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  1. 1. CONTINUOUS CASTING MACHINE (CCM) CVS - COMPANY PRESENTATION YOUR ONE STOP SOLUTION PROVIDER F O R M E LT S H O P A N D R O L L I N G M I L L DesignManufacturing Offices Erection CVS TURKEY Training CVS Europe (Italy)Consultancy CVS Egypt Innovation CVS Ukraine Process CVS IranDevelopment FROM CONCEPT TO COMMISSIONING
  2. 2. CVS - COMPANY PRESENTATION CVS provides plants & equipment for minimills, also in “turn-key” solution. CVS covers the complete design and manufacturing activities for green-field projects as well as revamping/upgrading of existing plants and equipment. CVS manufactures spare parts & components for meltshops & rolling mills. CVS provides technical assistance and consulting service to steel production.CVS - COMPANY PRESENTATION CVS headquarter is placed in the industrial region of Gebze, just east of Istanbul, close to many major ports Our modern facilities consists of more than 50,000 sqm of closed area and a land of additional approx. 50,000 sqm CVS workforce is formed by over than 750 specialized workers and engineers with a modern machinery park to undertake even the most challenging projects. Over than 270 engineers and administrative employees are involved in the design and management of the projects.
  4. 4. CCM - SIDE VIEW CCM - DESIGN CONCEPT According to customer request, CCM can be equipped with the necessary modern equipment to produce high quality casted products, such as tundish of delta type toreduce inclusions in the mould, long copper tube to improve primary cooling on the billet surface, automatic mould level control system, high casting radius to reduce stress during unbending, secondary spray cooling divided in three zone for a better cooling effect and control, walking beam cooling bed for the straightening of the long billets.
  5. 5. CCM - PROJECT SAMPLE CCM - DESIGN CONCEPTCCM can be designed to produce square billets in the sections between 100 to 200 mm²and blooms between 180 to 260 mm².Special designs for beam blank and round sections between 160 to 440 mm can be done.Radius of 5-12 m and mould length of 750-1000 mm can be designed according to projectrequirement.For some special casting, vertical continuous casting application can be considered.The CCM can be fitted with up to eight casting strands in order to satisfy the productionschedule given by the EAF.
  6. 6. CCM - EQUIPMENTS MAIN EQUIPMENTS Ladle Turrets Ladle Turret Weighing System Ladle Cover Manipulator Tundish & Tundish Car Tundish Weighing System Tundish Pre-Heater & Dryer Moulds & Mould Oscillation Foot Rolls Mould Level Control E.M.S. Secondary Cooling Withdrawal &Straightener Pinch Rolls & Tourch Cutting Dummy Bars & Parking Units Roller Tables & Cooling BedLADLE TURRET Different Designs & Solutions
  7. 7. LADLE TURRET • Liftable Arms • Independent Arms • Fixed Arms • Twin Ladle CarLADLE TURRET WEIGHING SYSTEM W e i g hi n g S ys t e m
  8. 8. LADLE COVER MANIPULATOR Cover Manipulator Turret LADLE SHROUD MANIPULATOR Tu n d i s hLadleShroudManipulator Ladles Ladle Turret
  9. 9. LADLE SHROUD MANIPULATORLadle Ladle Shroud Manipulator Shroud TUNDISH Tu n d i s h Tu n d i s h C o ve r • Delta Shape • High Residence Time • Better Inclusion Flotation • High Tundish Life • Adaptable to close casting
  10. 10. TUNDISH CARTu n d i s hCarCablesRailSystem TUNDISH CAR • C a n t i l e v e r Ty p e • R a i l Ty p e • S e m i - c a n t i l e v e r Ty p e • L i f t a b l e Ty p e• Serving to support the tundish and adjust it to casting position.• Quick nozzle changer system• Adaptable to stopper rod mechanism• Weighig Load-cells• Emergency Translation via electric motor
  11. 11. TUNDISH CLOSE CASTING SYSTEM With Liftable Tu n d i s h CarMould Sub-Entry Shroud TUNDISH CAR WEIGHING SYSTEM Tu n d i s h C a r Weighing System
  13. 13. MOULDS MouldsMOULDS & FOOT ROLLERS MouldFootRollers Electric Motor for Oscillation
  14. 14. RADIOACTIVE MOULD LEVEL CONTROL Shutter High speed sampling of the level in the mold MAGNETIC MOULD LEVEL CONTROLLiquid Sensor Eddy Body ConnectorSteel Currents Flexible Protection Hose Cap ILD Sensor Alternating Magnetic Copper Field Mould
  15. 15. MAGNETIC MOULD LEVEL CONTROLMould ILD DetectorOPTIC MOULD LEVEL CONTROL Black & White Monitor Haco Mould Optical Sensor
  16. 16. MOULD OSCILLATIONAirSpring Electric Mould Support Eccentric Motor Gear Box MOULD OSCILLATIONAirSpring Mould Support Hydraulic Unit
  17. 17. MOULD OSCILLATION• Heavy-duty design• Sized to support the mould housings assembly•Adjustable stroke, frequency and negative strip time• Designed to permit mould oscillation along the casting radius • Easy access to the mechanism itself • Protected from the cooling chamber environment • Allowing for fast and precise positioning MOULD OSCILLATION MONITORING SYSTEM Mould SensorGraphics On Screen
  18. 18. E.M.S. Electro Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic CoilsE.M.S.
