Rating Scale Rubric


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Sample of rating scale rubric and its application inside the classroom.

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Rating Scale Rubric

  1. 1. PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS FORM Student Name: Teacher Name: ACTIVITY 4: First Year High School Educational Goal: The students will be able to solve 5 problems involving rational numbers correctly using the MDAS rule. Performance Task Content Illustrating Student Progress Date • SOLVING Mathematical problems involving rational The students will solve 5 problems involving rational numbers using: numbers correctly using the MDAS rule a. Addition b. Subtraction c. Multiplication d. Division e. Involving one variable Summary/ Comments:
  2. 2. Topic: Mathematics- Solving Rational Numbers Type of Rubric: Rating Scale Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to solve 5 problems involving rational numbers correctly using the MDAS rule. Achievement Beginner Novice Intermediate Mastery Total related behavior criteria 1 2 3 4 Includes correct Includes correct computations computations Computation shows no Includes computations but Computation evidence of mostly incorrect Shows at least two correct Shows multiple correct understanding computational approaches computational approaches Clear and organized method. Unable to generate Begins but fails to Begins in a reasonable Approach to the staregies in solving the complete the problem way but doesn’t finish or The methods and equations problem problem leaves out important parts can stand alone. of the solution. Demonstrates thinking with a clear, sequential Expalnation to the Expalnation of the Explanation is basic and Explanation explanation. problem is confusing or process is unclear or lacks ellaboration. non-existent. incomplete. Clear explanation of the entire process and solution. Excellent understanding of the problem. Attempts, but Shows minimal Demonstrates Understanding demonstrates no understanding of the understanding of the Shows and explains more understanding of the problem. problem. than what is required. problem. Organization of Lacks organization of Disorganized approach to Work demonstrates some Work is clearly organized. thought. the problem. organization And shows the step-by-step Thought process of solving the problem TOTAL SCORE
  3. 3. TRY-OUT EVALUATION: 1. Is there an alignment between the Objectives and the Rubrics? 2. Is it understandable? 3. Are the Descriptors really evaluating the criteria? 4. Comments: Evaluated By: _____________________________________