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Best Knives For Your Kitchen


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Guide about picking the right knives for your kitchen.

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Best Knives For Your Kitchen

  1. 1.
  2. 2. This set is a great way to transform your kitchen experience.Wusthof makes state of the art forged high carbon stainless icetempered knives.
  3. 3. This set fully equips you for a great price. Victorinox Forschnerare Cooks Illustrated best buys.
  4. 4. Henckels makes some killer forged ice tempered high carbonstainless knives.
  5. 5. Rada Cutlery is an American company that makes inexpensivestamped stainless blades and handles of tough cast aluminum.
  6. 6. "Victorinox - now branded "R H Forschner" - an excellent stampedblade with great grinding. These are an unbeatable value and werepicked by Cooks Illustrated as a best buy.
  7. 7. Global makes a superb line of stainless knives of advanced alloy andgrind. Handles are composed of the same steel stamping as theblade, hollow rolled, with a texture molded in. The entire knife is asingle piece of steel.
  8. 8. Japanese knives that exemplify artisan Japanese obsessivequality. Shun Classic - damascus steel blades with asian style 16degree edge grind.
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