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  1. 1. CONTENTS 03-04 THE QI STORY 05-06 LEADERSHIP 07-08 GUIDING VALUES 09-12 BUSINESS LINES 13-20 RECENT INVESTMENTS 21-24 STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS 25-32 BUILDING A GLOBAL BRAND Showcasing Creativity Nurturing Champions Entertaining Asia 33-43 CORPORATE HEARTBEAT RYTHM Foundation Vijayaratnam Foundation
  2. 2. QI’s newly acquired headquarters in Malaysia. THE QI STORY 1998 was a time of speculative optimism. It was the year when Southeast Asia was christened as one of the world’s thriving economic centres. And yet, barely a year later, it was embroiled in one of the worst and most uncertain financial crises it had ever encountered. At the same time, the dot com bubble was in decline. The economic meltdown caused an alarming number of failures in the e-commerce industry. There could be only a few winners in each sector, and even the largest companies suffered. But in spite of the turmoil, QI was born, due to great perseverance, foresight, rational thinking and determination. Using e-commerce, with the Internet as its main business thrust, QI delivered its diverse range of products and services to customers at every corner of the globe. Today, the QI Group has grown into a multinational conglomerate with six key business lines — telecommunications, lifestyle and leisure, luxury and collectibles, QI Headquarters at Bank of training and conference management, property development and a global retail China Tower in Hong Kong. & direct sales business. Our subsidiaries can be found in over 30 countries with key regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. These achievements are a reflection of the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of a resourceful, multi-cultural team led by a global board of directors schooled in solid economic fundamentals. But we believe that this is just the beginning. The constantly evolving group is expanding organically with strategic investments, creating high-quality interrelated ventures, products and services worldwide. And as we move ahead into the future, it is our vision to keep on growing, no matter what the odds. Just as our journey began in 1998, we know — the road tomorrow may be uncertain, but with spirit and determination, we can achieve all that we dream of today. 3 4
  3. 3. LEADERSHIP Vijay Eswaran Executive Chairman Joseph Bismark Group Managing Director QI Group of Companies QI Group of Companies Vijay Eswaran, the Executive Chairman of the QI Group Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of the QI Group is a of Companies, is a man of multiple talents: a visionary talented, dynamic and versatile leader, who lives by the adage entrepreneur, a talented author, and a renowned speaker. “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” Upon completing his higher education He is also the author of the best-selling His life’s journey commenced rather unconventionally, when at the age of nine, in the United Kingdom and the United book, In The Sphere Of Silence, which he left home to live in an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines until he was 17. States of America, Eswaran worked in encapsulates his personal philosophy in Since then, Bismark has actively pursued an innate thirst for knowledge, and several blue-chip companies in Europe, attaining a fine balance between success excelled in his various interests as a vedic philosopher, yoga instructor, bonsai Canada, Australia, and the U.S. before and individual fulfilment. His most master, tai chi coach, a classical musician and even a martial arts exponent. returning to Asia in the early 1990s. He recent book, In The Thinking Zone, is a started a business venture with a small collection of his thoughts and reflections A founding director of the QI Group, Bismark assumed the role of Group Managing group of partners that soon transformed through a series of quotations aimed at Director in December 2008. His open and consultative management style is anchored itself into the multimillion-dollar global helping readers adopt a healthy attitude around the tenets of his vedic philosophies. conglomerate, the QI Group. The in dealing with day-to-day situations. multicultural organisation achieved A philanthropist at heart, Bismark is also a firm believer in spiritual growth acquired spectacular growth in its first decade Eswaran divides his time between Hong through meaningful service to humankind and devotes a significant part of his time spearheaded by his consensus-driven Kong, Malaysia, London, and Sydney and to the activities of RYTHM Foundation - the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of management style. provides strategic direction for the QI the QI Group. Group’s growth and global expansion. Eswaran is also a highly respected and Bismark is currently based in Singapore, from where he oversees the QI Group’s much in-demand motivational speaker To learn more about him and to business operations. who is well versed in subjects that read his blog, please visit his website range from spirituality, leadership and To share his musings and reflections on life, visit his blog at business innovation to economic affairs. His repertoire includes speeches at the Commonwealth Business Forum at CHOGM 2007 in Uganda, the Global Entrepreneur Summit in Singapore, the International Business and Leadership Symposium in Brussels, and Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, the global Indian Diaspora meet in India. 5 6
