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Footfallcam Analysis


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Key features of Footfallcam, timeline of Footfallcam, and goals and visions for Footfallcam.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Footfallcam Analysis

  1. 1. www. In-store Analytics Comprehensive Analytics Solution for Retailers
  2. 2. Heat Map Analysis with CustomZone Traffic Analytics by Different Departments Each zone can be used as different business unit, e.g. Vitamins, Cosmetics, Hair Care, Personal Care and etc. In-depth,business intelligence (Promotional response,shoppers’ engagement) can be discovered.
  3. 3. Heat Map Analysis - Using Video Heat Map to analyse engaged customer, passer-byand other customer behavior - Wi-Fi Zone analytics- identify customer behavior in each zone and cross zone analysis - Counter install at Entrance of different zone
  4. 4. Bubble Map- How many passer-by is engaged?
  5. 5. Distribution of number of Visitor Analysis of Passer-‐by and EngagedCustomer FootfallCam provides hourly data for the distribution of - Number of Passer-by: number of visitor passedby the specificarea - Number of Engaged Visitor: numberof visitor whostayed in the zone more than 5 seconds To analyse how many passer-byhad engaged in the specific area
  6. 6. In-store Analytics: Hourly Trend Identify the traffic pattern based on: - Number of Passerby - Number of Engaged Visitor - Total Store Traffic E.g. During lunch hour on 1pm number of visitor coming in to the store is high, and most of the people just pass by the zone A without dwell too long to play around compared to of engaged with the virtual shelf, 9am-‐12pm, the number customer is relatively higher, due to they might have plenty of time to play around with the virtual shelf.
  7. 7. In-store Analytics: Daily Trend Evaluate the marketing effectiveness via Daily Trend The daily trendof the in-store analytics make it possible to evaluate the following key questionsimprove the visibilities of the performance - Does the change of digitalcontentin the VirtualShelf improve the customer engagement? - During the Christmas period,are the performance of the specific zone, e.g. perfume area hasmore engaged shoppers? - How doesthe Loreal shampoo promotion help to increase engaged shopperin particularzone?
  8. 8. In-store Analytics: Sales Conversion Evaluate the correlation between sales volume and the engaged visitors. Gained behavioralinsights by understanding the customerjourneybythe engagement, productexposure,sales volume on the specific zone - E.g. Does the increase in the engagement in virtualmake up shelf helps to improve thesales for cosmetic? Informationrequired: Number of transaction by hour for each category of product
  9. 9. Business Deliverables 1. Gauge the popularity of specific brand in a zone 2. Hourly trend to identify the pattern of customer behavior, enhance understanding of different customer segments across zone, creating more effective localised plans and marketing strategies that betteralign with who your customerare. 3. Daily Trend to evaluate the effectiveness ofdifferent promotion offer, content changes (packaging, or kiosk content), comparable analysis for before the marketing campaign, during the campaign and after. 4. Combine with sales data to obtain the correlation between the customer engagement in a zone and the conversion of sales.
  10. 10. www. About FootfallCam Company Profile
  11. 11. About FootfallCam Business Intelligence Through Advance Technology o Founded in 2002 o Original Manufacturer of People Counter Hardware and Software in United Kingdom o Developed into a technologically sophisticatedsystem with many world-first innovations o Strive to improve our system in every aspect,both hardware and software, through thousands of research and development hours o Global offices and distribution network o Expand significantly without any outside Investment
  12. 12. FootfallCam Timelines 2002 Launched Video Counting Device using Digital Video Recording Penetrate in Retail Chains industry 20x Resellers in3 continents Launched our first2D video counter + Wi-‐Fi analytics 2003 2007 2006 August2003 Loccitane has installed more than 200+ stores across UK, Ireland and Australia 2D video countercombined with Wi-‐Fi analyticsinone deviceprovidesmore businessmetricsforthe retailersto gain actionable insights.
