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97 2003


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Published in: Education
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97 2003

  1. 1. Philip J. Metz June 23, 2010
  2. 2.  Advantages  Disadvantages  Roles In Education  Conclusion  References
  3. 3. To express the advantages of using technology in education I focused on a very interesting article that was primarily based in the United Nations, but mentions the United States as well. A few obstacles mentioned in this article are the no teacher and student interaction, as well as a lack of discipline. The biggest advantage mentioned is the fact that children can learn at any rate that may be needed to suit themselves. This article also mentions the level of training tutors and teachers to train students to learn in these types of environments. Main Menu
  4. 4. A computer is an obvious catch for kids to learn. If a student is given the choice between pencil and paper and a computer then it is almost a guarantee that they will choose a computer 99% of the time. Catching a child’s attention is only half of the issue. Keeping their attention is what becomes a major factor. With programs and other things out there today then it make for a much easier task. The other major theme mentioned within the article is something that I whole heartedly agree with is the fact that biased opinions and favorites are eliminated. Sometimes in the classroom students become discouraged because a teacher sometimes plays “favorites”. Main Menu
  5. 5. To put a cap on everything that I had learned throughout this article, I would say that computers are a definite positive in the future of education. Students at young ages need different things to help keep their attention based upon their studies and education. While pencil and paper is not always a bad thing, computers are what seems to hold their attention. I can say from my experiences that doing what needs to be done with writing a computer keeps focus as well as creates a much simpler task in writing. Main Menu
  6. 6. In this article I found many cons to using a computer in education. Not only does the good out weigh the bad but it makes us forget the bad completely. Yes computers in education makes for great learning. But this also can be made for abuse. Like stated in the article, “Programs are designed to hold a child’s attention, aren’t certain television shows attacking the same appeal? “ Main Menu
  7. 7. Sometimes computers can hurt a child’s communication skills. Children may tend to get so involved with the computer that they often will forget about communicating within a group. With studies being done online, kids might not develop the social skills that are helpful for later on in life. While teaching is very important, sometimes the feedback that a teacher may give through computers doesn’t get the full effect through an email as it would with a face to face conversation. Main Menu
  8. 8. When I look at the disadvantages I feel that I can relate in certain ways but I do not agree truthfully. To a certain extent I can understand the authors point of view. However, without communication in technology we as a nation could fall behind. I feel that in this instance that the pros out weigh the cons by a major difference. Main Menu
  9. 9. To keep up with the rest of the world today technology is a must. Electronic type of teaching is becoming more and more of a preferred method. Everything from neater hand writing to power points are what is pointing teachers in the technology Main Menu direction. Main Menu
  10. 10. With the internet also playing another important role, kids are starting to expand their minds a little farther than just the basis in the classroom. I can see a future of new inventions and ideas because of such a great resource for students at such a young age. Introducing kids at such a young age to computers may be the best thing we can do as a society. Main Menu
  11. 11. I see our youth as the key to opening up a better future. Teaching kids at a younger age helps to guarantee a better way of living for in the future. We as a nation must stand behind our beliefs and ideas to ensure than our children’s children have an even better way of living than us. Main Menu
  12. 12. With a look back on all three articles that I have read through I have come to pone simply conclusion. Computers are a plus when it comes to helping with education. Not only are there far more pros then cons but with computers you can get so many things done faster. With my fast paced lifestyle this is what seems to be getting the job done for me everyday. I like the fact that technology is being introduced at a younger age and it can only improve. Will technology slow learning? In my opinion this couldn’t be more wrong. Main Menu Main Menu
  13. 13. Bennett, Frederick (2008). Technology in World Education [Electronic version]., Ju ne 23, 2010 Criss, Katie (2004). Disadvantages of Computers in Education [Electronic version]. in-the-Classroom&id=175360, June 23, 2010 Oak, Manali (2009). Role of computers in Education [Electronic version]. of-computers-in-education.html , June 23, 2010 Main Menu Main Menu