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5 SharePoint online services on office 365

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SharePoint Online

  1. 1. Office 365
  2. 2.   SharePoint Online is offered by Microsoft as part of the Office 365 productivity suite.  Microsoft describes SharePoint Online as- “a managed collaboration solution which can be used to quickly locate organizational resources, search for experts and corporate information, manage content and workflow and derive business intelligence for appropriate decision-making.” SharePoint Online
  3. 3.  Hub for accessing the MS Office Web apps Apps can be viewed and edit s can be made to documents, presentation, and worksheets on the web Multiple users have access with requisite permissions on their office desktop computers/ laptops or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets Freedom to collaborate freely at any time, from anywhere #1 Web Apps
  4. 4.  #2 Team Sites and MySite Create team sites on intranet to collaborate with team members for specific projects or inter-departmental mattes MySites can be created for the employee’s personal file storage and sharing on the cloud. The sites are created in a secure environment with a central administrator to exercise control Customized Team sites and subsites can be created for: Team or department Functional purpose Particular content Particular project Customer Permission level or sensitivity
  5. 5.  SharePointOnlineWeb ContentManagement Document Set feature allows users to create document groups on the basis of certain criteria and then work with the document group as a single entity Document set may be used to send all project related documents through a workflow in a batch, simultaneously or view versions for all documents as a set at any given point of time Comprehensive Library system in which all Document sets can be easily stored and accessed #3 Web Content Management
  6. 6.  Social networking application Yammer Send instant messages, emails, conduct video and voice conferences Share images, documents, videos, presentations collaborate over projects in a lighter veined background for faster results #4 Social Features
  7. 7.  #5 Cloud Storage Facility Enables collaboration and communication via a secure cloud server in which, enterprises can also store data Data can be accessed via desktop and internet compatible mobile devices keeping organization members in loop at all times Microsoft offers 7GB individual cloud storage space for SharePoint Online users
  8. 8.  SharePoint Online capitalizes on the growing importance of cloud computing and collaboration in a social setup. Its greatest advantage is its scalable features which means, as the organization grows, SharePoint Online’s capacities can be extended to meet the growing requirements.
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