  19. 19. E.M.S. FEM building of a system Visualization of a detail of the consisting of stirrer magnetic induction flux lines, + mould + steel. for a single electric phase E.M.S.Internal type MEMS Cartridge-Type MEMS Water Out Sub-Chamber Internal M-EMSWithoutStainless MouldSteel Case Support MEMS Assembly Water In
  20. 20. E.M.S. External type MEMS Cartridge-type Mould Mould External MEMS M-EMS Water Water Connection Box Mould Support AssemblyWith StainlessSteel Case Sub-chamber SECONDARY COOLING Cooling Chamber Cooling Systems
  21. 21. SECONDARY COOLING • Heat resistant concrete walls • Modular structure • Steel doors and walkways allow maintenance access to the sprayers and to the bow guide • Visual inspection openings • Steam extraction fan • Automatic Control of Spray Water Quantity • Completelly water spray nozzle or air mist design • Guiding rollersSecondary Cooling Area SECONDARY COOLING Water Spray System Foot Rolls
  22. 22. ROLLS RollsRollsROLLSRolls
  25. 25. PINCH ROLLS Pinch Rolls Auxiliary Pinch RollsPINCH ROLLS Pinch RollsAuxiliaryPinch Rolls
  26. 26. INTERMEDIATE ROLLS TABLERigid AuxiliaryDummy Intermediate PinchBar R o l l s Ta b l e RollsINTERMEDIATE ROLLS TABLE Intermediate Rolls Ta b l e
  27. 27. TOURCH CUTTING SYSTEMAuxiliary To u r c hPinch CuttingRolls Tr a n s p or t R o l l e r Ta b l e Crop End Box MOVABLE & TRANSPOR ROLLER TABLE To u r c h D i s c h a r g e R o l l e r Ta b l e Cutting Tr a n s p o r t R o l l e r Ta b l e M o v a b l e R o l l e r Ta b l e
  28. 28. DISCHARGE ROLLER TABLE D i s c h a r g e R o l l e r Ta b l eBilletTr a n s fe r C a r Billet Lifting S ys t e m Marking MachineDesigned to move the billets from the elevated position above the discharge rollertable to the cooling bed area DISCHARGE ROLLER TABLE BilletB i l l e t Tr a n s f er C a r Lifting S ys t e m The transfer system is composed by a bridge beam that spans over the removal area and translates across it.
  29. 29. WEIGHING SYSTEM Weighing W e i g hi n g S ys t e m S ys t e m L o a d e d Unloaded COOLING BEDThe bed is composed by two frames having a set of mounted blades: one frame isfixed while the other is alternately moved in a vertical and horizontal direction by twosets of hydraulic cylinders. Wa l k i n g B e a m S ys t e m H yd r a u l i c S ys t e m
  30. 30. COOLING BEDDuring its movement, the movableframe advances the billets along thefixed frame thus allowing an uniformcooling of each bar. Discharge Roller Ta b l e Walking Beam Cooling Bed COOLING BED Walking Beam Unit Discharge R o l l e r Ta b l e
  31. 31. CCM AUTOMATION Casting Platform Control Strand ControlCCM AUTOMATION Walking Beam Control Discharge Ar e a Control
  32. 32. SOME OF OUR REFERENCES Thank You For Your Patience