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CDNIS FAWeb Essentials


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Published in: Education, Technology
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CDNIS FAWeb Essentials

  1. 1. Blackbaud (Bb)David ChanIT DepartmentAssistant ManagerBarry TangIT DepartmentSenior Systems Specialist
  2. 2. BlackbaudBlackbaud is a schoolinformation system(SIS)
  3. 3. FAWeb•Faculty Access for the Web• Grades and Assignments• Attendance• Student Information• Announcements• Accessible from home and school
  4. 4. Firefox and IE OnlyMAC PCBrowser’s incompatibility could cause unexpected results.
  5. 5. ConfigureYour Firefox
  6. 6. Session• A session is a dialogue between you andFAWeb server..• It starts when you login.• It ends when you logout or when it timesout.
  7. 7. Session Timeout• You are considered IDLE if you do notinteract with FAWeb server.• Walk away from your computer.• Be busy with the grades and commentswithout saving.• If you are idle for 20 minutes, you sessionwill time out, and you will lose your work.
  8. 8. Avoid timeout• Keep yourself busy by interacting with theFAWeb.• Navigate via hyperlinks.• Clicking Save Buttons.• Enable pop-up timeout warning.
  9. 9. Login CDNIS External CDNIS
  10. 10. Upper School HomepageMarking Column
  11. 11. Lower School Homepage
  12. 12. Home Page - LS ST
  13. 13. OptionsPlease change your password and log back in.
  14. 14. Attendance Types• Lower School• Day Attendance• Homeroom teachers only.• Upper School• Class Attendance• All subject teachers.
  15. 15. Attendance Taking
  16. 16. Attendance Taking• A = Absent• L = Late• AE = Absence Excused• AL = Late Excused
  17. 17. Attendance Summary
  18. 18. Student Information
  19. 19. Student Information
  20. 20. Reports• ProgressReports• MissingAssignments
  21. 21. Notes about Grade book• Detailed training will be provided later on.• Department heads will design the settingsfor grade books.
  22. 22. Real-life Grade book