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The Powerpoint 12


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12 tips on using Powerpoint more effectively

Published in: Business, Technology

The Powerpoint 12

  1. 12
  2. We all use Powerpoint!
  3. it can even do a good job! (if you use it right!)
  4. but instead, what we often see is....
  5. So much text that you might as well read a book! You see slides with so much text on them that it seems as though the presenter needs all their content on the slide so in case they forget what it is that they’re saying, they can turn around and read the slide to the audience, just in case the audience can’t read it themselves. But by this stage the audience has already finished reading and wonders why you’re reading the information as well, because they can read, didn’t you realise that? (oh, and the slide is numbered, possibly dated with a title at the bottom and some meaningless code, just to make sure there 5 is no extra space left at all) (better fill this bit!) April 12 2009 The Powerpoint Dozen XY143673.1
  6. And there’ll be bullet points too! (lot’s of them) ๏People say, use only six bullets ๏With only six words per bullet ๏Print out the slides as well ๏Add animated text just for fun ๏Use fonts that are too small ๏And read them out as well!
  7. Sometimes even the words will be hard to read...who knows why?
  8. So, I’ve decided to help 1 3 everyone out with “The Powerpoint 258 4 611 Dozen!” 7 910 12
  9. 1 Plan your workshop
  10. 2 Story before slides
  11. 3 Limit the text on slides
  12. 4 Avoid bullet points
  13. 5 Think like a designer
  14. 6 Don’t use cartoonish clipart
  15. !"#$%&$%' ("#)*+' 1,+2#.' 78$,/)' 0/)#),/)' 3*4*556*' &,-+'.*#$/,/)' Don’t overuse SmartArt Graphics 7
  16. Like this 8 Use simple backgrounds one!
  17. Vary the layout of your slides 9
  18. Warning! Words on the move! 10 Strictly limit the use of animated text
  19. Use a Remote 11
  20. So this should mean you’ll see less of this.......
  21. .....and more of this!