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850 intelligent-ion-chromatography by Metrohm


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Metrohm has taken ion chromatography to an entirely new level. We are proud to offer you the Professional IC product family – the first ion chromatography systems made up of intelligent components for:
- Anions and cations in drinking water
- Ultratrace analysis
- Ions in complex sample matrices
- Method development in R & D

Your key benefits with Metrohm ion chromatography:
* High sensitivity right down to the ppt level
* Accurate and reproducible results
* Ease of use due to
intelligent IC components
* monitoring and controlling functions
*Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP)
* Low cost of ownership
* Reliable and affordable service and support

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850 intelligent-ion-chromatography by Metrohm

  1. 1. IntelligentIon Chromatography850 Professional IC872 Extension Module858 Professional Sample Processor
  2. 2. Professional ion chromatography02 Metrohm ion chromatography Metrohm guarantees optimal solutions in ion chroma- Professional IC guarantees excellent results, gapless sys- tography based on innovative and creative solutions tem monitoring, complete traceability of all actions and throughout the last twenty years – with high-tech, many the simple operation of even complex procedures. years of application know-how, Swiss quality standards and a reasonable pricing policy, both in acquisition and The 850 Professional IC is an extremely compact system running costs. Metrohm 850 Professional IC, 872 Exten- with all the flexibility of modular design. It adapts itself to sion Module and 858 Professional Sample Processor are the particular application and is equipped for all future Swiss Engineered and Swiss Made. tasks. Any existing 850 Professional IC system can be further expanded with 872 Extension Modules. Profes- Built-in intelligence sional IC also stands for a robust system setup using Metrohm IC is ion chromatography from the technology high-end components. A long working life with low run- leader. The 850 Professional IC is the first professional ion ning costs is guaranteed. chromatography system with intelligent system compo- nents: • Intelligence in the hardware of the 850 Professional IC, • Intelligence in the MagIC NetTM software, • Intelligence in the Metrosep iColumns.
  3. 3. 03Highlights• Highly compact modular system• MagIC NetTM software for intuitive and simple operation• Comprehensive monitoring and control functions• Complies with GLP and FDA requirements• Flexible assembly and extension: from isocratic cation system up to quaternary high- pressure gradient system for anion analysis• Combined third-generation anion-cation systems• MISP – Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation – patented and unique sample preparation• Intelligent system components: iPump, iDetector, iColumn, intelligent Dosing Units• Professional Sample Processor for any required volumes and extensive liquid handling operations• High-precision Dosino technology• Broad range of detection possibilities• Swiss Engineered – Swiss Made
  4. 4. Flow path features04 The flow path of the 850 Professional IC is metal-free and biocompatible. Most applications permit Green Che- Another option is preparing the eluent directly inline. This is done by connecting the 849 Level Control and the 800 mistry without toxic solvents, corrosive eluents or even Dosino to the 850 Professional IC system. Controlled by cartridges that have to be disposed of as hazardous MagIC NetTM, the 849 Level Control monitors the eluent waste. Nevertheless the system is 100% solvent-resistant level while the Dosino carries out all the required dosing and withstands even rough surroundings. Eluents are and liquid-handling operations. In this case, eluent pre- automatically degassed inline and the MagIC NetTM soft- paration runs parallel to the determination. The system ware ensures that they are always fresh. allows continuous ion chromatographic analyses over a month without any manual eluent preparation being Automated eluent preparation required. The time-consuming manual preparation of the eluents can be automated. One of the options offered by Metrohm to realize this is the 845 Eluent Synthesizer, The error-prone and time-consuming eluent pre- which prepares eluents from up to four freely selectable paration can be automated at small additional concentrates and one main component. Compared to cost. the traditional manual eluent preparation, the fully auto- mated system guarantees precise mixtures and excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility by simple mouse-click in the «Mix Control» program.
  5. 5. 05Gradients – if necessaryHigh-pressure or low-pressure gradients are used only method development or as eluent selector for the auto-where they are really needed. Gradient form and mixing matic switchover from one application to another.are freely selectable: step, linear, convex and concavegradient functions are available and can be combined. The gradient systems are available with chemical suppres- sion, with sequential suppression or without suppression,The 850 Professional IC system is available as a high- depending on the requirements. They can be combinedpressure or low-pressure gradient version. Moreover, all with a broad range of detectors and are suitable for hy-850 Professional IC systems can be operated with the droxide as well as carbonate gradients. When workingDosino Gradient as well. with sequential suppression and conductivity detection, the flexibility of the carbonate/hydrogencarbonate elu-The high-pressure gradient system can be expanded to ents can be combined with the low background conduc-a quaternary gradient system with the 872 Extension tivity of an hydroxide eluent by the CO2 suppressionModule. applied after the chemical suppressor.The low-pressure gradient version is the economic alter- For gradient applications we recommend the high-capa-native to the powerful high-pressure gradient system. city Metrohm Suppressor Module «MSM-HC» to be usedThe low-pressure gradient module can also be used for for chemical suppression.