  4. 4. GUIDING VALUES In 1998, the QI Group was born from a diverse group of people of different nationalities and cultures united by a vision. It was a vision to create something that would change the lives of people everywhere. And in spite of their diversity, a common value system held them together and guided their road ahead. At the core of this unity was the inspiration of one man. A man whose teachings the founding team unanimously admired. A man whose teachings changed an entire generation, long before technology turned the world into a global village. That man was no other than the great Mahatma Gandhi. He had inspired a new generation of leaders, from Martin Luther King to Mandela to Aung San Suu Kyi. So perhaps it was apt that the four pillars of QI Group are derived from his teachings. Truth, Service, Care and Raising Oneself lies at the heart of all that we do. Inspired by Gandhi, they are meddled into the mettle of leadership that is being built at QI. TRUTH We believe that the first thing people should care to know Care, as per Gandhi’s teachings, is not just limited to fellow is the truth about themselves. Only then can they have the human beings. His concept of ahimsa can mean non-violence desire to change. This value translates itself into our but in a broader sense, it also means that all life is sacred. training programmes, literature and all our communication. We also constantly attempt to set higher standards of the At QI, we embrace this teaching by practicing vegetarianism, application of truth in all that we do. just as Gandhi did. But it is more than just a food choice, lifestyle statement or health preference. It is our statement SERVICE that all Life is Sacred. The second pillar is a fundamental value weaved into the fabric of our organisation. In-Service is a tagline inculcated RYTHM into all our companies and departments, all the way to It stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and is the most customer service. It is a statement of pride, as we believe important pillar and mission of the QI Group. In all its forms, that it is more than just a philosophy. It is a value that lives RYTHM is about recreating the message of Gandhi. It is our constantly at every moment of all our lives. corporate heartbeat that fuels our growth and it defines the purpose of our existence. Most of all, it continuously propels CARE us towards higher goals. This value takes life in the form of the RYTHM Foundation. We care for the communities where we live, operate and do These core values are the pillars that hold the QI Group business in. We work hand in hand with local communities — together and help it flourish. It brings us together, regardless of setting up free hospitals, providing medical care, homes for language, culture, creed or stature. It gives us a common goal the underprivileged, shelters for women or even ground — to achieve RYTHM. It’s the special magic that we attribute to support during disasters. Mahatma Gandhi. And at QI, this special magic has perpetually weaved its own brand of miracles amongst everyone in our family. 7 8
  5. 5. Luxury and Collectibles Qatana is QI’s luxury and collectibles division that has a BUSINESS LINES collection of brands considered to be the world’s best-kept secrets in terms of product excellence and artisanship. For example, CIMIER® timepieces are known for their technology and handcrafted designs. Meanwhile, CHAIROS® watches are renowned for their fashionable, sporty designs that complement a modern lifestyle. Other brands include Bernhard H. Mayer®, specialising in manufacturing high-quality jewellery and timepieces for a discerning clientele. JR Mayer Collections® is internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading numismatic companies, minting an exclusive range of coins and medallions. Armed with foresight, innovation and a collection of prestigious brands, Qatana is poised to make a lasting impression in the luxury goods sector. Telecommunications Following the acquisition of an independent UK-based telecommunications provider, QI has positioned itself strategically to penetrate the European telecom industry. Our investment provides end-to-end services tailored to meet the requirements of international telecommunications network operators and enterprises. These include systems integration, engineering services and advanced telco solutions. The team’s industry knowledge of new and emerging technologies plus its competitive rates will go a long way towards strengthening our presence in this area. Lifestyle and Leisure Direct Selling - E-commerce QI’s lifestyle division embraces the concept of living life to Which is why Q Lifestyle offers a wide range of services Direct selling is a key business of the Group. Operating on the fullest. We believe that work and play should co-exist, such as vacation club memberships, hotels and holiday an e-commerce platform, we provide customers with a and good times spent together can bring both family and resorts, spas and wellness centres, leisure travel, and diverse range of products and services that help them build an friends closer. entertainment. They all provide opportunities for people to innovative and self-efficient business. relax, unwind and have a good time. QuestNet is our flagship subsidiary with a network marketing business model that supports Independent Representatives Training and Conference (IRs) and retail customers with a structured training Management programme, marketing seminars and conferences. We arm them with essential tools to facilitate a start-up business. The V is QI’s training arm that consists of a professional team of trainers Today, we have more than five million IRS and retail offering customised training and customers operating globally. Property Development support to international entrepreneurs through global marketing events, From luxury villas to holiday resorts and hotels, QI is also network management and development aggressively investing in property development. programmes. Our team works closely with prominent architects and The V’s flagship event is the V-Convention. development consultants. This venture has enabled us to The largest global event within the begin work in developing high-end residential properties Group, it converges participants from targeted at discerning investors and homeowners. over 30 countries for an intense four-day training programme. Today, the fruits of this labour can be found in the Group’s flagship development, a 167-acre luxury resort nestled in To date, The V has organised 12 highly Kuala Rompin in Peninsular Malaysia. successful V-Conventions in various East African and Asian capitals. Smaller scale regional conventions are organised at least once a month in different parts of the world. 9 10
