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MetaZtron Music Tour Example Iron Maidens

  1. 1. „THIS IS THE TIME— SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY‟ We are transitioning from flat screen 2D vistas to the dimensional “cloud”. For this purpose MetaZtron Vision is the missing link for the transition. MISSION: Introduce vivid natural dimensional images from mobile to large 80 ft. Z*Rama screens ---through an infrastructure we help support. PROPOSAL FOR IRON MAIDEN (written in Feb. 2010) The person who requested this proposal did not deliver it to Iron Maiden. We are searching for the right clients for MetaZtron Vision staging.The Iron Maiden world is already holographic. You are story tellers – the richmusic perfect to sync with the MetaZtron Vision vivid images. Iron Maidenhas a gallery of fabulous graphics that tune the primal gothic/ ancientEgyptian symbols for 2012.Divine providence: Iron Maiden pierces the veil with the in focus MetaZtrontool with dimensional depth images – creating an ecstatic templeexperience. Cameras capture the experience with those not fortunateenough to be in the actual presence.I was not familiar with the Iron Maidens, except for when I heard their musicand a chord struck and I asked who was playing? So I dug in, visualizingsongs such as Dream of Mirrors, imaging the MetaZtron Vision vistas, takingthe viewer through the door. Judas, My Guide. Moon Child lyrics. The autodimensional convergence. I also am waiting with fans for the new album.Designing this framework took me back to when Kurt Vonnegut, my writerworkshop teacher in Iowa City, asked me to help design a Broadway set forCat’s Cradle. We pondered the best way to create futuristic staging andbacksets – this being the main impetuous for my inventing the holographicMetaZtron Vision platform so that true immersion can be possible.MODEL: CELINE DION CURVED SCREEN: Suggested for the Iron MaidenStage design is a streamlined version of Celine Dion’s big curved videobackset (Cost $9 million) at Caesar’s Palace. The theater holds near 4000people and is sold out every night. The 100 ft. curved screen is made of bigsquares of stacked LED modules. Camera close ups of the performer arecompromised because the square lines interfere with the televised images.Video: 1 Page Proprietary information from MetaTron Zone Management LLC
  2. 2. IRON MAIDEN OMNIMAX TYPE SCREEN: The MetaZtron Vision (MZTV) rearprojected curved screen sizes are variable. Arena /auditorium /stadium/outdoor/ etc. screens range from 30 ft. wide to 100 ft. wide and 30 feethigh, with 180 degree (half dome) curved back set. 100 ft. wide domescreen: three motion picture bright merged projectors.Images are amplified with saturated film like vivid colors with IMAX filmicbrightness, resolution, and color. The images automatically adjust to thedome and are holographic.EXAMPLE OF STAGING: Great Egyptian buildings are created that can beenhanced or changed instantly. The musicians can walk on the streets,interact with virtual creatures. The imagination is the limit. The HIVE(holographic immersive virtual environments) provides a powerful avenue toshare Iron Maiden stories.The Iron Maiden musicians are located on the first level of the stage in frontof a small screen that changes according to need: green screen to colorsthat match the sets. Camera captures allow instant real time transformationof the performers to the big screen world. When the musician is immersedin the virtual set as he plays, he is standing in front of the green screen andtransformed into the large visual set – Ancient Egyptian street.Dickinson moves on stage, amplified as he morphs into Eddie whotransforms to a slinking creature or a gun carrying soldier. Eddie goesthrough his major transformation that the audiences expect. Eddie’s head –shades of red/ purple/ magenta —growing larger and larger: holographicuntil he is hovering over the stage. In the many metamorphoses of Eddie,this time he is truly imbued, morphing toward heaven in beat with music.Dickinson (virtual) prances down the stairs of the Egyptian set (rearprojected on the 90 ft. curved backset and slanted floor). The musiciansoften are in the scenes, the story (song) is performed with visual staging,the musicians performing with their instruments and special effects images.The MetaZ*Kit is included in the MZTV turnkey and programmed tosynchronize and switch in real time by a well-trained Zeon VJ (operator), thestage lights and special effects.MZTV turnkey provides the tool set for the new canvas for the Iron Maidenartists, musicians, designers, and producer. The anaglyph glasses add tospecial sequences, such as when the Ibus soars around Egyptian pyramids 2 Page Proprietary information from MetaTron Zone Management LLC
