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Broker Owner Conference 2012


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Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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Broker Owner Conference 2012

  1. 1. Infuse Your Recruiting with Social Media By: Kathy Kuyoth Broker Owner RE/MAX Preferred Associates Toledo, OH
  2. 2. Understand The Why Delegate The HowSurround yourself with the best people you canfind, delegate authority, and dont interfere as long asthe policy youve decided upon is being carried out.-Ronald ReaganKathy KuyothTwitter @ KathyKuyoth
  3. 3. What’s Next ?Finding the right Intern1. $10-15 per hour. 20 hrs per week.2. Local university career center3. Contact specific professors Kathy Kuyoth Twitter @ KathyKuyoth
  4. 4. The InternIntegrated Media Intern: General Responsibilities:Intern will be responsible for -Updating content on companycohesively integrating context web portals.across multiple platforms such asweb, film, print, audio, and live -Filming weekly video messageevents. with top management, -Updating company blogs -Spearheading weekly cross- training seminars on emerging marketing and social media techniques. Kathy Kuyoth Twitter @ KathyKuyoth
  5. 5. Why is Social Recruiting Important?- People are spending more time on socialmedia than on the open web.-1 out of 3 job seekers use social mediafor their job search.- While 9 out of 10 active & passive jobseekers have one or more social mediaprofiles. Kathy Kuyoth Twitter @ KathyKuyoth
  6. 6. Success in Social RecruitingHow to be successful in Social Media Recruiting:1. Start a Facebook group and invite yourprospects to join the group.2. ‘Preferred Peeps’3. Post Real Estate articles, local news, andupcoming events 2 -3 times per week.4. Track your Results Kathy Kuyoth Twitter @ KathyKuyoth
  7. 7. Success in Social Recruiting1. Monitor your Facebook and other socialmedia pages at least once per day. Use asocial media feed manager such as NutshellMail to make this task easier.2. Comment on posts / respond tocomments. Let people know that you arelistening.3. Send custom birthday greetings. Separateyourself from everyone else! Find a YouTubevideo or create your own.4. Do not use social media to air your dirtylaundry. Kathy Kuyoth Twitter @ KathyKuyoth
  8. 8. Success in Social RecruitingProduce weekly video updates:1. Host on YouTube and share via email withyour agents.2. Post in recruiting group if appropriate.3. Share with “A” list if appropriate. Kathy Kuyoth Twitter @ KathyKuyoth
  9. 9. Mobile RecruitingCreating a Texting Group:1. . Pay & Go. No Monthly Fees NoCommitments. 2.5 cents per message recipient.100 messages for $2.50!3. 140 character messages. Keep the message shortand sweet!4. Personalized sample: {#FirstName#}, Tomorrow, Thurs 7/26 come seeEddie & Johnny O play at Sylvania CC for TBR "Partyon the Patio". Kathy Kuyoth Twitter @ KathyKuyoth
  10. 10. Per Person Productivity
  11. 11. Per Person Productivity
  12. 12. Got The Hook?1. Delegate authority.2. Know your audience.3. Harness the power of Social Media.4. Utilize mobile technology to superchargeyour recruiting process.5. Look for new licensees to add to yourrecruiting hit list.6. Get your passion back!