  6. 6. Intelligent components for an intelligent system06 Self-monitoring for zero fault tolerance The intelligent system components monitor and optimize Intelligent system 850 Professional IC is a system composed of discrete, all functions, which are, if required, documented in an intelligent modules that are optimally matched to one FDA-compliant form. The configuration of the system is another. The way from the sample to a precise result has as simple as can be imagined, as the components log now become easier, as the system thinks for itself and themselves in automatically and provide the MagIC NetTM makes logical decisions. This prevents operating errors software with all the relevant information. The way from and improves reliability of results. the sample to a precise result has become quicker as even complex sample preparation steps are now carried The 850 Professional IC is a complex and very efficient out inline and automatically. If necessary, the system will system that can still be operated simply and intuitively also automatically optimize sample preconcentration or with the MagIC NetTM software. This applies for both sample dilution. The optimal operation of the 850 Pro- power users with complex applications and complicated fessional IC and the results are monitored. If a parameter calculations and users who value «one-button opera- leaves the predefined range then the user is informed by tion». Any user level is possible. Innovation, flexibility and E-Mail or SMS. extremely simple operation result from the intelligence of the 850 Professional IC, the 872 Extension Module, the 858 Professional Sample Processor and the MagIC NetTM software.
  7. 7. 07Superior flexibilityThe 850 Professional IC system is highly flexible. The prin- tor is a state-of-the-art, powerful and intelligent detec-ciple of discrete modules combined into a system means tor. If your samples require a different detection method,that users are perfectly prepared to meet ever new and you can use UV/VIS detection, electrochemical methodsmore demanding challenges. Read more about new or mass spectroscopic methods as well.options with the 872 Extension Modules from page 22on. Moreover, all 850 Professional IC systems can be Flexibility in the choice of the separation coulumncombined with Metrohm’s unique Inline Sample Prepa- We offer you a wide range of different columns. Depend-ration techniques (page 13). They provide for a fully ing on your application you can choose columns withautomated and reliable analysis of liquid, solid and even various base materials, selectivity, capacity and dimen-gaseous samples in a single run. sions. Besides columns with an inner diameter of 4 mm we can even offer you 2 mm columns to reduceFlexibility in the use of the detection method eluent consumption. For these «microbore columns» weConductivity detection is the most frequently used detec- have developed our new chemical suppressor «MSM-LC».tion method in ion chromatography. Metrohm’s iDetec-
  8. 8. 850 Professional IC system at a glance08 6 5 1 3 2 4 7 8
  9. 9. 1 Housing All components of the 850 Professional IC are easily 6 Detection After their separation on the iColumn the ions pass, 09 accessible and well laid out. Extensions can be made e.g., the intelligent conductivity detector of the 850 at any time – the system grows to meet your require- Professional IC. The detector transfers the digitized ments. The flow path for the application is metal-free signal directly to the MagIC NetTM software. Outstanding and already preinstalled. The transparent door allows temperature stability, a Faraday cage and the latest visual monitoring during the analysis. generation of DSP – Digital Signal Processing – guaran- tee highest precision. The wide measuring range of the2 Eluent transfer iDetector of 0...15 000 μS/cm ensures accurate and The iPump is a central element of the 850 Professional precise results from traces to percentage – in one IC. Its extremely low pulsation translates into low noise determination. and consequently in to highest sensitivity of the ana- lytical system. The iPump optimizes its flow rate on its 7 Automation own; its memory chip stores all the important infor- The 858 Professional Sample Processor is more than mation. just