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Vd Presentation Cvs

  1. 1. CVS MAKINA - Company Presentation Ø CVS provides plants & equipment for minimills, also in “turn-key” solution. Ø CVS covers the complete design and manufacturing activities for green-field projects as well as revamping/upgrading of existing plants and equipment. Ø CVS manufactures spare parts & components for meltshops & rolling mills. Ø CVS provides technical assistance and consulting service to steel production.
  2. 2. CVS MAKINA - Company Presentation Quick Info Ø CVS headquarter is placed in the industrial region of Gebze, just east of Istanbul, close to many major ports Ø Our modern facilities consists of more than 40,000 sqm of closed area and a land of additional approx. 40,000 sqm Ø CVS workforce is formed by over than 500 specialized workers and engineers with a modern machinery park to undertake even the most challenging projects. Ø Over than 200 engineers and administrative employees are involved in the design and management of the projects.
  3. 3. VACUUM DEGASSING UNIT From Steam Ejector Pump to Dry Mechanical Pump, from single tank to complete Vacuum Degassing Unit and from Engineering Services to Turn-Key Plants, CVS offers economically viable solutions at European standards. CVS Makina. Company Presentation
  4. 4. CVS - VD/VOD Design Concept qCVS Provides VD/VOD units wit a joint venture company established in 2007 qTurn-key solutions provider for q Process Plants and Installations in Vacuum&Pressure Applications q SCADA Automation Projects qDesign and Production Facilities for q Vacuum& Pressure Systems q Automation and Software qServices Provider for Energy Sector
  5. 5. CVS - EAF Design Main Objective q Dry Pump technology for Vacuum System q Integrated solution for Process and Plant Automation (level 1 + 2 Automation) q Innovative Process Control: AI@SOLIS and AI@GAS q Advanced Process Simulation and Optimization q Substantial Energy Saving Solution q Environmental Safe Solution
  6. 6. CVS - VD/VOD Dry Mechanical Pump versus Steam Ejectors • Energy and Cost Saving • Higher Hydrogen Elimination and Better Performances on working pressure • Clean and Environmental Friendly Technology • No cleaning required • Full computer controll • Easier Maintenance • Fast turn on / turn off service
  7. 7. CVS - VD/VOD Energy and Cost Saving Steam Ejector Spent Energy a typical VD 30 min. Degassing process: Average steam consume for a 800kg/h Steam Ejector: 16 t/h of steam 16t/h x0.5h x 0.85Gcal/t = 6.4 GCal = 7.42 MWh (thermal) Electrical equivalent of thermal energy for power turbines 40% Electrical equivalent of thermal energy consumed by Steam Ejector is therefore: 7.42 MWh x 0.40 = 2.97 MWh (electric) Energy for water pumping (800m3/h): 300 kWh Total Steam Ejector Energy Consume 3.3 MWh Mechanical Pump System consumed power: 450kW x 0.5 h = 225KWh Ratio of consumed power: 3.3MWh/0.225MWh=14.6 times 15 times less energy consume
  8. 8. CVS - VD/VOD Higher Nitrogen and Hydrogen Elimination qSievert Law: [ H eq ] = K p H 2 where pH2 is partial pressure of H2 above liquid steel and K is a constant • In case of a steam ejector pH2 is around 66% of total pressure at 1 mbar this means 0.66 mbar; therefore to perform degassing of the steel we need to go under this pressure • In case of dry pumps pH2 is around 0.5% of total pressure therefore the degassing process is more efficient and most important can be done at higher pressure • For a dry pumping system 10 mbar is a good degassing pressure
  9. 9. CVS - VD/VOD Clean and Environmental Friendly • No water contamination • Dust concentration in exhaust gas < 5mg/m3 • Global Steel Industry Requirement of Reduced Green House Emission is fully achieved by using Dry Pumping Technology instead of Steam Ejectors Typical view of a Steam Ejector Pipe • Saving Energy Effect on Reduced Carbon Footprint
  10. 10. CVS - VD/VOD Dry Pumping System Structure 1st Stage Roots Type Pumps Working Pressure 5-0.1 mbar 2nd Stage Roots Type Pump Working Pressure 25-5 mbar 3rd Stage Compressor Pump Working Pressure 1000-25 mbar
  11. 11. CVS - VD/VOD Scale of Evolution OUTOKUMPU VOD 2X 80t Integrated Solution Process&Plant Automation CHONGQING RH 250 t Very Large Capacity VPS TMK VD 100 t Turn Key Solutions AVMIN VIM 6T High Tech Solution MMZ VD/VOD 100 t Proving DPT at large scale Installations COST VOD 12 t Small Scale Pilot Plant 1998 2001 2003 2007 2008 2009
  12. 12. CVS - VD/VOD Vacuum Technology in Secondary Metallurgy q First Application of Dry Pumping Technology in Steel Degassing & Processing (VOD) q Patent RO118309 q 12 t VOD q Stainless Steel, Special Turbines Steel and Implant Steel VOD 12t, Romania, 1998
  13. 13. CVS - VD/VOD Vacuum Technology in Secondary Metallurgy VD/VOD100t, Moldova, 2001 q VD/VOD 100 t q First Application of Dry Pumping Stage 3 Technology at large Degassing Plants q Low Carbon Steel q Stage 1: 14 x GV 400 Drystar Pumps q Stage 2: 3 x HV 14000 Dresser Roots Blowers Stage 2 q Stage 3: 4 x HV 30000 Dresser Roots Blowers Stage 1
  14. 14. CVS - VD/VOD Vacuum Technology in Secondary Metallurgy q Vacuum Induction Melting and Casting Furnace q 6 t capacity q Application: Special Steel for Space Industry q High Vacuum Processing Technology: 10-5 mbar q Vacuum Pumps: Dry + Roots Blowers + Vapor Boosters A6t, South Africa, 2003
  15. 15. CVS - VD/VOD Vacuum Technology in Secondary Metallurgy q VD 100 t q Turn-key delivery q Application: Mechanical Pipe Steel q Low hydrogen content in 25 min process time q 3 stage vacuum system based on skid technology q 4 skids at a total of 150 kg/h @ 0.5 mbar q New design for vacuum filter and filter control system (<5 mg/m3 dust load at exhaust) q Level 1.5 automation TMVD 100t, Romania, 2007
  16. 16. CVS - VD/VOD Vacuum Technology in Secondary Metallurgy q Largest Dry Vacuum System for Steel Processing q RH 250 t q Innovative design for filter system q Application: Special Steel q Low hydrogen content in 15 min process time q 76 pumps arranged in 19 skids q 1000kg/h @ 1 mbar pump capacity q Level 1.5 automation RH 250 t, China, 2009
