I Know What You Did Last Second


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  • Who has a finite number of minutes on their mobile plan?What happens when you hit the limit?Frequent Flyers out there, how close are you to premier status this year?Do you want to finish the year at 49k or 99k miles? No! -> Flights to no-where in December.Image Source: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmiyzccTpY1qkso5no1_400.jpg
  • Who always drives the speed limit?Who likes Red light cameras?Who generally slows down when given a warning?Customers know when they’ve breached a contract boundary and have to pay more or penalties. They usually will be very upset and turn the problem around: “How dare you not warn me that I was doing something that was going to have consequences!”Tie back to Airline example if you knew you were only a few hundred mile short of premier status you might take a random flight to nowhere in December. Otherwise in January you’re going to be very angry.Image Credits:http://farm1.staticflickr.com/187/475959877_8b9c72492b_z.jpg?zz=1http://blog.allstate.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/SpeedLimit_000000628759_irapture-459x345.jpghttp://www.sanbruno.ca.gov/police_images/miles_trailer.jpg
  • So there are lot’s of ways business can attempt to influence behavior. And they all generally come down to dollars and cents.Free-Nights and weekendsSpot Pricing for compute hours to maximize utilizationCommitment contracts to offset capital investmentThe key is transparencyBut what can your customers see?
  • I get an Azure balance update every 3 days. I see the number go down, but I’m the one who has to keep in my head my burn rate, my lead-time for issuing a PO, how long my vendor take to reflect a payment etc… to know when I should add more money.What does this ATT message mean? I have 1 day and 35% of my data plan left. So is this saying I have nothing to worry about? Has my usage trend grown so much that I might actually run out by tomorrow? What is the point of this message!?
  • MetraTech is introducing what we call Behavioral Billing. Which tries to add context to data by the system that is most likely to have the context people care about (Financial!) and that’s the billing system.
  • Need to not only say how much quantity, but the cost, potential penalties and discounts what you are near as well as where you are
  • Imagine you could add and remove cylinders from your engine depending on the acceleration or top speed you need at any given moment? That’s what it is like when you design for the cloud.-Commerce Decision Engine™ is comprised of a scalable cluster of Nodes-We can partition the work across as many nodes as we want.-Partitioning work involves identifying Boundary Groups (accounts whose billing and pricing can influence each other but not another group’s)-Each Node is keeping track of all the counters and state for its boundary group of accounts.-Each Node can instigate Notifications
  • As you structure contracts across accounts in your system we dynamically allocate them across our processing cloud. If you have very complex contracts and relationships we can allocate more nodes to actively monitor what we call “boundary groups”
  • Every Event is processed by a Primary Node. Nodes always have at least one backup. Nodes are responsible for a subset of accounts. If an event is not part of this Nodes’ responsibilities then the event is passed onto the correct Node. Each Node receives routed transactions from it’s primary and backup and therefore gets work twice with the benefit that we can now make determinations of the status of the upstream services for a minor de-duplication effort. If we stop hearing from a router, then we can alert that it is missing or disabled earlier. Every piece of work is processed by at least two nodes for high availability and self-healing. Backup Nodes can identify when the primary has gone missing and take-over, replay work since last known confirmation. Since only the Primary writes to the database so we don’t burden the Database.
  • Nodes != Servers. So depending on the Node processing profile we can scale Nodes per server optimized for instance type and costHigh Memory -> many accounts and countersHigh Compute -> High transaction volume businessesAlso possible to structure Nodes and Backup Nodes such that they run in different geographic zones assuming Node communications (TCP +/MQ) can be configured.
  • I Know What You Did Last Second

    1. 1. I Know What You Did Last SecondJune 13, 2013Cloud Expo
    2. 2. Lines in the Sand Boundaries are everywhere in business2 They are intentionally permeable But there are consequences to crossing
    3. 3. Customer Perception MattersMetraTech Confidential 3Influencer“Now Cast”EnforcementInformation
    4. 4. Driving Customer BehaviorPeak andOff PeakPromotionsSurchargesCo-Pay SLAsDiscountsVolume Bundling Cash FlowTRANSPARENCY4
    5. 5. Big Data Is Not Enough5Is this Dataor Information?With one day left in thebilling cycle:
    6. 6. Behavioral Billing™ Operational data must be in a businesscontext that matters6
    7. 7. Behavioral Billing™ Trick is delivering: right information & recommendations to thecustomer at the right time……in order to influence behavior!7
    8. 8. Commerce Decision Engine™MetraTech Confidential 8
    9. 9. Multinational: Global Meets Local9Tokyo (¥)Frankfurt (€)Enterprise HQ (£)London (£)% Discount (service A)Monthly £ commitment (all services)Monthly ¥ commitment (all services)Included Service CSingle price service AMulti-bucket pricing on service DQuarterly £ commitment service BIncremental price service C for Engineering(Provided by 3rd Party Partner)Incremental price service DSingle-bucket price service AIncluded service CBlock price service ANNNN Monthly number of Service Devents% Discount (service F)Fees calculated on worldwide consumption
    10. 10. Node Architecture10IncomingEventQueuePrimaryResolutionBackupResolutionBackupProcessingProcessingData StoreLocalRouterLocalBackupRouterLocalBackup NodePrimary NodeNotifications Queue
    11. 11. Nodes Can be Instance Efficient11
    12. 12. Now-Casting and Notifications Nodes arekeepingaccounts up-to-date perevent Configurablethresholds andlimits fornotifications12
    13. 13. Notification Delivery13NotifySystemsNotifyPeople
    14. 14. QuestionsMetraTech Confidential 14