a sample changer. Equipped with pumps, injection valve and Dosinos it makes an integral contribution to3 iColumns Inline Sample Preparation and Liquid Handling. More The iColumn, the analytical separating column, is the than 30 different sample racks are recognized auto- heart of any application. Thanks to the iColumn tech- matically, which means that with respect to their form nology, the optimal chromatographic conditions are and volume very individual sample vessels can be used. stored on a chip, which prevents damage due to ope- The standard version accommodates 148 samples. rational errors. Moreover, if the iColumn is used on a different Professional IC system no information is lost 8 Software which means that the analytical process is traceable Clear symbols, well-laid-out presentation, intuitive ope- without any gaps. ration, «one-button IC»: that‘s MagIC NetTM. Complete system monitoring, control cards, comfortable database4 Column thermostat – hot or cold? functions are additional features of MagIC NetTM, the Any temperature between 0 °C and 80 °C is possible. intelligent software for controlling the 850 Professional The analytical columns and the applications determine IC and evaluating the data. All 850 Professional IC how hot or cold the column thermostat has to be. It instruments, all intelligent Compact IC instruments, can contain up to two iColumns, a further column can 872 Extension Modules, 858 Professional Sample be operated externally at room temperature. Processors, 800 Dosinos and iColumns are automati- cally recognized, monitored and controlled.5 Suppression Sequential or chemical suppression – both allow highly sensitive analyses due to very low background conduc- tivity. The 850 Professional IC is now available not only with the «MSM II» chemical suppressor but also with the high-capacity «MSM-HC» suppressor or with the low-capacity «MSM-LC» suppressor. With 0.2 nS/cm these suppressors have the lowest noise of all suppres- sors. Metrohm suppressors are extremely robust and resistant to both solvents and pressure; the reason why they come with a 10-year warranty.
  10. 10. Suppression10 Ion chromatographic analysis, especially that of anions, uses chemical as well as sequential suppression to reduce pressor reaction. This allows the determination of anions with the flexibility of carbonate/bicarbonate eluents while background conductivity and increase sensitivity. Chemical benefitting from a low background conductivity corre- suppression is based on salts of weakly dissociated acids sponding to that of hydroxide eluents. Moreover, the (e.g., NaHCO3 / Na2CO3), which produce carbonic acid interference by the carbonate peak during the quantita- subsequent to cation exchange. The chemical suppres- tion of analyte ions is completely eliminated. sion improves the sensitivity by a factor of 2 to 5. Additionally, sequential suppression improves detection Sequential suppression limits and produces a remarkably smaller injection peak, Sequential suppression combines chemical suppression which in turn improves the determination of the fast- with Metrohm CO2 Suppression (MCS). «MCS» removes eluting ions such as fluoride. any carbonate and the CO2 that is produced by the sup- Separation column Metrosep A Supp 5 - 100/4.0 Eluent 3.2 mmol/L Na2CO3/1.0 mmol/L NaHCO3 Flow rate 0.4 mL/min Nr. Ion Conc. (mg/L) 1 Injection peak – 2 Fluoride 0.04 3 Chloride 7.79 4 Carbonate – 5 Bromide 0.004 6 Nitrate 7.82 7 Sulfate 5.20 Drinking water of Herisau (Switzerland): comparison of chemical (black) and sequential suppression (red) «MSM II», «MSM-HC» and «MSM-LC» With the chemical suppressors «MSM II», «MSM-HC» and «MSM-LC» you can choose exactly the right suppressor for your application. The «MSM II» is our standard supp- ressor. The «MSM-HC» was developed for gradient app- lications, but can also be used for isocratic applications with columns with very high capacity. The low capa- city «MSM-LC» was developed to be used with 2 mm columns. The very low noise of less than 0.2 nS/cm for all three suppressors guarantees an extremely high sensi- tivity of the 850 Professional IC system. The robustness and resistance against solvents and pressure allows Metrohm to grant a unique 10-year warranty for these suppressors.