  3. 3. and then out over the crowd. The bird is holographic without glasses. Theinexpensive anaglyph glasses separate colors for more depth in the images.Audience Alert: Stay seated if you have an out of body experience -- inducedby laser coherent pencil points that pierce time space continuum.Timothy Leary states that the future psychedelic experience ofThe 21st century will be the technological interface bringing theparticipant to ―oneness‖. Leary performed his visual soundpoetry in Iowa City. The gathering was at the 4H cattle barn (oneof first shows Troyer produced). The sides of the barn were opento the warm Iowa night lighting storm. Mother Blues soundschoreographed to the pulsing slide show lights and swirling paintcolors from the magic lantern, as the enthralled audience listenedto Leary’s poetic stances.SHOW DESIGNERS DREAM: In focus laser images are a designers dream.The 2010 Olympic show designers had custom made Laser TV projectorsbuilt. The designers created great first time most talked about video effectswith fields of flowers and whales floating. If laser projectors are used nexttime based on the Troyer patents, there will be need for licensing for usingthe MZTV patented process (Canadian patent: Feb. 28, 2011).TROYER PATENTED PROCESS: Uses expanded laser beam lines reflected offa light valve. This is eye safe for audiences.EYE SAFE IMAGES: Former laser video projectors were designed with theactual laser beams out of the lens, like in vector laser light shows. That iswhy light show laser beams are carefully placed in the sky, never shininginto audience’s eyes or onto performers.EYE SAFE IMAGES: The MetaZtron images are full colored spectrum videomodulated scanning expanded beam lines that are addressed to thereflective light valve. Z depth has been spatially modulated into the laserbeam providing a more holographic image that automatically adjusts to anyshaped surface (infinite depth of focus in curved (volume) space).SIDE SCREENS: Two 20 - 30 ft. wide curved screens can be placed in thearena for huge crowds showing amplified real time stage shots of the IronMaidens or vivid special effect dimensional images. These screens are rearprojected and have a short throw width (because of the infinite depth offocus images). Anaglyph glasses can be worn to enhance the color shifts. 3 Page Proprietary information from MetaTron Zone Management LLC
  4. 4. PROPOSAL FOR IRON MAIDEN TOUR (What dates)When do is the MetaZtron platforms needed and for how long?What design layouts do you want?We can deliver when needed and on budgetWe deliver at a rate comparable to the run of the mill tour costs. Is the firstphase Sonisphere and/ or Germany festivals?Timing: Delivery 3 – 6 months after custom MetaZtron Vision platformsordered and the short term lease is signed (funding). Z*Rama: One screen(40 ft. wide); three screens: 80 -100 ft.Leases for over four months have better rates. MetaZtron canvas platformcan be ready for the 2011 summer tours.Delivery is on time and on budget because of COTS (vendor parts alreadydesigned and assembled). The laser vendor states they are ready to deliverhigh powered lasers. It takes a lot of laser power for large vivid images. We use the 4K resolution (film quality) LCOS projector bases, combining two types of light valves for the big screen amplifications. Smaller projectors will have one double light valve platform. They are assembled for smoke, fog, or special effects. Transparency mesh canvases are used that respond to laser light, developed for laser light shows. In process: magnetic holographic imaging screen that laser light stimulates (more dramatic and easier to handle than fog/ smoke/ water screens). Balloon type canvas: above the crowd, flown with a remote controlled drone (if so wished). Sonar Sound Walls: we have sonar surround sound walls that provide true dimensional sound and can be tested for the stadium/ venues. The musicians would need to approve the sonar amplified sounds (sonar material developed at Iowa State University for navy). My attorney, John Shors has installed sonar speakers in the walls of his home (wow factor). Shors supports the MetaZtron convergence for an immersive stadium/venue experience. The human body becomes a transducer with sonar sound surrounding.We offer a well-tested integrated MetaZtron Platform. We do not want a lastminute U2 moment meaning there is not interactivity-- U2 late 80’s firstJumbletron show. The well packaged simple MetaZ*Kit show controlsoftware is programmed in conjunction with the talented Iron Maiden teams.Your hand maiden is at your service to help present next world phenomena. 4 Page Proprietary information from MetaTron Zone Management LLC