  6. 6. RECENT INVESTMENTS At QI, we believe that growing is an essential part of existing. Which is why we are constantly expanding organically into various new segments through strategic investments around the world. QI Asset Management is the mergers and acquisitions arm of the QI Group. It serves the financial needs of the group’s subsidiaries and explores new business opportunities for the group locally and internationally. QI Asset Management also provides the group’s newly established companies with a broad range of financial services specially tailored to their needs, including business loans, credit, and financial management. Luxury Timepiece Manufacturing When QI acquired CIMIER®, an 85-year old watch manufacturer based in Zug, Switzerland, the acquisition facilitated the full cycle of in-house design of its luxury timepieces, including other exclusive brands in the stable – Bernhard H. Mayer®, CHAIROS®, and the coin timepiece series produced under the JR Mayer Collections® label. QI’s luxury timepiece manufacturing division adopts an integrated production flow management under the strict supervision of skilled artisans. Each timepiece offers the best in performance and value for future generations. 13 14
  7. 7. RECENT INVESTMENTS Lifestyle Hotels and Resorts Lifestyle Resort in Thailand QI recently renovated a five-star resort rechristened as Prana Resorts & Spa, a multimillion-dollar investment in one of Thailand’s most popular holiday destinations, Koh Samui. QI’s newest jewel in the crown is the world’s first international hotel chain to embrace vegetarianism and is also home to a world-class, all-vegetarian restaurant, Amala Restaurant. The resort also houses the Amezcua Wellness Centre, a QI subsidiary and award-winning health spa. The environmentally- conscious resort runs on solar power with green conservation programmes that revolve around the practice and ideology of wellness from within. Travel Agency The launch of Bonvo Travel heralded a new beginning for QI in the travel, resort and vacation industry. Bonvo Travel is a premier, full-fledged travel agency that provides comprehensive and personalised travel services. Registered with the Singapore Tourism Board, Bonvo’s three divisions include Bonvo Corporate, Bonvo Conferences and Bonvo Channel Sales, which involves the distribution of travel products through reward and redemption programmes. Beach Resort Suites in Patong, Thailand QI has invested in a number of suites within the Patong Tower Condominium in Thailand’s vibrant beachside holiday destination, Patong. The investment allows thousands of members of the company’s subsidiary, QVI Club, to embrace the idyllic beach playground with access to luxury rooms in one of the few high-rise resorts in Patong. 15 16 17
  8. 8. RECENT INVESTMENTS RECENT INVESTMENTS Eco Tourism in Malaysia With expertise in the leisure and hospitality industry, QI has now embarked on its most ambitious project: a 167-acre luxury resort in Kuala Rompin. The planned resort, costing an estimated US$28.1 million, is designed to allow visitors to appreciate Kuala Rompin’s natural beauty. The resort, featuring a combination of beachfront villas and bungalows, is advantageously planned Wellness Health Spas to promote eco-tourism. Phase One of the project will see the development of 14 acres of the property The Amezcua Wellness Centre was born with the aim housing 200 rooms, cluster villas, and a spa managed of directing QI’s already strong standing in the wellness by QI’s Amezcua Wellness Centre. Other attractions industry into a luxury chain of health spas. planned include an infinity pool facing the South China Sea and a beautiful scenic view of the river Every Amezcua Wellness Centre offers a comprehensive water flowing from the 200 million-year old Rompin approach to health care, combining integrative screening Forest Reserve. procedures, wellness therapies, spa treatments and fitness activities. The development of the health spas has proved to be highly fruitful, with phenomenal growth that has garnered accolades, namely two consecutive nominations as Medi-Spa of the Year in the Baccarat AsiaSpa Awards 2008 and 2007, where Amezcua shares top billing with the region’s finest players in the industry. Such recognition has come with commendations for Amezcua’s implementation of high quality standards and innovation, unique business concept, the use of purely natural ingredients and treatments and service excellence. 18 19 20
  9. 9. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS Member of Commonwealth Business Council The QI Group is a member of the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC). The CBC provides leadership in increasing international trade and investment flow, creating new business opportunities, promoting good governance and corporate social responsibility. It helps integrate developing countries into the global market and is the voice of the private sector in the commonwealth and beyond. It plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the public and private sector, small and large businesses, and developed and developing markets. Mr Richard Zinkiewicz, Director of International Operations, and Mr Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, presenting the CHOGM Medallion to President Museveni of Uganda. Based in London, it has an extensive rapport The extensive range of international with the 53 Commonwealth governments, conferences, forums, special receptions giving members a unique opportunity for and focused working groups give ample dialogue with these governments. It has opportunity for members to discuss issues been working with governments and the of common interest. QI joins other illustrious private sector to stimulate the investment CBC members such as Standard Chartered climate, contributing to some impressive Bank, MTN Group, Coca-Cola, Virgin Atlantic economic growth achievements. and more. 21 22