  11. 11. 11Reproducibility of suppressionThe state-of-the-art tri-chamber suppressor technology The chromatograms shown below demonstrate theprovides a fresh suppressor chamber for each measure- excellent reproducibility of the measurements with thement. The complete regeneration of the chamber after Metrohm Suppressor Module:each sample ensures highly efficient cation exchange –today, tomorrow and even after years of continuousoperation. 1 2 3 4 5 7 630 injections, separation of the standard anions on the Metrosep A Supp 5 - 100/4.0, eluent 3.2 mmol/L Na2CO3/1.0 mmol/L NaHCO3,flow 0.7 mL/min, loop 20 μL, 45 °C, sequential suppression1 fluoride, 2 chloride, 3 nitrite, 4 bromide, 5 nitrate, 6 phosphate, 7 sulfateIon Fluoride Chloride Nitrite Bromide Nitrate Phosphate SulfateConcentration in mg/L 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25Relative standard deviation 0.17 0.16 0.38 0.31 0.18 0.46 0.25in % (n = 30)
  12. 12. Automation12 Automation in ion chromatography not only ensures optimal use of the working hours but also improves the reproducibility of the results. There is no more reason to waste time on routine tasks such as manual sample in- troduction or sample preparation. The sample changer takes over all these functions. We offer you five different sample changers: The 858 Professional Sample Processor, the 863 Compact IC Autosampler, the 889 IC Sample Center, the 814 USB Sample Processor and the 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL. 858 Professional Sample Processor – the perfect match for the 850 Professional IC The 858 Professional Sample Processor is more than a simple sample changer. Equipped with pumps, injection valve and Dosinos, it can be an integral part of Inline Sample Preparation and Liquid Handling. More than 30 different sample racks are automatically recognized, allowing the use of sample vessels that are different in shape and volume. The standard version of the 858 Pro- fessional Sample Processor accommodates 148 samples. The 858 Professional Sample Processor can access up to 999 sample positions. It is also possible to use an external position for performing tasks such as dilutions or rinsing the needle. The 858 Professional Sample Processor handles sample volumes ranging from 500 μL to 500 mL. Sample transfer is carried out by a peristaltic pump or a Dosino. Depend- ing on the version of the 858 Professional Sample Pro- cessor, an additional six-port injection valve is available for sample preparation.
  13. 13. Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP)Crystal clear, clinically pure, no bacteria and no particles: the quality of the results and drastically reducing costs. In 13this would be an ideal sample for ion chromatography. these systems, sample preparation is integrated betweenUnfortunately, apart from the ions to be determined, the the sample changer and the IC system.samples often contain large amounts of interfering sub-stances that make the analysis difficult if not impossible. Combined with the 858 Professional Sample Processor, the 850 Professional IC offers a variety of fully automatedCritical samples such as milk, chocolate, caustic soda so- inline sample preparation steps such as Ultrafiltration,lutions, biodiesel or strongly loaded waste waters require Dialysis, Preconcentration, Matrix Elimination, Neutrali-sample preparation before they can be analyzed by IC. zation, Inline Calibration, intelligent Partial Loop InjectionHowever, manual sample preparation is time-consuming Technique and Sample Dilution.and in many cases results in poor reproducibility, inaccu-rate results and high costs. Metrohm’s powerful MagIC NetTM chromatography soft- ware further expands the application range and providesWith Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation «MISP», many the ability to make logical decisions such as applying theof these steps can be automated, significantly increasing automatically calculated dilution factors. Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP): These techniques are the key to complete automation of your analyses. Samples are introduced by means of a Sample Processor. Sub- sequently, they are subjected to one of Metrohm’s Inline Sample Preparation techniques. Finally, they are directly injected into an ion chromatograph. This fully automated sequence is the common principle of all MISP techniques.
  14. 14. 14 ProfIC – automated Professional IC systems Be it the determination of anions at high sample through- • Routine analysis of particle-containing samples put in analytical service labs or the detection of cations (ProfIC 2) in ultratrace levels as required in nuclear power plants – • Trace determination of anions in complex matrices the ProfIC systems offer custom solutions for any IC (ProfIC 9) and application. The website • Parallel and independent determination of anions and describes more than 20 different system. cations with intelligent Partial Loop Injection Technique (ProfIC 15) Combined with the analytical separation column and the software, Metrohm ProfIC systems will solve even the For additional information please consult your Metrohm most complex application problems. The three systems distributor or the Metrohm website. presented here as examples perform the following tasks:
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. «ProfIC 2» – Professional IC system with Ultrafiltration16 Professional IC system for the fully automatic determina- tion of anions or cations or both with Metrohm Inline The ultrafiltration cell is mounted directly on the 858 Professional Sample Processor. The sample is continuously Ultrafiltration. «ProfIC 2» safely masters all routine tasks delivered at a high flow rate. This delays the formation of in ion chromatography. It is easy to use and extremely a filter cake and increases the working life of the mem- reliable. The system’s components guarantee very high brane. Crossover is kept below 0.1%. Numerous sample sensitivity and reproducible results. Particular attention racks for volumes 0.5...500 mL are available for the 858 has been given to long service intervals; these can be Professional Sample Processor. Ultrafiltration requires at monitored by the intelligent MagIC NetTM software. least 5 mL of sample. «ProfIC 2» features intelligent sys- tem components such as iPump and iDetector and acco- «ProfIC 2» is equipped with Metrohm Inline Ultrafiltration, modates up to three iColumns. which reliably removes particles from the sample. This significantly increases the working life of the column. The The anion system is additionally equipped with sequen- ultrafiltration cell is equipped with a membrane filter with tial suppression. This unique combination of chemical and a pore size of 0.2 μm as standard and is suitable for downstream CO2 suppression allows to achieve very low samples with a light to medium particle load. Inline Ultra- detection limits. The flexibility of the carbonate eluent is filtration works fully automatically saving, for example, complemented by the low background conductivity. the time-consuming and expensive use of syringe filters. The «ProfIC 2» system is your reliable partner, both in routine operation and in R&D. Applications • Determination of cations or anions or combined determination of anions and cations • Routine applications • Analysis of samples containing interfering particles, algae or bacteria, for example: - Drinking water - Process water - Waste water - Extracts - Digestion solutions - Diluted fruit and vegetable juice
  17. 17. 17Flowsheet ProfIC 2 Anion Schematic of ultrafiltration cell ProfIC 2 Anion
  18. 18. «ProfIC 9» – Professional IC system for trace analysis with Inline Calibration, Sample Preconcentration and Matrix Elimination18 Professional IC system for ultratrace analysis of anions or Calibration and calculation of the results as a function of cations in complex matrices. «ProfIC 9» with Metrohm preconcentration volume is also carried out by the MagIC Inline Sample Preconcentration and Matrix Elimination NetTM software. Even if complex procedures are involved, allows chromatography unaffected by matrix influences operating the system remains perfectly easy. and guarantees that the analytical column has a long working life. Metrohm Inline Calibration permits very low The anion system is additionally equipped with sequen- concentrations – in the ppt range (ng/L) – to be reliably tial suppression. Very high sensitivity is achieved by this calibrated using a single standard of higher concentra- unique combination of chemical and downstream CO2 tion – in the ppb range (μg/L). suppression. The flexibility of the carbonate eluent is complemented by the low background conductivity. The sample is transferred to the preconcentration col- Elimination of the carbonate interference is a particular umn fully automatically and with high precision by the benefit when using the preconcentration technique. intelligent 800 Dosino. The anions or cations are retained. The matrix can be removed in a rinsing step. The clean The 858 Professional Sample Processor provides for sample is then transferred to the IC system. sample delivery. Numerous sample racks for volumes 0.5...500 mL are available. Typical preconcentration The 850 Professional IC – Prep 2 is equipped with an volumes are between 0.5 and 100 mL. additional valve for liquid handling. The peristaltic pump TM transfers the standard. The intelligent MagIC Net soft- ware controls and monitors the system. Applications • Ultratrace analysis for anions and cations in - Nuclear power plants - Conventional power plants - Semiconductor industry • Trace analysis in organic solvents • Quality control of fine chemicals
  19. 19. 19Flowsheet ProfIC 9 Anion ProfIC 9 Anion
  20. 20. «ProfIC 15» – Professional IC system for intelligent Partial Loop Injection Technique20 Professional IC system for the fully automated determina- tion of anions, cations or anions and cations with Metrohm The anion system is equipped with sequential suppres- sion. The unique combination of chemical and down- intelligent Partial Loop Injection Technique «MiPT». stream CO2 suppression results in very low detection limits and allows to benefit from the flexibility of carbon- Metrohm intelligent Partial Loop Injection Technique allows ate eluents and a low background conductivity corres- the injection of variable sample volumes. This enables the ponding to that of hydroxide eluents. injection of concentrated samples without previous dilu- tion as well as multipoint calibration using a single stand- Sample transfer is carried out by the 800 Dosino. The ard solution. «ProfIC 15» safely masters all routine tasks high-precision liquid handling enables simple and highly in ion chromatography. reproducible Partial Loop Injections. This translates into extremely accurate results and an excellent linearity. An With this system, samples of widely different concentra- automated calibration covering a concentration ratio of tions such as ultrapure water and drinking water can 1:10’000 can easily be carried out with just one standard. be injected. «MiPT» ensures that the injected volume is appropriate to the sample concentration. The efficient Numerous sample racks for volumes 0.5...500 mL are rinsing procedure ensures that the carryover from sample available for the 858 Professional Sample Processor. Due to sample is practically zero. The system is easy to operate to its flexibility, the «ProfIC 15» system is your reliable and highly reliable. partner, both in routine operation and in R&D. The system components guarantee very high sensitivity and reproducibility of the results. Particular attention has been given to long service intervals, which can be moni- tored by the MagIC NetTM software. Applikations • Determination of anions, cations or combined determination of anions and cations • Routine applications • R&D • Trace analysis
  21. 21. 21Flowsheet ProfIC 15 AnCat – the ideal system for the parallel analysis of anions and cations ProfIC 15 AnCat
  22. 22. 872 Extension Module22 The 872 Extension Modules enhance the capabilities of the 850 Professional IC family. 872 Extension Module IC Pump The 872 Extension Module IC Pump combines an IC high- pressure pump «iPump» with an eluent degasser, a purge The flexibility of the 850 Professional IC allows to tailor valve, an inline filter and a pulsation absorber. the system to the application according to your needs. Determination of anions and cations in parallel for one With the 872 Extension Module IC Pump, an isocratic application and a quaternary gradient for another appli- Professional IC system can be expanded up to a quater- cation are all simple tasks. nary high pressure gradient system. Up to three 872 Extension Modules can be connected to 872 Extension Module Sample Prep an 850 Professional IC instrument. The 872 Extension The 872 Extension Module Sample Prep comprises a Modules are controlled by the user-friendly MagIC NetTM dual-channel peristaltic pump for transferring any type of software, whose intelligence and ease of method con- liquid in the low-pressure range and a six-port injection figuration greatly contribute to the flexibility of the over- valve that can be used both in the high-pressure and in all system. the low-pressure range of the Professional IC system. 872 Extension Module Liquid Handling The 872 Extension Module Sample Prep expands the The 872 Extension Module Liquid Handling features a possibilities of Inline Sample Preparation and Liquid Hand- dual channel peristaltic pump for transferring all kinds of ling. Additional flexibility results from implementing column liquids in the low-pressure range, a six-port injection valve selection systems, cutting techniques or multidimensional and a ten-port selection valve. IC applications. The 872 Extension Module Liquid Handling extends the capabilities of Inline Sample Preparation and Liquid Hand- ling thus extending the field of possible applications. For example, the 872 Extension Module Liquid Handling can be used to mix solutions, set the pH value of a sample or carry out pre-column derivatization reactions. Moreover, the ten-port valve can be used as a selection valve for the automated supply of all kinds of liquid samples.
  23. 23. 23872 Extension Module IC ModuleThe 872 Extension Module IC Module enables the instal- Toghether with one of the mentioned suppressor rotors,lation of an additional IC high-pressure pump «iPump» the 872 Extension Module Suppression enables the ins-with eluent degasser, purge valve, inline filter, pulsation tallation of an additional chemical suppressor in an 850absorber and six-port injection valve in an 850 Professional Professional IC system. Thus, systems with two chemicallyIC system. suppressed analytical channels become feasible.Due to the 872 Extension Moudle IC Module, the 850 The 872 Extension Module Suppression can also beProfessional IC can be equipped with an additional analy- equipped with a Sample Preparation Module «SPM»-rotortical channel. Thus, applications like parallel analysis of permitting the combination of Inline Neutralizations withanions and cations using a low pressure gradient or Inline various configurations of 850 Systems.Neutralization become feasible. Moreover, an additionalanalytical channel equipped with an alternative detector, 872 Extension Module Suppression – MCSe.g., a UV/VIS detector or an amperormetric detector, Besides a dual-channel persistaltic pump and a Metrohmbecomes also possible. Suppressor Module, the 872 Extension Module Supp- ression – MCS features a CO2 Suppressor «MCS». Any of872 Extension Module Supperssion the three suppressor rotors «MSM II», «MSM-HC» orThe 872 Extension Module Suppression is equipped with a «MSM-LC» may be chosen, depending on the requirements.dual-channel peristaltic pump and a Metrohm SuppressorModule. Any of the three suppressor rotors «MSM II», The 872 Extension Module Suppression – MCS enables«MSM-HC» or «MSM-LC» can be chosen, depending on the installation of an additional sequential suppressor inthe requirements. an 850 Professional IC system. Thus, systems with two complete anion channels can be configured.