  5. 5. Added in5/11 to understand how this process works. See the engineer look into thelens, the eyes not harmed.WOW factor: MetaZtron Vision (MZTV) takes live performances to a newplateau. Iron Maiden can use certain specialized effects for the first time.Images (all feeds) are transformed to dimensional vivid images, Iron Maidencan choose to use 4K high resolution projection. These images when cameracaptured look great on TV shows and for video streaming, etc. All otherdisplays/ projectors/ imagers need flat screens to deliver 3D in real time.MetaZtron Vision platforms are user friendly with fast set up time and lowmaintenance tech support. Costs are cut by 50%. Only MZTV deliversdimensional images in real time in curved space.Notice today in Award Shows the video back set imaging (stacked LED orDLP) is often just landscapes, because other more complex imaging wouldnot be vivid for the audiences. MZTV amplification, because of thecollimation/coherence Z depth factor, keeps the original image resolution.Arc lamp image amplification muddles the image so it is not as vivid.Background: This slide share provides an overview and background Edutainment: This slide share provides designs of differentvenues and location based entertainment. See Michael Jackson Essence ofthe Wood proposal for Disney in this slide share.’s: Celine Dion videos of LED stacked video wall back set small squares in video image with Celine Dion close ups Vision provides the missing link for the HIVE—HolographicImmersive Virtual Edutainment. 5 Page
  6. 6. STADIUMS, ARENA, AUDITORIUM TOUR SHOWS(beginning sketch for layout)FOR A SENSATIONAL BACKSET80 ft. – 100 ft. wide and 30 ft. high curved screen (1/2 dome at 180 degrees)3 projectors @ > 30,000 lumens eachZ*Rama Screen: auto stereo Cinerama: 3 merged projectors at 30,000 lumens eachMay be using the JVC 4K (modified) digital cinema projector with optics and lasersSUGGESTED 4K PROJECTORS FOR STADIUMSEach 4K high end projectors leases (Value $200,000 - $300,000 each)LEASE: $20,000 - $30,000 per month (Depends on turnkey platform ordered)Transparent floor (optional)60 ft. long wide -- 12 ft. – 20 ft. longSmall 2K LCOS projector with optics and lasers – (rear projected)Lower Level (optional --- can be lower part of huge backset screen)Green screen back set (with changing colors)30 ft. wide and 8 ft. – 10 ft. highTWO BRIGHT PROJECTORS (SIDES)40 ft. by 20 ft.30,000 lumens each4K LCOS laser projectorsNote: Each projector provides 30,000 lumens of white light.Laser displays provide more brightness per lumen than arc lamps which flood the screen.Laser raster line scanning: all the image brightness is in the one raster scanning line.LASERS FOR TRANSPARENT FLOOR2 or 3 -- 2K laser projectorsLASERS FOR SPECIAL EFFECTS3 or 4 – 2K laser projectors for effects (fog, smoke, balloon)These additional special effects projectors are custom assembled for application(Value from $100,000 to $250,000 each)LEASE: $10,000 - $25,000 per month (depending on what is included)All projectors include the MetaZ*kit server as part of the lease packageNOTE: Long term lease for permanent installations in venues are much less expensive in thatthe lease payments are spread over a 6 – 10 years. Tech support and upgrades are included. 6 Page
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES COMPARED TO OTHER DISPLAYSToday World Wide: there are no comparable installationsThe Metropolitan Opera is interested in such a set up for real time scene changesMetaZtron Vision provides a new staging attributes for venues and music tours.Sets, Scenery, Graphics designs, worlds---Art work is exemplified on the high resolution vivid screensThe projection system is far superior to what has been used so far in music toursLaser projection has more vivid colors than any other display (twice the color spectrum)MetaZtron amplifies the images with high resolution and vivid color.Close up camera captured images of the performer have phenomenal amplification.Special art: very finely drawn images will be sharp and in focus.Special effects way beyond light shows, laser show or anything else seen so far.Automatically adjusts camera capture or other video feed to a curved screen.Provides instant depth (dimensional) to any images (without manipulation).Best video images available – more like natureAttributes create fabulous dimensional staging and sets.The infinite sharpness of the laser beams creates holographic images,(Such as performer’s face projected on fog – etc.)Very little technician help needed, thus saving money in this area. Easy setup: Very little power --- air cooled – no waterRental Costs: about the same as regular high end arc lamp projectors.Less costly than providing high resolution LED huge screens (many technician hours).MZTV provides many new attributes not provided by other displays.SUGGESTED DEALLease order with down payment.Design meetings set and implementation time line.The attributes desired should be listed in the lease agreement.Special deals set up with vendors for special support and promotionNeed to discuss: MetaZtron Turnkey platforms; Screens, Show control software, Sonar soundNOTE: These are general suggestions and can be changed to meet the design desires of client.We are consultants with a virtual network of experts. Please tell us how we canhelp -- what you need and we will provide the MetaZtron platform design andcost quote. We are a support team for your experts. We bring a new tool kit foryour designers. Your hand maiden is at your service to help present the nextworld phenomena - extravaganza. 7 Page
