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The Stain of Sustainability


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Presentation by The M.e.t. Executive Director, Michael Patton

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The Stain of Sustainability

  1. 1. THE STAIN OF SUSTAINABILITY Michael PattonThe Metropolitan Environmental Trust October 1 8 201 2 Environmental Federation of Oklahoma
  3. 3. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS OF SUSTAINABILIT YManagement of ResourcesConsumption of ResourcesRelated Effects Transport Air Quality
  4. 4. HOW TO CLEAN THE SHIRTI had to Learn About:CoffeeShirtsCleaning Chemicals
  5. 5. COFFEE STATISTICSThe U.S. drinks about 400 million cups of coffee per day.Five million people in Brazil are employed by Coffee Trade.54% of Americans drink coffee daily.35% drink coffee black. COFFEE STATISTICS
  6. 6. SUSTAINABILIT Y ISSUES Organic Shade Grown Fair Trade Transport Packaging
  7. 7. Non-organic coffee is one ofthe most chemically treatedcrops in the world.Over the past 40 years, over2/3 of rainforests in CentralAmerica were cleared forcoffee farming.
  8. 8. SUSTAINABLE JOBSLiving WagesNational & International Trade
  9. 9. FAIR LABOR STANDARDSMarket price to coffee farmers is 80 cents a pound.Fair trade farmers receive $2.35 per pound.Workers paid living wage with safe working conditions and no child labor.
  10. 10. TRADE STATISTICSFair trade in the U.S, organic and shade grown coffee, represents 5% of coffee sold.U.S. imports $4 Billion coffee beans per year.Brazil has $4 billion coffee trees. TRADE STATISTICS
  11. 11. PACKAGINGCoffeeCoffee MakersRecyclability, Composting, Durability,& Responsibility TRANSPORTATIONFarms to Groceries may include adozen steps.
  12. 12. ALL ABOUT SHIRTS Lifestyles Consumerism Fair Trade Trade Balance
  13. 13. CLOTHING STATISTICSFASHION QUOTES“The fashion wears out more apperal than the man.”  William Shakespeare“Fashions, after all, are only induced epidemics.”  George Bernard Shaw CLOTHING STATISTICS FA S H I O N Q U OT E S
  14. 14. CONSUMERISM STATISTICS8,000 apparel manufacturers in the U.S. They generate about $14 billion in revenue per year.China controls ½ of the world.Market estimated to be $315 billion per year. CONSUMERISM STATISTICS
  15. 15. CLEANING CHEMICALSStain removers – OxiClean, Shout & vinegarSolvents, surfactants & enzymesHigh phosphates
  16. 16. ENERGY USE$150/year to heat water for laundry. WASH 22 cents per load (cold) (cold) 89 cents per load (hot) (warm) DRY 30 - 40 cents per load (electric) 15 – 20 cents per load (gas)
  17. 17. Michael Patton The Metropolitan Environmental Trust