  24. 24. 24 Technical information General Professional ion chromatography system • Compact modular system • Intelligent system components • Integral Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation «MISP» • Metal-free flow path • 3-year warranty Intelligent system Intelligent technology is incorporated in the following system components, components among others: • iPump • iDetector • iColumn • 800 Dosino Metrohm Inline Sample The following optional components can be integrated: Preparation «MISP» • Ultrafiltration • Neutralization • Dialysis • Matrix Elimination • Dilution • Calibration • Preconcentration • Partial Loop Injection Technique Eluent and sample Organic modifier 0...100% (no PFCs [perfluoro carbon compounds]) degassing Material Teflon AFTM High-pressure pump Serial dual-piston pump with two valves and flow-range-optimized intelligent pump heads Flow rate 0.001...20 mL/min Reproducibility <0.1% deviation from the set value Pulsation <1% (typically) Injection valve Injection volume: Internal loop 0.25, 1 μL External sample loop 1.5, 5, 10, 20, 100, 250, 1000 μL Column thermostat Temperature range 0...80 °C (ambient temperature -20...+50 °C) Stability <0.05 °C Suppressors «MSM II», «MSM-HC» or «MSM-LC» Metrohm Suppressor Modules for chemical suppression Type «Micro Packed Bed» suppressor Design 3 cartridges in a rotor Regeneration 100 mmol/L H2SO4 Rinsing demineralized water Transport of solutions Peristaltic pump or 800 Dosino Organic modifier 0...100% Warranty 10 years «MCS» Metrohm CO2 Suppressor Type CO2 removal with Teflon AFTM technology Organic modifier 0...100% (no PFCs [perfluoro carbon compounds])
  25. 25. Conductivity detector Conductivity detector Measuring principle Intelligent high-performance conductivity detector DSP – Digital Signal Processing 25 Measuring range 0...15 000 μS/cm – without range switching Max. back pressure 5 MPa Temperature 20...50 °C in steps of 5 °C Temperature stability <0.001 °C Cell volume 0.8 μL Cell constant 16.7/cm (nominal), calibrated value is stored in iDetector, can be recalibrated Measuring frequency 10 Hz Resolution 4.7 pS/cm Electronic noise <0.1 nS/cm (at 1 μS/cm) Baseline noise <0.2 nS/cm (e.g. A Supp 5, standard conditions)Peristaltic pumps Speed 0...42 rpm in steps of 6 rpm Direction clockwise and counter-clockwiseGradients Type high-pressure: binary, ternary, quaternary low-pressure: binary, ternary Dosino: binary, ternary, quaternary, quinary Form step, linear, convex*, concave* (*...for high- and low-pressure gradients)Professional Sample ProcessorRacks Automatic sample rack recognition (individual adaptations of the sample rack to accommodate specific vessel forms and sizes are possible)Sample volume 0.5...500 mL (standard volume: 11 mL)Positions 999 rack positions and four external positions are accessibleControl Metrodata MagIC NetTMConnections 850 Professional IC 858 Professional Sample Processor Leak sensor 1 USB upstream 3 (hub) Detectors 2 USB downstream 1 (PC) USB upstream 2 (hub) MSB (Metrohm Serial Bus) 3 USB downstream 1 (PC) Membrane pumps 2 MSB (Metrohm Serial Bus) 2 Swing Head 1 Connection of peripheral instruments: 858 Professional Sample Processor via USB; 800 Dosino, 801 Magnetic Stirrer, 6.2148.010 Remote Box, etc. via MSBDimensions in mm (W/H/D) 850 Professional IC 858 Professional Sample Processor 365/642/380 280/730/500 872 Extension Module 365/131/380
  26. 26. Ordering information26 ProfIC systems Professional IC system for automated ion chromatography (ProfIC 1 – Anion, ProfIC 1 – Cation and ProfIC 1 – AnCat) Professional IC system with Inline Ultrafiltration (ProfIC 2 – Anion, ProfIC 2 – Cation and ProfIC 2 – AnCat) Professional IC system with Inline Dialysis (ProfIC 3 – Anion and ProfIC 3 – Cation) Professional IC system with Inline Dilution (ProfIC 4 – Anion and ProfIC 4 – Cation) Professional IC system with Inline Preconcentration (ProfIC 5 – Anion and ProfIC 5 – Cation) Professional IC system with Inline Dilution and Ultrafiltration (ProfIC 6 – Anion and ProfIC 6 – Cation) Professional IC system with Inline Dilution and Dialysis (ProfIC 7 – Anion and ProfIC 7 – Cation) Professional IC system with Inline Preconcentration and Matrix Elimination (ProfIC 8 – Anion and ProfIC 8 – Cation) Professional IC system for