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  • the core of KreaNord is a Nordic Steering group within the Nordic Council of Ministers,
    Our representatives in the group consists of people from the ministries for industrie and business as well as from the ministries of culture in the nordic countries.
    We are in that sense a steering group to defvelop policy recommendations.
    BUT - KN also have some operational capacity, which I will come back to
    Goal – to develop, promote and profile the nordic creative economy.
    To build a common nordic plattform.
  • I will give you a picture of what KN is
    where we operate
    what our vision as well as ambitions are
    what we are supposed to achieve – our tasks
    how we work – our structure – something that is not given but is being changed according to our needs when the work develops
    I will also talk more about the branding and profiling part, that is one of our main tasks
    and I will end with a description of our projects
  • This is were we operate…
  • I called us a policy grpup since we in the steering group comes from governement, - but we believe in interaction with all the relevant stakeholders.
    These stakeholkders comes from creative businesses of course, and from bransch organistions but also from agencies and regional organisations as well as from cultural organisations.
    KreaNords Visjon: by interacting with stakeholders we hope to build a plattform that is of interest and a help for the nordic creative industry to network but also to be seen by others from outside our region.
    The plattform will be based on
    - concrete networking activities as seminars and conferences with our reference group that we sat up at the start of KN – we have had 2 bigger conferences so far –
    - to set up a reference group was a part of the mandate we are working on frm the nordic council.
    - on development acitivities in the form of pilot projects and analysies,
    - conclusions on policy recommendations that the steering group can draw from these,
    - and our forth headline is promotion and profiling of the nordic creative economy,
    - nordic branding to put us on the map as a competitive region in a global context
    Gjennom målrettet samhandling å legge til rette for at Norden som region blir en av de ledende i den globale kreative økonomi.
  • to achieve this we must…
    Several measures and activities have been taken already – like setting up and meeting with the reference group,
    - our work on a KN web site and
    -the Nordic Computer Game programme that has been running for a couple of years.
    Other things are on their way or are still to come.
    Etablere et tett samarbeid mellom myndigheter og bransjeeksperter innenfor kultur og næring fra hele Norden, som innenfor rammen av prosjektet gjennomfører en rekke tiltak og aktiviteter som direkte, individuelt eller kollektivt kan bedre forutsetningene for Nordens kreative økonomi.
  • KreaNord shall meet the demand for a joint Nordic development and policy program within the Nordic creative economy.
    - This has been decided by our ministers in the nordic countries and at national level there is concrete work going on as well. Most nordic countries have a national strategy for the creative industry.
    KreaNord shall act as a multidisciplinary focus for experiences, knowledge and development visions that cover both the business and cultural sectors.
    - It is important to see that initiatives for CI is for all types of business, that we need a horisontal approach.
    KreaNord shall contribute towards an enhanced co-ordination between the Nordic countries, draw up policy recommendations and initiate joint-Nordic development and profiling activities.
    A Creative Economy Green Paper for the Nordic Region is based on far-reaching inter-sectorial consultations in all the Nordic countries. The Green Paper’s recommendations, together with KreaNord’s experiences from phase 1; 2008-2010 constitute a good basis for new Nordic endeavours in this area.
    These activities are being implemented in line with the strategic profiling work of the Nordic Council of Ministers and should also be understood in connection with other development and profiling projects within the globalisation process.
    KreaNord har som mål å bidra til en forbedring av koordineringen mellom de Nordiske landenes satsninger innen kultur og kreative næringer, og samarbeidet tar utgangspunkt i politiske anbefalinger fra det nordiske studiet: Grønnboken for Kreativ Økonomi i den Nordiske Region, som ble utført på oppdrag fra Nordisk InnovationsCentre (NICe) november 2007.
    KreaNords virksomhet fokuserer hovedsaklig på fire områder:
    politiske anbefalninger
  • Working Group consists of:
    Two representatives from each nordic country, where 1 comes from the department of trade/growth and 1 comes from the department of Culture
    The members represent national view points to ensure national anchoring and implementation of the measures of the working group. And in adition, The Secreteriate of the Nordic Council of Ministers (NMRS), Nordic innovation center (NICE) and the Nordic Game Program also take part in working group’s activities.
    Reference Group consists of:
    The reference group was established at the same time as the working group and is tied in to the working group’s activities and has holds the function as a hearing partner or a so called sounding board. - This way KreaNord secure national interest in order to gain a sustainable process and a long term nordic cooperation
    The Ref. Group actively provides input to the activities of the working group. Appointed by the working group’s members the reference group represent relevant and interested parties from the nordic countries, such as Institutions, comittiees or senior officials, companies, industries, artists, public and educational authorities other bodies of co-operation.
  • Krea Nord Presentation 18 03 10

    1. 1. KreaNord – a Nordic Steering Group Working to Develop and Promote a Nordic Profile of the Nordic Creative Economy
    2. 2. KreaNord • Where does KreaNord operate? • KreaNord’s Vision & Ambition • KreaNord’s Tasks • KreaNord’s Working Structure • KreaNord; Branding & Profiling • KreaNord’s Ongoing Projects
    3. 3. Where does KreaNord operate? • SWEDEN • ICELAND • NORWAY • FINLAND • DENMARK • FAROE ISLANDS
    4. 4. KreaNord’s Vision Through targeted interaction, provide the Nordic region with a common platform, to become one of the leading regions of the global creative economy … in action: by carrying out – Network Activities, – Development Initiatives, – Policy Recommendations and – Profiling activities.
    5. 5. KreaNord’s Ambition Establish a close cooperation between government and creative economy experts from both culture and business in the Nordic region, and within the framework of the KreaNord project conduct a series of measures and activities that directly, individually or collectively can improve conditions for the Nordic region's creative economy.
    6. 6. KreaNord’s Tasks • Meet the demand for a joint Nordic development and policy program within the Nordic creative economy • Take a multidisciplinary focus on experience, knowledge and development measures that cover both the business and cultural sectors • Contribute to an enhanced co-ordination between the Nordic countries, draw up policy recommendations and initiate joint- Nordic development and profiling activities • A Creative Economy Green Paper for the Nordic Region based on far-reaching inter-sectorial consultations in the Nordic countries • Activities are implemented in line with the strategic profiling work of the Nordic Council of Ministers • Connection with other development and profiling projects within the globalisation process
    7. 7. KreaNord’s Working Structure Steering Group Reference Group Ad-Hoc Expert Groups
    8. 8. • March; workshop in Copenhagen – How to establish a collective Nordic platform for profiling activities? • Creative Industry Experts KreaNord; Branding & Profiling
    9. 9. KreaNord’s Projects • KreaNord’s Webportal (ph 1+2) • KreaNord Roadshow (ph 1) • Financing (ph 2) • Entrepreneurship in Artistic and Creative Higher Education (ph 1) • Nordic Game (ph 1) • New Nordic Food + Nordic Film (ph 2) • OECD analysis on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) (ph 2) • NOMEX – Nordic Music Export (ph 2) • Creating a Minister Conference, Copenhagen 2010 (ph 2) • Expo Shanghai 2010 (ph 2) • Phase 1: 2008-2010 • Phase 2: 2010-2012
    10. 10. For more information: