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The ITpreneurs Expert Program is the ultimate program for aspiring IT professionals to achieve the ITIL Expert Level in one-go. By signing up for this intensive program, which combines modern learning technologies with energy-packed classroom sessions, you will have guaranteed fun and an incredible learning experience along the way. Grab this opportunity and open new doors for your career with the ITpreneurs ITIL v3 Expert Program.

This state-of-the-art ITIL training program designed using innovative instructional design methods and technology with the objective to hand participants the full control over the their time and investment. Through a mix of self-paced study and instructor-led interactive teaching, students can leverage time to their advantage while working toward the highest level of internationally recognized certification available in the ITIL domain.

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ITIL v3 Expert

  1. 1. Achieve ITIL® Expert Level Open doors you never thought possible! The ITpreneurs Expert Program is the ultimate program for aspiring IT professionals to achieve the ITIL Expert Level! ® The ITpreneurs Expert Program will take you to the Expert level in one-go, making you part of a select group of ITIL Experts. By signing up for this intensive and innovative program, which combines modern learning technologies with energy-packed classroom sessions, you will have guaranteed fun and an incredible learning experience along the way. Grab this oppor- tunity and open new doors for your career with the ITpreneurs Accelerate your career ITIL v3 Expert Program.
  2. 2. Why become an ITIL Expert? ITIL is the most recognized and well-known set of best practices for IT Service Management. Used by thousands of organizations around the world, the ITIL Framework has matured and is now a defacto standard for the management of IT. The ITIL Expert status replaces the popular and revered ITIL Service Manager Certification, with the migration to ITIL version 3. ITIL Experts are recognized and respected in the industry for their knowledge and skills. The status is considered a unique achievement and can enhance your professional status as well as your career prospects significantly. Are you: • Motivated to enhance your career prospects as a leader and a manager in the IT governance, IT operations and/or IT infrastructure domains? • Excited about becoming a more complete and well-rounded IT Service Management Consultant? • Eager to become a better IT process practitioner? • Looking to design and implement IT Service Management strategies in your organization? • Looking for an opportunity to become more effective in the design of ITSM Processes? • Talented, ambitious, and interested in enhancing your career prospects and your professional status ? If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above points, then the ITpreneurs Expert Program is definitely for you. This program will boost your career prospects, open doors to new possibilities and make you an authority within the international Service Management community. The following are the four key characteristics of the Expert Program Innovation Intense group Accelerated path to Access to in design experience certification Experts Community Smart use of technology and Intensive classroom Achieve ITIL Expert Level in Access to an Experts innovative course design sessions with your peers half the time it would Community of peers normally take An effective blend of delivery A journey with a group of The Expert Program Become part of a global methods – including high like-minded professionals contains sessions over a community of ITpreneurs quality e-learning, group results in an intense group period of 10 or 12 weeks. Expert Program alumni and work, virtual coaching and experience, the perfect The program reduces the let the network work for you traditional classroom climate for knowledge effective time in class and in pursuing information and sessions. and experience sharing. travel by more than 50% career opportunities. while giving you more flexibility and control. An example of innovation and design in course Between 8 and 10 hours of self paced e-learning per module delivery is the use of e-learning as a learning method in that you can complete in your own time and at your own the Expert program. ITpreneurs is leading this innovation pace. Virtual Classroom environment can be provided as an in Process training and Best Practices domains. option to classroom training, still retaining the interactivity, personal touch and participation as a physical classroom through the use of engaging and interactive online tools. A virtual coach, available to help out when required. Digital reference material with background information provided on an e-reader or digital copy for your laptop.
  3. 3. Two distinct routes to achieve ITIL Expert Certification Lifecycle Route Capability Route In the Lifecycle route, you will learn about the principles and The Capability route enables you to achieve a better core concepts of the Service Lifecycle approach to IT Service understanding of the Service Lifecycle and the processes Management. This includes a focus on the management and associated with all the Capability modules. This includes a control elements of the Service Lifecycle and the following focus on a series of clustered process activities, their processes associated with all Lifecycle modules: execution and use throughout the following specific phases of the ITIL Service Lifecycle: The Lifecycle Track is for those who provide guidance The Capability Track is for those who are involved in towards the implementation of ITSM in an organization. executing and improving existing ITIL processes in an (eg: IT Manager, Process Owner, ITSM Implementer, ITIL organization. (eg: Process Manager, Operational staff, Consultants) Process Consultant, IT Practitioner) Courses: Courses: • Service Strategy (SS) • Release, Control, and Validation (RCV) • Service Design (SD) • Operation Support and Analysis (OSA) • Service Transition (ST) • Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) • Service Operation (SO) • Planning, Protection, and Optimization (PPO) • Continual Service Improvement (CSI) • Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) • Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) • The program starts with an initiation conference call that takes place couple of weeks prior to the first SOA + PPO Kick off call 01 (physical or virtual) classroom session. The course instructor and all students participate in this call. • After the call you will receive access to an online campus and can get started with the e-learning for week the first two modules. Your instructor will be available for support and you can e-Learning communicate online with your fellow students. 