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Indians 6


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Published in: Education
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Indians 6

  1. 1. Fourth Grade Social Studies Sandra White, Jana School Click to go to Teacher Page Click to go to First Activity Native Americans
  2. 2. Teacher Page Fourth Grade Social Studies Content Standards Addressed : The student will demonstrate a knowledge of continuity and change in the history of Missouri, the US, and the world. The student will write standard English. Teaching Tips : The students should record their responses in their journals prior to class discussion. It would be advisable for the teacher to use this lesson after teaching about the Plains Indians in North America. Back Forward
  3. 3. Activity One How did the way of life of many of the Native Americans change when they obtained horses? ________________________________ _________________________________ _______________________________
  4. 4. Answers may vary. The students should state that the way of life of many of the Native Americans changed when they obtained horses because hunting the buffalo became easier and faster. Before they had horses they used dogs to perform many of their tasks. Dogs were often unreliable and were not as strong or fast as horses. Many of the farming Native Americans changed their way of life to hunt the buffalo. Click the horse to advance
  5. 5. <ul><li>Activity Two </li></ul><ul><li>Which of the following is an example of European influence over the early Native Americans? </li></ul><ul><li>Native Americans using fish as a fertilizer </li></ul><ul><li>Native Americans using guns to hunt the buffalo </li></ul><ul><li>Native Americans having a tribal council to settle disputes </li></ul>
  6. 6. The correct answer is……….. “ Native Americans using guns to hunt the buffalo” The End