  13. 13. FootfallCam Timelines 2008 More than 50x Resellers in 30 countries Expanding our market in Casino industry Footfallcam Zone Analytics for shopping malls,large building Launched Footfallcam 3D Plus-‐Stereovision technology 2011 2015 2013
  14. 14. FootfallCam Timelines What has happened over the period 2016 Auto Tuned in differentretail environment in minimised the hassle afterinstalled 60+ KPI and 15+ Reports available fordifferent industries Heat Map Analytics/ In-‐store analytics available
  15. 15. Mission Statement CONTINUAL INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT Through many years of researchand development, FootfallCam has developed into a technologically sophisticated systemwith many world-first innovations. Our core values are our dedication to engineering excellence and to delivering business values to our customers. We constantly survey the market, introduce new technologies and enhance functionalities, to help our customers getting further business insights andbenefit most out of the system. Continuous development of the product allows FootfallCam to stay at the forefront in the people counting industry. We Aim to provide Most Reliable Hardware-‐MBTF 25 years Most Feature-‐Rich Software Most Accurate Data Most comprehensive Software Suite or highest business value for retailers Easiest toconfigure and install We are the first in the world that combine people counting and Wi-Fi analytics into a single device. We are committed to continually maintain our market leading position, bringing a greatdeal of strategic foresight that our customers require.
  16. 16. Our Research and Development 30,000 Research hours createdan aesthetic hardware and software. We have combined over 100years industry experiences in developing hardware and software of people counting solution 3D Video ImageProcessing SGBM is the most accurate 3D stereovisionimaging. Combining quad-core 1.2GHz processor with 96 core GPU, it could handle the intensive computational processing required by SGBM, and could achieve 25fps with 1024x768 resolution. Kalman Filter and Hungarian Algorithm are the best person tracking algorithms available. Wi-‐Fi Tracking Engineering Combining video counting with visitors’ smartphone WiFi signals, visit duration, visit frequency and cross shopping metrics could be measured. Each smartphone carries an unique MAC address, by using statistical profiling and normalisation factor, big data set is collected and machine learning of its unique WiFi environments and visitor characterisations.
  17. 17. Our Research and Development 30,000 Research hours createdan aesthetic hardware and software. Reliability and Stability Testing Each firmware release undergoes a rigorous firmware stress testing to ensure it reaches 100% uptime under all physical and network conditions. Our lab test consists of over 150 test cases and 60 different environments. Self diagnostic and self recoverywould be activatedwhen issue arise. HardwareDesign Each electronics components are sourced from the most trusted manufacturers and does not exceed58% of its maximum capacity.Our materialengineering team has createdan aluminum unibody which maximise heat dissipation of up to 550% and maintains the component temperature of less than 55 Celsius.Wide Angle lens are used with Fisheye un-distortion to achieve widest stereoscopic view.
  18. 18. Our Research and Development 30,000 Research hours createdan aesthetic hardware and software. Performance and Network Optimisation Multithreading computing algorithms are optimised to ensure consistent video analytics and WiFi data processing under various network conditions. Billions of WiFi data points are collected eachhours, and processed in our cloud computing facilities to enable deep learning of patterns and profile characterisations. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Each counter is installed in an unique physical and radio environments, neural networks techniques are used to auto tune over 100 parameters to maintain 98%+accuracy.Data mining and deep learning in the cloud servers are used to calculate the 15 keymetrics presentation to customers.
  19. 19. Manufacturing Facilities of FootfallCam - ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 registered - aware of REACH regulations and associatedobligations, with CoSHH/RoHSpracticesand policies. - Operates a Quality Management System that has gainedBS EN ISO9001:2000 certification - Producedand testedbycertifiedIPC specialists(CIS) - Conducted Emissions EMC test
  20. 20. Our Customers Worldwide
  21. 21. Our Customers Worldwide
  22. 22. ©2016 Footfall counter is trademark application of FootfallCam in various jurisdictions. We reserve the right to introduce modifications without notice. All other company names and products are trademarks of their respective companies.