Northeast regional charter


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MetroAir is a premier Central New York FAA-certified aircraft charter and aviation services company. Covering North America, MetroAir offers comprehensive on-demand aircraft charter solutions. From regional to international charters, whether for business or pleasure, we are competitively priced and efficient.

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Northeast regional charter

  1. 1. MetroAir is pleased to offer an aircraft/limo packagetrip for the Big East Tournament, for Men’s Basketball,at Madison Square Garden, NYC, from the 12th to the16th of March. A special charter rate will be offered.Please let us know when you want to leave from, andreturn to Syracuse, and we will handle the rest. CallMetroAir Sales at 315-480-2207.
  2. 2. Interesting Facts to LureYou about AircraftCharterTo ride in a commercial airplane can be fun andpractical but it will be more enjoyable if you willfly with an aircraft charter. This ride comes withmany benefits and perks and some of thoseadvantages will be discussed in this article.Air charters are mostly preferred by the wealthypeople especially those who love their privacy.But it doesn’t mean that they are the only oneswho could afford it. Although this kind ofservice is not everybody, the cost of is not asexpensive as what many people believe in. Thetruth to this is that you have to do someresearch about it and you will discover thatthere are many companies that are offeringincentives to give chance to ordinary individualto experience this kind of ride.Another misconception about this is that theoptions are limited when you can actuallychoose the kind of private aircraft that youwant to use. You can choose from helicopters tothe humongous Boeing 747. All you have to dois select the aircraft that will suit your travelplans. Base your decision on the duration of theflight, number of passengers who will go withyou, your budget for the trip, and any personalpreference. There are many choices for achartered flight; all you can do is decide onwhat you think you will enjoy most.The convenience of traveling in this kind ofvehicle is the reason why it is chosen by mosttravelers. The whole plane is booked as yourown so you do not have to stand in line in theairport to wait for your turn to board ordisembark the plane. You do not need to worryon who will seat beside you during yourjourney. This is an ideal way to travel for you donot have to rush to avoid being left behind or tobe stuck with a noisy seatmate. Inspections byairport officials are not that strict or timeconsuming. When other commercial flightpassengers have to stand in line for a long time,you can just bypass the queues and headstraight to the waiting airplane.There are many hearsays or misconceptionsrelating to private charter fights. Some say thatit is pricey, have limited options, or hard toobtain. The benefits that you will get once youexperience this luxurious ride is worthy of themoney that you will pay. The price is reasonableand the service is top notch. This is a great wayto start a vacation. You get to avoid severaltravelers in the airport or the noisy passengersthat you don’t know. This experience isdefinitely something that you will not easilyforget.The Best Things aboutAircraft CharterThose who love to travel by air deserve to havea remarkable experience. Businessmen whooften go abroad or in another island should ridein a charter jet if they don’t want to be late. Aprivate aircraft charter service is suitable forindividuals who need to travel in a fast andhassle-free way. Attending a conference orbusiness meeting in another city needs aconvenient and dependable mode oftransportation such as private planes.Touring using a charter airplane is the bestchoice to pick because you will get many
  3. 3. benefits from it which you can’t get fromcommercial airliners. In conventionalcommercial airways, it’s a typical scenariowherein people are experiencing delays in theirflights. Some of them are getting frustrated thatleads to cancellation of their flights. To avoidthis type of circumstance, hire a private planethat will take you anywhere and whenever youwant.If you have a scheduled meeting in a certainplace, then it’s the best transport that you couldever have because the accommodation and thewhole services are terrific. You will absolutelyfeel the ultimate comfort whilst you are insidethe plane. You don’t have to wait for an hour ortwo just to be on board the plane. You will findit very fascinating because the staff and thepilots are expert enough to give you the bestaccommodation.Moreover, another good thing about this is thatthe exclusive services are impressive becauseyou book a ticket at a reasonable cost. Soinstead of traveling with commercial aircraft,why don’t you prefer charter airplane to deliveryou in the place you intended to go? In this typeof air transportation, companies are veryconcerned about passengers’ safety and theyare very conscious with the time. Therefore, it isa good idea to use a charter jet to reach yourdestination without experiencing delays andany related problems.Nowadays, there are wide selections of aircraftsfrom various reputable companies that you canchoose from. The options regarding charterplanes are not limited anymore. Anyone canmake an advanced reservation and they canpick the type of private airplane they want.Private air travel firms are offering exclusiveand customized services. Passengers canrequest of the kind of service that they wantdepending on their desired needs.These types of aircraft management servicesare not only exclusive for the rich people. Thetruth is that even regular citizens can makearrangements because the rates hiring a privateair transit service are now affordable. It is notthat pricey compared before maybe because oftough competitions. You can inquire online tofind the amazing benefits that these aircraftcharter services offer.These Will Make YouWant To Be On CharterAir FlightsCommercial airlines have been receiving a lot ofnegative propaganda these days such as beinglate for take-off. In addition to that, it hasbecome very expensive to book a flightespecially in this day and age where everythingjust keeps on getting expensive. The price hikewould be understandable if we are able to takeadvantage of free food and other services thatused to be within reach. However, they havetaken these privileges away as a means ofcutting costs. Because of all of these, a lot ofmen and women would think twice beforegetting on a plane. In addition to that, theincreased security lines is also another turn off.They would feel tired and harassed even beforetheir vacation starts. For these reasons, theywould opt for charter air flights.Despite this being a more expensive alternative,a lot of men and women would still opt for thisbecause they know that they will be gettingwhat they paid for and then some. They areable to book a flight immediately simply
  4. 4. because it is for private use and they dont haveto wait for other passengers to fill up the plane.They are able to obtain more privacy whichallows them to relax and avoid those awkwardsmall talks with other men and women theydon’t really know. In addition to that, they alsoget to make a special request with regard to thefood they want to be served to them during thetrip.Businessmen, in particular, opt for a privateplane because they know that time is gold andthey cannot afford to waste it. In the event thatan emergency meeting in a different place callsfor them, they will be able to attend to itbecause they were able to book a flight. Charterair flights are godsend to them and to thevacationers as well. Men and women who aregoing on vacation won’t waste any of theirprecious time simply because they will be ableto get to their destination with more time tospare. In addition to that, they won’t feel tiredonce they get to their destination simplybecause they were able to rest throughout theentire trip.Another thing you can get from this is theadditional luggage room. Who wouldn’t wantit? You can also get the chance to have yourpets with you in the cabin when you go forprivate flights. Just make sure that you get anapproval from the airline ahead of time.