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Why is WAN Optimization as a Service better for businesses?


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WAN optimization as a service increases network efficiency and reliability by intelligently managing the flow of network traffic and distributing it across multiple WAN links while network availability is guaranteed by automatically redirecting traffic from a down link to a healthy link.

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Why is WAN Optimization as a Service better for businesses?

  1. 1. Why is WAN Optimization as a Service better forbusinesses?WAN optimization as a service increasesnetwork efficiency and reliability byintelligently managing the flow ofnetwork traffic and distributing it acrossmultiple WAN links while networkavailability is guaranteed byautomatically redirecting traffic from adown link to a healthy link. Proactivetechnical support staff will monitor andtroubleshoot issues as they happeninstead of waiting for a phone call or anemail from the end user.Reports can be obtained which detail outage incidents and duration as well asnetwork utilization statistics which provide insight into how network resourcesare being put to use. All of this is provided for a monthly fee with no upfrontcosts.A strong network infrastructure is critical for successful businesses andoptimization services that provide real-time and historical data for how thenetwork is being utilized allows the IT staff make informed decisions. Determiningtraffic prioritization, evaluation of current or projected bandwidth requirements,or forecasting impact of additional users or applications relies on pertinentinformation related to network activity.Issues that impact network availability or performance require quick resolution tominimize impact on business operations. Determining there is a problem,diagnosing possible causes, and contacting a technical support helpdesk costs theIT staff valuable time. The service includes monitoring of WAN optimization
  2. 2. services including Internet access, VPN connections, and DNS. When an issue isdetected, the support staff begins troubleshooting immediately and engages theend user to notify them of the issue and steps being taken to resolve the problem.Proactive support isn’t the only protection provided by WAN optimization as aservice. Detection of WAN, server, path, and site outages with automaticredirection keeps the network running with no work required by the IT staff.Additional troubleshooting can then be performed to address the issue.The Internet allows businesses to connect customers, employees, and partnersfrom every corner of the world. WAN optimization as a service addresses modernbusinesses need to increase network efficiency, reliability, and availability. Itaccomplishes this by providing tools for greater visibility into network utilizationand application performance, technical support that is proactive instead ofreactive, and automated detection and redirection of network traffic to preventoutages from impacting user business productivity.