  10. 10. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS East Africa International Business Forum The Arab-Americas-Asia- With its expanding business investments in Africa, QI sponsored Africa Business Summit the East Africa International Business Forum (EAIBF) The Arab-Americas-Asia-Africa (AAAA) Business Summit 2008 organised by the Commonwealth Business Council in examines the role of South-South Cooperation for Greater association with the Government of the Republic of Rwanda. Economic Growth. The EAIBF provided various Heads of Government, senior Amidst the global financial crisis, the 2009 Summit in Dubai ministers and prominent business leaders from all over the addressed the role of new economic factors in emerging world with networking opportunities and active participation economies in driving development and wealth creation. in various round-table sessions. QI was the Principal Sponsor of the summit. Some key topics QI was acknowledged and recognised as a potential investor, included how emerging nations can increase investment alongside other international investors from the United inflows, trade and capacity in sectors that allow them to States, Germany and France, in assisting to improve the create a sustainable competitive advantage. It also addressed investment climate in East Africa. Commonwealth Heads of Government the subject of financing for infrastructure development, as well as resource mobilisation, managing food price rises Meeting (CHOGM) and the role of businesses in supporting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) Call to Action. CHOGM is the summit featuring heads of government from all Commonwealth nations. It meets every two years to With the current economic crunch and realignment of the discuss matters of common interest, development policies, axis of power, the third world is indeed coming into its own. and advance initiatives to benefit the Commonwealth’s Hence, South-South cooperation is more significant than it miscellaneous membership. has ever been. As a global company based out of Asia, with key markets in Middle East and Africa, QI’s support of In 2007, QuestNet was accredited by CHOGM as a partner for the AAAA Summit is in line with its strategic vision. the summit’s commemorative medallion programme and as a Forum sponsor at the Commonwealth Business Forum. The forum focused on the African continent as a burgeoning B.H. Mayer’s Mint in Germany Commonwealth investment destination. The positive environment for networking and the support of African The Mayer Mint is a private master mint founded by Bernard leaders encouraged QI to become one of the first foreign Mr Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman H. Mayer in Pforzheim, Germany in 1871. B.H. Mayer had investors to expand its business services in Africa. with President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. dedicated his time to collecting knowledge in minting, precious metals and production, later using it to develop Mayer Mint’s reputation as “Europe’s Finest Privately Owned Mint”. It was even the official manufacturer of medallions for the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Today, it boasts 5 generations of experience in the gold related industry and the manufacturing of exquisite jewellery and timepieces. QI has a strategic partnership with B.H Mayer’s Mint and has Director of Investment Management, produced coin programmes for institutions such as the Food Mr Kuna Senathirajah with President and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the Paul Kagame of Rwanda, at EAIBF. Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan and the Central Bank of Oman, among others. 23 24
  11. 11. BUILDING A GLOBAL BRAND Ambition is the tool that all leaders use to lead others to excel. Business is a very human endeavour. Innovative business leaders recognise that successful brands are built by people – creative employees, loyal customers and committed partnerships. With optimism and a carefully constructed business plan, QI set the stage globally by shaping its profile pragmatically. The game plan – feed the entrepreneurial calling of individuals with a solid support system – was a win-win proposition. QI, which literally translated from Taoism means “energy of life,” fosters a positive corporate image by investing in meaningful socio-civic projects and sponsorship programmes collaboratively with international organisations. Today, QI supports a multitude of successful business ventures with a single-minded vision: To champion a global village of entrepreneurs with proper guidance, counsel, training, support and patronage. 25 26
  12. 12. BUILDING A GLOBAL BRAND SHOWCASING CREATIVITY International Timepiece Exhibitions Entrepreneurial companies like QI often maintain a diversified portfolio of assets and enjoy profitable and synergistic relationships that complement the business as a whole. Since 2006, QI has attended Baselworld in Switzerland. Which is commonly acknowledged as the top-ranked timepiece trade show and birthplace of new trends, attracting the finest luxury timepiece manufacturers. When the company unveiled its newest acquisition, Swiss timepiece brand CIMIER®, at Baselworld 2008, it was accorded luxury status. CIMIER® distinguished itself with a stellar collection of ladies’ timepieces and its exclusive Seven Seas collection. 27 28
