programming which fosters learning and creativity as kids play
  3. 3. What will my kids learn/improve? • • • • • • • • Logic Coordinates Math Controls Loops Sensors Optimizing Drawing
  4. 4. What is it like? • Programming is fun • They can create whatever they can imagine • Activity you can do together • The meaning of this weird symbol:
  5. 5. What can we create? • Anything you want: Art, animations, interactive games, or anything you can imagine
  6. 6. Aquarium example • Learn about x and y coordinates • Learn about sprites • Include bubble sounds From book “Scratch Programming For Teens
  7. 7. Maze example • Learn about keyboard inputs (arrow up, down, left right) • Control sprites interacting with each other as they touch • Play a game that you created yourself – Unlock the door, get the gem and get out the blue door Chapter 7 from book “Super Scratch Programming Adventure
  8. 8. Windmill example • Create your own sprites and buttons which control their behaviour a: makes it spin b: makes it bouce c: makes it move around • Pressing combination of keys makes it go wacky Designed by my 7 year old
  9. 9. Scratch is easy to read
  10. 10. Easy to create or use existing costumes
  11. 11. Scratch is easy to use • Drag and Drop • Many types of blocks • Blocks snap together to create scripts
  12. 12. Projects are easy to share and extend
  13. 13. Scratch is free and it is easy to get started • Provided from the MIT Media Lab • Use online: – OR • Download offline editor: ad/
  14. 14. There are many resources available