  17. 17. CVS - VD/VOD Vacuum Technology in Secondary Metallurgy q Twin VOD 80 t q Process Simulation & Control q Level 2 Automation q High Temperature Filter for VOD Process q On-line Chemical analysis by AI@SOLIS q Process Gas Analysis by AI@GAS q Optimized Process Technology q Application: ULC Superferritic Stainless Steel 2 x VOD 80 t, Finland, 2009 q Ultralow Nitrogen q Ultralow Sulphur
  18. 18. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Compact Design q Advanced Design based on the Process Simulation CVS can size properly the vacuum system, vacuum pipes, filter, tank/process chamber and the other process equipment using the process simulation technique q 3D Modeling AutoDesk® Inventor 2009/2010 Package is Standard for Plant Design and Engineering
  19. 19. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Process Mathematical Models - deH - deC 0.025 - deN - deS 0.02 [S], ppm 0.015 0.01 0 2 4 6 8 10 Time, mi - Temperature model
  20. 20. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Mathematical Models Validation 6 120 400 5 100 300 4 80 Calculated, ppm Calculated, ppm Calculated, ppm 3 200 60 2 40 100 1 20 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 0 100 200 300 400 Ana lyzed, ppm 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Analyzed, ppm Ana lyzed, ppm Experimental vs Model • state of the art accuracy • advanced “auto-tuning” techniques for parameter optimization based on measured data
  21. 21. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Versatile Design q CVS expertise extends to all types of Secondary Metallurgy Vacuum Processes: VD, VOD, VT, RH, VIM q AI has designed at least one of each during the 10 years of activity in SD q The sizes of the installations delivered to industry by CVS’s Process Engineering Division ranges from 6t up to 230t. Standard Design for 12 t; 50t, 80t, 100t.
  22. 22. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Innovation – Filtration Equipment q Mechanical Pumping Technology for Steel Degassing has as a key issue for reliable operation: the filtration technology used to separate the dust from the flow stream CVS has developed an efficient Filter System which brings operational benefits in regards with other suppliers q The filter technology must respond at minimum three tasks q allow an almost perfect dust separation with a very small pressure drop q withstand the harsh conditions of the process without being damaged by temperature and ignition of the dust q Automatic System for Integrity Filter Monitoring as the filter damage may result in pumps destruction
  23. 23. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Innovation – Filtration Equipment The Filter System developed By CVS’s engineers responds to all three key demands: q Efficiency of 99% gas load is less than 5 mg/m3 q Pressure drop: 0.1-0.2 mbar pressure drop; q Operational temperature range: (20 -1000)o C
  24. 24. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Level 1 Software
  25. 25. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Level 2 Automation System Process design Process simulation Results estimation Advanced process calculation Process parameters estimation Level 2 automated control of the entire plant Industrial aware process control of the entire plant Plant overview in either automatic or manual control Automatic model reaction to manual intervention in process control Advanced reporting and troubleshooting
  26. 26. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Hardware Architecture Modules located and running on : L1 Simulator OPC Server • modular architecture L2A Primary/Production Server • 99.9% guaranteed L2A Failsafe/Test Server L2A Server availability Configuration Best Practices • low maintenance Troubleshooting L3 Historical Logs Database Simulator To L1 Interface To Calculation To L3 Interface To HMI Server Server Server
  27. 27. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Full Automatic Process Control • the metallurgical process is fully controlled by the level 2 software • the operator is provided with “one-look” process status • however, the operator can easily at any moment take control by overriding the level 2 software
  28. 28. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Process Design • unlimited flexibility in process design • “technological objects” approach • once established a “best practice procedure” through simulations, cost analysis and hot tests, the software will automatically follow it
  29. 29. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features Offline Process Simulation 1000 100 vessel pressure, mbar presiune la rece mbar 10 presiune la cald mbar 1 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 0.1 time, min 8 7 6 Hydrogen content in steel, ppm 5 4 3 2 1 • great tool in process design 0 0 5 10 15 20 time, min 25 30 • through process mathematical modeling, the need of industrial tests is greatly reduced - thus significantly reducing costs
  30. 30. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features New Analytical Tools AI@GAS - Off Gas Analysis System AI@SOLIS - In Situ Analysis of the Steel Chemical Composition The Level 2 system can greatly benefit from the interface with these advanced analytical tools. The calculations are validated through a validation engine, this greatly improving the mathematical models accuracy
  31. 31. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features - Precise and fast off-gas analysis - Better process control through double-checking the process model results and error correction mechanisms
  32. 32. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features - On-line steel chemistry analysis - On-line slag chemistry analysis - On-line steel temperature measurement
  33. 33. CVS - VD/VOD Key Features