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User behavior driven pricing and offers


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Every software-as-a-service (SaaS) business hopes its freemium or basic package will create an upward migration path for users. Unfortunately, hoping for recurring revenue isn’t an effective strategy for actually creating that revenue. But luckily, most SaaS and cloud businesses have all the data they need to build a pricing strategy that works – they just need to learn how to apply that data.

In the final installment of our three-part webinar series about big data, we’ll teach you how to leverage available SaaS technologies to capture and analyze user-based transactional data. You’ll also learn how to present your users with dynamic offers to drive more revenue.

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User behavior driven pricing and offers

  1. 1. Acquire & Analyze& ActUser Behavior Driven Pricing &Offers
  2. 2. Your Presenters Curt Raffi - Host Jeff Kaplan - THINKstrategies Karl Wirth - Apptegic Jason Mondanaro - MetraTech, Corp.
  3. 3. A Power Shift  Vendor to Customer New SaaS Buye r  CXO to Corporate End- User
  4. 4. Changing Sales Process Centralized to decentralized
  5. 5. Seeking Personal Solutions About Me Buyers select solutions for real-time needs Buyers seek to customize standardized services
  6. 6. Data-Driven Pricing Is Key Dynamic pricing based on user requirements, preferences & actions Price A Offer B Ability to acquire, analyze & act on user behavior essential Price C Offer D
  7. 7. Big Data Sources 93% Transactional / structured 85% Social media / sentiment 83% Clickstream 61% Digital media 60% M2M / sensordata Source: Aberdeen Group, January 2012
  8. 8. Ex: Move To Paid Users  Track visits, users, key actions on a per user & per account  Sales reaches out to the highly engaged, high value  Marketing sends emails to users who haven’t visited  Marketing messages users in-context to complete setup
  9. 9. Ex: In-App Purchases
  10. 10. Ex: Upsell & Cross Sell Millions on low price plan  Capture user’s Some are candidates behavior in application for upsell, others aren’t.  Target power users with How to tell the in-context offers in difference? application How to communicate offer to good candidates? 20% Off
  11. 11. Ex: RenewalsProblem High churn rate Too many customers Little information Generic email updates not good click-through
  12. 12. Start Act on visits, actions & business metrics Put JavaScript into your application & capture information Enter the messages & offers you want displayed
  13. 13. Turn It Up A Notch There are a lot of product catalogs available What if those APIs were used for data-driven product creation & pricing instead of data synchronization?
  14. 14. Intelligent ProductConfigurator User Behavior Real-time Customers Offers Intelligent Product Product Costs Configurator Package Product Changes ManagersProfitability Goals
  15. 15. Science Fact Not Fiction Airlines’ yield management systems Amazon Web Services spot pricing Geolocation driven coupons Exchange Powered Business Models
  16. 16. Dynamic Offers & Pricing I like expensive hotels
  17. 17. Acquire, Analyze, Act - Wrap UpBuild your Leverage Use Architect to Visual turnsbusiness cloud to pricing, rewa track user big data intowith scale out Big rds and activity and actionablemeasuremen Data offers – drive consumption knowledget in mind customer & partner behavior
  18. 18. Thank YouFor Attending
  19. 19.