  13. 13. BUILDING A GLOBAL BRAND International Coin Exhibitions QI’s strategic partnership with B.H. Mayer’s Mint in Germany expanded business opportunities for both companies on a global scale. The ability to control, monitor and maintain the highest levels of manufacturing excellence has seen QI’s numismatic company, JR Mayer Collections®, displaying fine quality coins and medallions in major coin exhibitions around the world to much acclaim. QI representatives unfailingly attend the World’s Fair of Money coordinated by the American Numismatic Association (ANA). And over the years, QI has exhibited its exquisite coin collection at numerous events: 1999 – Present World’s Fair of Money, American Numismatic Association (ANA) Congress, USA 1999 Beijing Numismatic Coin Congress 2000 Basel Coin Convention, Switzerland Guangzhou Numismatic Coin Congress, China 2001 Asian Coin Convention, Singapore 2002 Kuala Lumpur Money Fair, Malaysia 2003 17th Singapore International Coin Show, Singapore Singapore Collectible Fair, Singapore 2004 Beijing International Coin Exposition, China 2006 World Money Fair Berlin, Germany 2007 World Money Fair Berlin, Germany Beijing International Coin Exposition, China 2008 World Money Fair Berlin, Germany Beijing International Coin Exposition, China 29 30
  14. 14. BUILDING A GLOBAL BRAND Tun Abdullah Badawi, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, and Mr Kuna Senathirajah, Director of Investment Management, officiating a GP2 event. ENTERTAINING ASIA NURTURING CHAMPIONS Disney On Ice Since 2005, QI has been bringing the popular Disney princesses are fulfilled. QI has also invested in promoting local Team QI-Meritus QI-IBF highly popular Disney On Ice (DOI) shows Each Disney production is an unforgettable artists in various countries, including a to Asia, transporting children and event, with its high-energy music, concert headlined by up-and-coming If the science of building a brand is an art, then motor racing QI’s pledge to help build champions was also extended to families to magical landscapes with glittering sets and dramatic choreography. Iranian artists at the Iranian New Year is a spectacle of sight, speed and sound that can propel a badminton. QI’s title sponsorship of the Badminton World The Lion King, Cinderella, Peter Pan celebrations in Dubai in 2007. brand to greater heights. Championships held in Birmingham, England, in 2003 and and The Little Mermaid. Holiday On Ice in Madrid, Spain, in 2006 capitalised on the company’s Shaolin Warriors QI pursued motor sports with a resolute mission: To promote commitment to the pursuit of excellence. In 2009, QI continued its relationship Charged with the success of Disney On Ice, the QI brand globally. In 2006, QI allied itself with the with DOI with the spectacular Princess QI presented the world’s undisputed leader Malaysian-based Team Meritus to become its title sponsor. It affirmed our belief in empowering individuals by creating Wishes series that beautifully recreates in ice entertainment, Holiday On Ice. A year later, QI sponsored Team Meritus for the Formula BMW opportunities for athletes and encouraging the spirit of the moments when the wishes of seven For more than 60 years, Holiday On Ice Pacific series under the team’s new official name: QI-Meritus. camaraderie and friendly rivalry. has captivated audiences around the world. The show, reputedly the world’s In 2008, new drivers joined Team QI-Meritus.Mahara (the sole largest touring live entertainment full-fledged Asian team) for the GP2 Series in Asia and the Samba in Switzerland production, averages a tour of 110 cities Middle East. GP2, commonly referred to as the training ground across 20 countries annually. to F1, opened its second season in Shanghai before moving Once every four years, the whole world engages in a show to Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar and Malaysia. like no other — the FIFA World Cup™. In 2006, QI got into the action by sponsoring the “Samba in Switzerland” football camp And in 2005, appreciative audiences QI’s crowning glory in the performing arts for the Brazilian world football championship team. in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, was its 2006 sponsorship of the Shaolin Singapore, and Hong Kong were treated Warriors’ debut in Hong Kong. Shaolin The football camp served as a resource in improving the game to a breathtaking show after a 17-year Warriors is a theatrical performance at grassroots level with underprivileged young and aspiring hiatus in Asia. based on the lives of Shaolin monks. footballers. The sponsorship also coincided with QI’s launch The show covered a remarkable Kung Fu Mr JR Mayer, Director of Business Development, activities in the Brazilian market. presenting an exclusive Bernhard H. Mayer® watch International Concerts display, the Buddhist meditation custom to Hip Hop superstar Akon in Malaysia. and martial arts training during the Rap and rock and business? QI’s venture coldest and hottest times of the year. into music concert sponsorship is part of a larger investment to raise awareness The Shaolin Warriors toured from 2000 to of its various business entities and to 2004 and earned rave reviews in China, transition its corporate profile to a young Australia, North America and New Zealand. generation of future entrepreneurs. Audiences were delighted with their acrobatic skills and came away with a In 2007, QuestNet sponsored the better understanding of the doctrines of Malaysian leg of rap superstar Akon’s the “Unity of Zen and Martial Arts.” Mr Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, presenting soccer superstar Ronaldinho concert. And in 2008, the baby boomer with an exclusive watch from the generation was treated to a concert by Bernhard H. Mayer® collection. multiple Grammy Award-winning Toto, in conjunction with the Formula One season. 31 32
