How do I use the Discussion Forum?


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This document provides information on how to participate in the discussion forum, post/edit and reply to comments.

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How do I use the Discussion Forum?

  1. 1. How to use the Discussion ForumTo take part in a forum discussion:First read the discussion forum post sent to you by your facilitator(s). Log on to the courseplatform and click on the Discussion link for your course. This link is available on the left handside of your course screen.After you have clicked on this link the discussion post will open (see image 1). When replying,please be careful to which post you reply.(Note: In the screenshot below you can see an “Add a new discussion topic” button. Pleasenote this option is not available in our course.)Image1Below you can see a screenshot of the window that will open once you have clicked on theDiscussion post of your facilitator(s).Image 2A. Allows you to edit the post you have made, after it has been posted.B. Allows you to reply to the post of someone else. Hitting ‘’Reply’’ will open a Your Replyscreen in which you can enter your contribution. You are able to also attach document to yourreply if you like.
  2. 2. Image 3A. Forum reply screen.B. Subject of your reply.C. Title of the white box in which to write your text.D. Text editor (see image 4).E. Option that allows you to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the replies to the discussion youare contributing to. Remember that if you unsubscribe from the discussion you will not knowwhether and what somebody responds to it unless you check the course space regularly.F. Attachment box that allows you to upload any necessary documents.G. Button on which if you click you will post your message on the course space.
  3. 3. To use the text editor:Enter your text and format it as you would in a word processor.Here below are some of the useful functions of the text editor:Image 4To insert pictures:Do not copy and paste pictures within your reply. These will not be displayed to other users.To insert a picture within the message, you need to:  Click the Insert picture icon (please see image to locate the icon).  Type the URL of the image.  Type a description in the alternative text field.If your picture is not available online, you will need to attach it (see information below).To add an attachment:Image 5In the Attachment field click on Browse.Find the file you wish to attach. This can be any type of file (e.g. text, images, video, web pages,Microsoft Office documents, Acrobat PDF files)  Click on Browse…  Select the file and click on Open.
  4. 4.  The file location should automatically appear in the Attachment field. Click Post to forum.