02-03 • When the first e-learning module is finished, you will meet the group for the first time in a classroom week environment where you will cover the hands-on and application aspects of the content , while Classroom 04 participating in group discussions and working on case-study scenarios/exercises. • After your first week of knowledge sharing, you will go back to your home/office to process the week SS+SD+CSI information and use the e-learning modules to prepare for your first set of exams. Post- study 05 Exams week • You have completed your first exams before you start with the second block of the course. The RCV + OSA e-Learning program basically repeats with e-learning, followed by classroom, more e-learning and then exams for the 2nd set of modules. 06-07 week • In the eighth week, you will meet your fellow participants again in a live classroom session. This is Classroom Virtual instructor support/virtual group support one of the strengths of the Expert Program spending significant time with like-minded professionals and hence forming long – lasting friendships. 08 week ST+ SO+CSI • Back home for the second time you will prepare to take the 2nd set of certification exams. The Exam Post- study preparation sections available through the e-learning environment includes a sample exam, exam 09 Exams facts, and tips and tricks to help you become prepared and confident. week • The third and last segment of the Expert Program covers Managing Across the Lifecycle module and e-Learning 10 MALC starts with the most learner-centric way of learning – the e-Learning modules enable you to stay in control and pace yourself. week • You will attend the classroom for the 3rd and final time – this time for a two-day, session in which you Classroom • will not just learn ITIL theory, but also share experiences with your fellow practitioners. Now you are one step away from achieving ITIL Expert status, for which you will have some more 11week e-learning to do and prepare for your final exam with the help of (virtual) instructor; complete Post- study 12 Exams Managing Across the Lifecycle and join an exclusive community of Experts week
  4. 4. Available Learning Paths The “Classic” The “Classic Virtual” The “Boot Camp” The “Weekend Warrior” In this option you will meet This program is identical to The Boot Camp requires you You’ve got a busy calendar your fellow students 3-times the “Classic” with the to complete all and really cannot take much over a period of 12 weeks. difference that all sessions intermediate (Capability or time for training. After work, You will complete portions of take place in a Virtual Lifecycle) e-learning there are so many other the e-learning Classroom setting . This modules prior to the things and only the component of the modules means that you do not have classroom. After completing weekends remain. You will before and after the to travel to become an ITIL the Lifecycle modules, you complete the e-learning classroom sessions. Expert, which results in a will start with the e-learning modules during the Exams are completed significant reduction of your and classroom components weekends for 12 between the classroom training program costs. of MALC. consecutive weeks. Every sessions and are scheduled Monday you come to class to by yourself when you see fit. discuss the various Intermediate or MALC modules. Program characteristics Not one, but two tracks High energy and high pace classroom • Lifecycle Track that includes: Service Strategy (SS), • Intensive classroom study: Lifecycle - 10 days. Two weeks Service Design (SD), Service Transition (ST), Service of 4 days each, followed by 2 days for Managing Across Operations (SO), Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) the Lifecycle. Capability - 12 days. Two weeks of 5 days and Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) each, followed by 2 days for Managing Across the Lifecycle. • Capability Track that includes: Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO), Service Offerings and Agreements • Classroom dedicated to practical application: cases, (SOA), Operational Support & Analysis (OSA), and assignments and scenarios Release, Control, & Validation (RCV) and Managing Across the lifecycle (MALC) Accredited course program Self-Paced e-Learning • Meets all requirements for ITIL Intermediate courses as per ITIL syllabi; program accredited by EXIN and LCS • 50 hours of e-learning for each of the Capability and Lifecycle tracks Exam Pass Guarantee • E-learning material available for 2 years after completion of the course • ITpreneurs will pay for the 2nd and 3rd retake in case you fail the exams. Specific conditions apply (such as • E-learning focused on theory, explaination of concepts, required completion of e-learning etc.) exam preparation • (Virtual) Instructor is available through out the program Digital Reference Materials for e-mail based support • Students receive an e-reader with reference material to avoid printing of thousands of pages of course materials Contact us for more information +1 (800) 214 6371- USA +31 (10) 71 10260 - INT. © Copyright 2010 by ITpreneurs Nederland B. V. All rights reserved ITIL ® is a Registered Trade Mark, and Registered Community Trade Mark of the Office of Government Version code: 241209 Commerce, and is Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.