  8. 8. MZTV ATTRIBUTES COMPARED TO OTHER MEDIAARC LAMP PROJECTORS LIMITS COMPARED TO MZTV LASER TVColors and brightness washed out on big screens --- dullLimited color spectrum (Arc lamps provide about ½ color spectrum Laser TV produces)Not bright: the whole screen is flooded. Light is ambient so not directed (spreads)Arc lamp projectors need to double up (on top of other) for bright tour screens.(Layered on top of each other on the screen for more brightness).Costly: merging of arc lamp projectors takes more costly technician time.Many more hours of costly intensive technician hours needed.GREEN: Arc lamps are not green. They take a lot of power.Arc lamps burn out quickly.Need flat screens for amplifications of performer’s image.Camera feeds do not automatically adjust to curved spaceImages not in focus on every level (holographic) on smoke or water screens (etc.)Arc lamp projectors do not show 3D in focus on curved screensNot the picture quality of laser images --- not good contrast of blacksVery limited special effects—that is why laser light shows are used for big arenasLED SCREENS:Limited in full color spectrumNot motion picture quality (need to limit images to more of a landscape world)Big squares in the image with LED stacksGreat art would not be effective on these screensBig squares interfere with quality of close ups when captured by TV or film contentVery costly for big screens and technologist intensive to set up and tear downMetaZtron Vision is an Amplifier of the Image captured by sensorsEasy set up for high end 4K resolution imagesBest images – colors, resolution, contrast, no artifacts, brightnessFilm like color saturation and motion picture brightnessGood blacks so that star fields and intricate drawings can be shownVehicle for expanded psychedelic colored worlds—way beyond any light showLasers keep coherence and pencil sharp points to the screen, so no degradationThe images have infinite sharp attribute so have depth in curved spaceThe hologram needs to be rethought--- using the attributes of MZTVMZTV is always in focus on any irregular shape – so great for domes or balloonsMZTV has actual colors from nature (more than film) honey, magenta, deep purplesSubmitted by Diane Troyer February 18, 2010 8 Page
  9. 9. SOME EMAILS: ROBERT SOFIA was partner with METATRON LLC (Delaware) a partnership betweenMetatron Inc. (Troyer’s California company –1992- 2002) and the GRIFFIN GROUP.From: Sofia, Bob []Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 9:55 AMTo: Diane TroyerSubject: Laser ProjectorsDiane,----- The sooner you can go into production, the sooner I can lease your projectors. Then I canstart taking advantage of your projectors capabilities to solve some of my production problems, and giveour creative minds a new tool to work with to create new vistas.On a recent remote production at SeaWorld in Orlando with Wheel of Fortune, a laser projector wouldhave been the perfect tool to use to project on two air balloons that we used on the set, as well as ontothe two fountains in the background. The solution we came up with was less then ideal, and far moremoney then I wanted to spend. When dealing with the Art Department and our technicians, there weremany times I wished I had the laser technology available to me.Bob SofiaCoordinating Producer; Technical Supervisor --Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy!(310) 244-5946; off. (310) 729-6001; cell. (310) 244-0325From: Doron Carmi: Dear Diane, It was worth to wait. Your laser projector is great. As you knowour company specialized in projection on clouds (as you can see on our web . We will be very interesting by your laser projection if it allows to castimages on clouds. The average distance to clouds is about 1500 to 3000 feet. Do you think thisprojector can reach such distances?Doron CarmiDOME ON THE ROCK – ISRAELFrom: Yitzhaq Hayut-man yitzhaq.hayutman@gmail.comDate: Wed, Dec 16, 2009 Friend; The general director of the Israel Museum is JamesSnyder, former head of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NYC. The Dome isdesigned by Fredrick Kiesler. It is considered an architectural masterpiece. It issurrounded by water and sprinkling mist (as done, for example, in FrancesFuturoscope) should be straightforward. Roitman really wants a holographic projectionover the Dome of the Rock. Can you send information about MetaZtron? YitzhaqHayut-man yitzhaq.hayutman@gmail.comOffice: 319-512-1009 Cell: 818-795-2407"In order to change something, dont struggle to change the existing model. 9Create a new model and make the other one obsolete". Buckminster Fuller , Page