trace analysis with Inline Calibration, Preconcentration and Matrix Elimination (ProfIC 9 – Anion und ProfIC 9 – Cation) Professional IC system with Inline Preconcentration, Matrix Elimination and Neutralization (ProfIC 10 – Anion) Professional IC system for trace analysis with Inline Calibration, Preconcentration, Matrix Elimination and Neutralization (ProfIC 11 – Anion) Professional IC Gradient System (ProfIC 12 – Anion) Professional IC system for intelligent Partial Loop Injection Technique (ProfIC 15 – Anion, ProfIC 15 – Cation and ProfIC 15 – AnCat) Software MagIC NetTM 6.6059.222 MagIC NetTM 2.2 Professional 6.6059.208 MagIC NetTM 2.X Professional upgrade to Multi – 3 licenses 6.6059.223 MagIC NetTM 2.2 Multi – 3 licenses 6.6059.001 MagIC NetTM Multi – 1 additional license 6.6059.002 MagIC NetTM Multi – 5 additional licenses 6.6059.003 MagIC NetTM Multi – 10 additional licenses 850 Professional IC instruments 2.850.1010 850 Professional IC Cation 2.850.1030 850 Professional IC Cation – Prep 1 2.850.1050 850 Professional IC Cation – Prep 2 2.850.1210 850 Professional IC Cation – LP Gradient 2.850.1220 850 Professional IC Cation – Gradient 2.850.2010 850 Professional IC Anion* 2.850.2030 850 Professional IC Anion – MCS* 2.850.2050 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC* 2.850.2070 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC – MCS* 2.850.2110 850 Professional IC Anion – MCS – Prep 1* 2.850.2120 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC – MCS – Prep 1* 2.850.2140 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC – MCS – Prep 2* 2.850.2150 850 Professional IC Anion – MCS – Prep 2* 2.850.2180 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC – MCS – Prep 3* 2.850.2190 850 Professional IC Anion – MCS – Prep 3* 2.850.2210 850 Professional IC Anion – MCS – LP Gradient* 2.850.2220 850 Professional IC Anion – MCS – Gradient* 2.850.2230 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC – MCS – LP Gradient*
  27. 27. 2.850.22402.850.2250 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC – MCS – Gradient* 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC – LP Gradient* 272.850.2260 850 Professional IC Anion – MSM-HC – Gradient*2.850.3000 850 Professional IC AnCat – non-suppressed2.850.3010 850 Professional IC AnCat2.850.3030 850 Professional IC AnCat – MCS2.850.3040 850 Professional IC AnCat – MSM-HC – MCS* ... 850 Professional IC instruments for anion analysis can also be used for cation analyis.872 Extension Module2.872.0010 872 Extension Module IC Pump2.872.0030 872 Extension Module IC Module2.872.0050 872 Extension Module Sample Prep2.872.0060 872 Extension Module Liquid Handling2.872.0110 872 Extension Module Suppression2.872.0120 872 Extension Module Suppression – MCS850 Professional IC – detectors (to be ordered separately)2.850.9010 850 Professional IC Detector «iDetector»2.887.0010 887 Professional UV/VIS Detector850 Professional IC – accessories6.5330.000 IC equipment for Dialysis6.5330.010 IC equipment for Ultrafiltration6.5330.020 IC equipment for Sample Dilution6.5330.040 IC equipment for Liquid Handling with the Dosino6.5330.050 IC equipment for Dosino Gradient6.5334.000 4-port-stator and 0.25-μL-rotor equipment6.5334.010 4-port-stator and 1.0-μL-rotor equipmentAutomation2.858.0010 858 Professional Sample Processor2.858.0020 858 Professional Sample Processor – Pump2.858.0030 858 Professional Sample Processor – Pump – Injector2.863.0010 863 Compact IC Autosampler2.889.0010 889 IC Sample Center2.889.0020 889 IC Sample Center – cool858 Professional Sample Processor – accessories6.2041.440 Standard sample rack 148 x 11 mL + 3 x 300 mL6.2041.760 Sample rack 54 x 11 mL + 1 x 300 mL6.2041.390 Sample rack 16 x 120 mL6.2041.480 Sample rack 159 x 2 mL + 3 x 300 mL6.2743.050 PP sample vessels (11 mL); 2000 pieces6.2743.040 PP sample vessels (2.5 mL); 2000 pieces6.2743.070 PP stopper with perforation for sealing the sample vessels; 2000 pieces6.5330.030 IC equipment rinsing station for 858 Sample ProcessorLiquid Handling2.800.0010 800 Dosino2.801.0010 801 Magnetic Stirrer2.849.1030 849 Level Control for Inline Eluent Preparation6.3032.210 Dosing Unit 10 mL6.2070.000 Footprint Extension to 801 Stirrer
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