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Discover how paperless accounts payable software from MetaViewer can streamline your office workflow paperless accounts payable http://www.metaviewer.com/ittrium/visit/A1x2b0x1x79y1x406x1x67

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Ap Brochure

  1. 1. Paperless AP from MetaViewer. It’s a collaborative hoorah.
  2. 2. Hoorahs all around– once everyone HOORAH starts sharing the efficiencies of No more paper cuts. paperless transactions. It begins with a single keystroke. Instantly, MetaViewer provides full visibility to all HOORAH documents from source to settlement– Discovering the both internally and externally. By “net” works for everyone. eliminating repetitive processes, the MetaViewer document management solution provides greater efficiencies for you and your vendors. (Hoorah) So you’re free to focus on what you do best: managing vendor relations HOORAH “Filing Day” and improving cash flow. now called “Vendor Day. ”
  3. 3. Let the hoorahs begin. HOORAH Hoorah: full visibility. Paper trails From purchase order to payment to archiving and back, MetaViewer without the gives you full visibility to all related documents. You get more control paper. over the process, decreased variability and automated approval routing. Simply put, no other document management solution offers all this. Search and compare documents from multiple sources on the fly. MetaViewer captures both electronic and scanned documents, using full-text indexing, so you can quickly search and compare documents from multiple sources—anywhere, anytime. This helps reduce your risk for invoice fraud and duplication by automatically examining each invoice against the master vendor file and established boundaries. (Clapping) Automatic workflow routing and documentation helps ensure compliance. From a wide range of requirements—including Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA—MetaViewer creates an electronic “paper” trail for every transaction, which notifies you when a document has changed and where bottlenecks may exist. Also if disaster were to strike, MetaViewer is one powerful recovery tool. Your documents are safe and available in seconds via the Internet. Now that’s definitely something to cheer about. Gain more visibility within your organization. MetaViewer will make you and your department look good by automatically capturing invoice data and line item details for better expense management. By making documents and data more readily available, you can capitalize on early payment discounts and reduce your invoice processing costs. You’re making a real strategic contribution to the bottom line. With all this newfound visibility, you can’t help but leave a real impression on your CFO. Hoorah: the efficiencies of paperless transactions. Efficiencies that add up to more control, consistency and discounts. As a self-managed process, MetaViewer speeds up internal approvals whether someone is down the hall or around the world. Just knowing where you are in your payables gives you a better chance to capture payment discounts and proactively propose early payment terms. For your staff, the efficiencies really add up with streamlined processes, improved workflow, decreased errors and maximized productivity. The hours (or days) it used to take to complete these manual tasks are now spent focused on higher-level objectives like improving vendor relations. By submitting invoices electronically through the MetaViewer Vendor Portal, your vendors can also share in the efficiencies of paperless transactions. You have total control in defining who has access to what. In fact, you can even alert vendors of current status of each invoice via the portal or email. The result? Happier vendors. And a happier you, once you realize the number of vendor calls you’ve eliminated. (Loud cheers)
  4. 4. Search by any account or transaction variable. Immediately retrieve all related documents. Click on an item to view the full image. Predefined fields are filled in Approvers can assign codes, to confirm correct document. add notes and return the invoice automatically for settlement. Hit “Route” to send an invoice on for approval.
  5. 5. Now for the really big hoorah. MetaViewer makes you look good. With full-text indexing capabilities, MetaViewer captures all data from a document with 100% accuracy and integrates into your accounting system—eliminating the tedium and errors associated with manual data entry. As a result, you’re able to capture vendor discounts and increase staff efficiency. With your operations streamlined, you’re now free to focus on the “big picture”—like managing vendor relations and improving cash flow. Reduce average cost per invoice. Do more with existing resources. MetaViewer eliminates the costly–and Slash the number of tedious–paper shuffle AP vendor calls per week. departments have always Why spend valuable staff time been known for. answering phones (and chasing paper) when you and your vendors have immediate visibility to all transaction-related documents via the MetaViewer Vendor Portal? Capture early discounts. Invoices arrive electronically and go directly into your accounting system. Routing is automatic with customized approval deadlines and escalation triggers. With MetaViewer, your invoices are ready for payment when you are.
  6. 6. Get everyone in on the hoorahs. It all starts with enlisting your vendors in the automated workflow. Segment your master vendor file using the 80/20 principle—whether it’s number of invoices, total value of invoice or whatever is key to your company and AP process. Beginning with the top tier, explain to them why and how to submit invoices electronically. Getting your vendors involved is fairly straightforward. (Remember, you’re the customer.) Invite them to register on your MetaViewer Vendor Portal and watch the synergies grow. Because it’s a self-service process, vendors can submit order confirmations, invoices and other transaction documents electronically, system-to-system without scanning or rekeying. They can view and track receivables, anywhere, anytime. You’re in the driver seat. You have total control over who has access to what. Notify your vendor on the status of the transaction via the portal or email at any step during the process. Even let them review any pertinent documents. And now that they’re able to resolve disputes on their own, there’s fewer vendor calls to deal with. (Loud cheers)
  7. 7. Think easy. Think MetaViewer. All it takes is one key on your application interface—and voilà—MetaViewer is plugged in and automatically integrated to capture and index everything created by your application suite. It links with Infor/SSA Global, Lawson Software, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, among others. And it’s so easy you don’t need to learn a thing to run it. MetaViewer comes packaged three ways: • Licensed software • Online for a fixed monthly fee through our Software as a Service (SaaS) option • AP Automation Appliance—self-contained hardware, shipped fully configured, supported by Metafile and ready to go, all for a low monthly fee and no upfront software costs To learn how MetaViewer can fundamentally change the way you do business, contact your sales representative or visit www.metaviewer.com. Metafile Information Systems, Inc. • 2900 43rd Street NW • Rochester, Minnesota 55901 Phone: 800.638.2445 • Fax: 507.286.9065 • Email: info@metafile.com • www.metaviewer.com MetaViewer is a registered trademark of Metafile Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. ©2007 Metafile Information Systems, Inc. 09/07 Other trademarks are property of their respective owners.