  15. 15. CORPORATE HEARTBEAT Since its inception, philanthropy has been part of QI’s DNA, and the The aim of the RYTHM Foundation is to contribute to the sustainable economic As an inherent part of its corporate policy, QI also practices and promotes concept of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) is the guiding development of communities and help improve people’s quality of life. vegetarianism as a means to raising awareness of the benefits of a healthy principle in all that we do. It is not merely about implementing a platform, but more critically, it is about vegetarian diet. Vegetarian meals are served at all QI corporate events and demonstrating impact, measuring it and functions. communicating an evocative message. After years of providing aid and donations to worthwhile causes, QI works in alliance with a number of QI established the RYTHM Foundation to serve as the company’s international institutions, foundations and socio-civic groups such as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm. Soedirman Hospital in Indonesia, the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth, the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International and the Food and Agriculture Fondly referred to as QI’s ‘corporate heartbeat’, RYTHM Foundation Organisation of the United Nations. is the enabler of the Group’s charitable endeavours and represents QI’s spirit, compassion and dedication to serving the communities in which it operates around the world. 33 34
  16. 16. Projects in the Philippines When typhoons ruined parts of Luzon, the RYTHM Foundation was among the first to respond. PHP 1 million was donated to the ABS-CBN Foundation for its ‘Sagip Kapamilya’ project as relief aid for 75,000 families in 88 areas in the affected regions. To meet societal needs, the Foundation, through its global technology subsidiary Quest Technologies, also raised funds for schoolchildren in Mindanao. It sponsored the ‘Gitara, Lapis, Atbp’ project, an educational campaign to send impoverished children to elementary school, spearheaded by the Philippines RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) is Business For Social Progress. the driving force that propels QI. The RYTHM The Foundation’s donation and financial aid from private donors also enabled us to improve the academic performance Foundation is a charitable trust registered in of children in The Taguig Project which supported 60 children to attend non-profit private schools with full scholarships. Hong Kong designed to serve as a code of belief The project focused on supporting the development of schools that transcends every strata of the company. towards self-sustainability, alleviating poverty of the squatter The Foundation works in concert with a wide cross-section community, enhancing community-building initiatives and of partners — governments, charity foundations, the private improving health needs of the Taguig community in Metro Manila. The focus of RYTHM Foundation spreads sector and non-profit organisations — in accelerating the across four key concerns: momentum, scale and sustainability of change. In critical situations, it acts as a catalyst between generous partners • The promotion of education. and the underprivileged. • The reduction and ultimately, elimination of poverty. • Protection and care for the environment. The Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) recently • Providing disaster relief. awarded RYTHM Foundation the Caring Company Logo for the third consecutive year. The award is given to Hong Kong-based companies in appreciation of the initiatives demonstrating good corporate citizenship. The scope of assistance, support and rehabilitation Support for the African Nation of Uganda administered by RYTHM Foundation goes beyond merely signing cheques. The Foundation members live and breathe RYTHM Foundation recently made three separate donations to their responsibility to mankind. three worthy charity organisations of the Republic of Uganda, totalling USD 30,000. For example, the Foundation’s manager lives within the Philippine squatter community of Taguig to help oversee the ongoing work of RYTHM Foundation within the community, administering free nutritious meals, providing education and ensuring the sustainability of the community. Plus, all QI subsidiaries engage in routine charitable initiatives, in which employees give to the needy of their own community, visit charities and bring necessities and joy. The RYTHM Foundation has undertaken numerous projects and initiatives all over the world. Mr Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, presenting a token to Her Majesty Queen Sylvia Nagginda of Buganda The donations were the beginning of an ongoing commitment to improve the lives of Africans and assist the continent’s development. The three charities to benefit from the donations were Her Majesty Queen Sylvia Nagginda of Buganda’s Nnabagereka Development Trust Foundation; Her Excellency, Mrs Janet Museveni, the First Lady of Uganda’s UWESO (Ugandan Women’s Effort to Save Orphans) Foundation; and ‘Think Tank’ of the Makerere University Private Sector Forum, under the patronage of Governor Emmanuel Mutebile of Bank of Uganda. 35 36
  17. 17. RYTHM FOUNDATION Helping to spread goodness in Sri Lanka The Foundation is a supporter of the Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka, which works in the region in and around the village of Seenigama, a two-hour drive from Colombo. In 2004, the tsunami deluged the village and since then, The Foundation has been working with local supporters to rebuild the region. In 2009, the Foundation also partnered with the Foundation of Goodness in sponsoring the Village Heartbeat project. The project aims to address the key areas of need in the rural community. These include learning English, computer training, libraries, women’s enterprise, youth developments, children’s goodness clubs and a cottage for volunteers who are willing to share their expertise and help develop the village. The Foundation has since made a significant donation towards this community and also the 30 sectors currently serving 20,000 beneficiaries from 25 villages in the Seenigama region. Projects in India Support in Vietnam and Cambodia Through integrated partnerships with philanthropic institutions Support for Autistic Children in Hong Kong and QI’s Indian subsidiary, QuestNet India, RYTHM Foundation supports various charities in India. This includes the Sivasakthi RYTHM Foundation’s long-term association with the Rainbow Home for Mentally Challenged Children in Chennai. The Foundation Project in Hong Kong has helped the special education needs also administers annual fundraising events in aid of the Home. of autistic children. Most recently, RYTHM Foundation supported UNICEF’s commitment A team from QuestNet, under the auspices of the Foundation, in helping the victims and survivors of the 2008 fatal floods in participates in Rainbow Trek, the 25km fundraising walk along North Bihar (India). The enormity of the devastation is ongoing, the trail starting from the famous Hong Kong Peak. In 2006, with almost 4.57 million people displaced and infrastructure HKD 50,000 was raised by the Foundation. destroyed. Long-term and sustainable action is crucial to the flood-ravaged community. The Foundation has also raised funds for a new classroom for autistic children at Island School. More recently, it also Hence, RYTHM Foundation’s Trustee personally met with donated to the Rainbow Project for a new classroom at a representatives of UNICEF Bihar to present USD 30,000 in secondary school in the New Territories. support of its emergency programmes. Presently, the Foundation also continues to work with UNICEF towards similar relief and support programmes in the state. Mr Joseph Bismark, Group Managing Director, and Ms Donna Imson, Director of Network Affairs, presenting a cheque to First Lady Madam Bunrani Hun Sen of Cambodia. In 2005, the RYTHM Foundation made a cash donation to the First Secretary of the Social Republic of Vietnam in Cambodia and the President of the Vietnamese Association based in Cambodia. The donation was in support of more than 200 Vietnamese and Cambodian families who had lost their homes and properties in a Mr Richard Zinkiewicz, Director of bushfire in the outskirts of Phnom Penh. International Operations, (left photo) and Ms Donna Imson, Director of Network Affairs and RYTHM Foundation The Foundation’s trustees also presented a cheque to First Lady Trustee, (right photo) supporting the Madam Bunrani Hun Sen, the Chairperson of the Red Cross in children of the Rainbow Project. Mr Bernhard H. Mayer, RYTHM Mr Magandran Rajadurai, Director of Foundation Trustee, presenting a Finance And Administration, presenting a Cambodia, for projects undertaken by the voluntary organisation cheque to UNICEF. wheelchair at a Blood Donation Camp. in rural Cambodia. 37 38
  18. 18. RYTHM FOUNDATION Tsunami Rehabilitation in Southeast Asia Earthquake Relief in Yogyakarta, Indonesia When an earthquake hit central Java in 2006, the Foundation let its actions do the talking. Volunteers were sent to Yogyakarta to set up relief camps and provide victims with food, blankets, medical supplies and essentials. It also made a donation to the Sultan of Yogyakarta for rehabilitation projects. Partnerships with World Vision A pledge to young ones Aiding typhoon victims in The Philippines One of QI Group’s underlying beliefs is that children are a The world watched in horror as Typhoon Ondoy (recognised sacred part of our future and hence, deserve the right to grow by international code name, Ketsana), packed with maximum up in a safe and supportive environment. In conjunction with wind speeds of up to 110 kph, brought a month’s rain in less its 11th year anniversary celebration, the QI Group, under the than seven hours, flooding 80 percent of Metro Manila and nearby QuestNet Pays Forward Programme and RYTHM Foundation, provinces, leaving hundreds dead and thousands displaced. In December 2005, the region was left battered by a tsunami formed a two-year commitment with World Vision, a non-profit with far and destructive consequences. But in its aftermath, child-focused emergency, relief, development and advocacy With water levels rising, time was short, and flood victims were the RYTHM Foundation executed an action plan to assist in the organisation, to provide 121 impoverished children in 11 far too many. RYTHM Foundation, recognising the severity of recovery and rehabilitation of these disaster-stricken countries. Ms Donna Imson, RYTHM Foundation countries with education opportunities, health care and support the situation after receiving word that many QI employees and Trustee, distributing essential items at a systems. This, to date, is the most wide-spread corporate customers in The Philippines were among the severely affected, It mobilised a team of volunteers to Sri Lanka’s coastal areas relief camp in Yogyakarta. partnership in the history of World Vision. hurriedly responded to World Vision’s urgent call for help by with relief material and financial aid. The Foundation also setting up a Typhoon Ondoy 5-5-5 Emergency Fund under the committed USD 1 million for long-term rehabilitation projects. Leveraging on World Vision’s advanced local-level knowledge QuestNet Pays Forward Programme. Under this program, a and support infrastructure, RYTHM Foundation was able to donation of 5,000 Pesos covers the emergency relief needs of In Thailand, it raised much-needed funds and provided relief identify 11 children in poverty-stricken conditions from 11 of a family of 5 for 5 days. workers with clothes, medical supplies, and necessities. The the programme’s targeted countries and donate USD 110,000 Foundation also donated THB 10 million to the Thai Prime for their benefit. The targeted countries are Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, The appeal for contributions resulted in generous donations Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund for relief operations in six Tajikistan, Indonesia and India, just to name a few. pouring in from QI employees and Independent Representatives coastal provinces. from across the globe. This uniquely designed programme is tailored to meet the QI’s Indian subsidiary, QuestNet India, also raised funds specific needs of each child, and ensures that all participants Trustees and volunteers from RYTHM Foundation joined World through the Rupee-for-Rupee campaign to buy clothes, are actively engaged in its planning and implementation, so Vision as they conducted relief response by air to reach 20,000 medical supplies and food for the affected. QuestNet India that the beneficiaries get the most out of the sponsorship. families in the hardest hit areas of Marikina, Pasig, Rizal and contributed an equal amount for every Rupee contributed by This helps foster self-sufficiency within the community, and also Cainta. World Vision, in partnership with the Philippine Coast a customer or an employee for the campaign. ensures the long-term sustainability of the benefits resulting Guard and the Local Government Unit, was the first NGO from the sponsorship, even long after it ends. to provide airlifted relief goods to the hundreds of families In Indonesia, where the tsunami’s effect was at its worse, trapped on their rooftops without food or water, after their funds raised from QI customers and employees were donated homes had been wrecked or submerged by the violent storm. Mr. Bernhard H. Mayer, RYTHM Foundation to a development organisation working on the rehabilitation Trustee visiting Yogyakarta relief camp. of victims in the Banda Aceh area, the village nearest to the The Foundation also provided aid in many other ways; epicentre of the earthquake. volunteers were deployed to set up a help desk and collect relief goods for distribution to evacuation centres, doctors from the Amezcua Wellness Centre were sent on medical missions to treat the injured, and the QI Group’s facilities were opened up to the public as shelter, and as a place to treat the wounded. While the storm had swept away homes and loved ones, our volunteers worked tirelessly to bring ashore one thing that would help these victims rebuild their lives – hope. 39 40
  19. 19. KEY PROJECTS In support of the arts Building and empowering communities The Foundation works closely with the Temple of Fine Arts Projects in collaboration with TV3 Bersamamu in Malaysia to sponsor various cultural events in the country. Some of the key projects have included a musical evening In partnership with TV3, the Foundation has assisted numerous with World Music Exponent Prem Joshua and a dance and families and individuals via the TV channel’s Bersamamu music extravaganza titled ‘JumpStart’ which was a collaboration initiative. Volunteers from Vijayaratnam Foundation have between Malaysian and international artistes. visited families of those in need to assess their needs and provide the necessary support. TV3 has filmed all the activities involved in this outreach programme for broadcast on local news networks. CSR with Questnet Malaysia Under the QuestNet Pays Forward Programme, and in association with QuestNet Malaysia, Vijayaratnam Foundation sponsored tickets for 600 children from various orphanages in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, providing them with a chance to watch the GP2 race held at the Sepang International Circuit. The Foundation also sponsored tickets for 40 children from Rumah Kasih in Petaling Jaya and Rumah Bakti in Ulu Kelang, to watch the Disney On Ice Princess Wishes show which was sponsored by QuestNet Malaysia in March 2009. This project Empowering individuals through education was yet another successful effort under the QuestNet Pays Forward Programme. Rescue Project This project with the Hindu Youth Organisation (HYO) in Port Executive Chairman of the QI Group, Klang focuses on underachieving secondary school students. The Foundation supports the project by empowering, assisting Vijay Eswaran, established the Vijayaratnam and motivating these students to improve and fulfill their potential. RESCUE stands for Realise, Empower, Self-Esteem, Foundation as the Malaysian Chapter of Committed, United and Education, and these are the core values of the programme. RESCUE identifies underachievers the RYTHM Foundation to continue the at the Form 1 level and administers various empowerment and academic programmes for them every Friday evening at the philanthropic activities started 60 years ago HYO hostel. This programme is designed to run over a period by his father, Mr. S. Vijayaratnam. of three years and will help these students build themselves holistically. The Foundation has close ties with the • Developing and implementing its own In partnership with the Education Welfare & Research RYTHM Foundation but works on an projects. Foundation (EWRF) independent mission: Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities. • Giving grants to civil societies that The EWRF is a non-profit, voluntary organisation founded in adhere to the Foundation’s mission 1979. Its C3G Skills Training Initiative aims to create awareness The Foundation focuses on building of enhancing human capital and of the skills training opportunities available to Malaysian youth human capital and is committed to the capacity building. and encourage their participation in these trainings. social empowerment of individuals, to help them raise themselves and • Collaborations with the public sector, Vijayaratnam Foundation jointly funded the initiative along with contribute to their families, communities private sector, civil society and Astro Vanavil and the MCEF. and society. It creates these positive philanthropic community. changes by: Education Loans The Foundation focuses on three main areas: education, community As of 2009, the Foundation has awarded education loans worth development and arts and culture. over RM1.5 million to deserving students all over the country to study for professional degrees in International Universities. 41 42