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We are MS Dynamics Nav Development Company Provide all Services Upgrade,Implementation, Integration, Customization Etc.

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Navision Development Company +1-888-745-3321

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  2. 2. Outsourced HR Activities Recruitment Payroll Management Talent Management
  3. 3. Payroll Management Stipulating salary Integrating Holiday pay Insurance, Pension Benefits, PF etc. Taxes
  4. 4. Cost cutting for large companies No difference in costs to outsource payroll activities to HR consultancies for mid-sized companies Pre-employee set-up charge paid to HR Consultants The payroll amount (including taxes) has to be transferred to the consultancy’s account before the pay date so that the employees receive their pay on time By retaining the payroll function the total amount can be kept in interest bearing account till the pay day to earn income on the idle cash.
  5. 5. Dynamics NAV PayRoll Module Position Manageme nt Recruitment Pay Structure General ledger Integration Multiple Bank Accounts Payroll reporting Security
  6. 6. Post payroll details directly to the ledger Manage employee details Insert customized payroll control such as expenses, hours, earnings etc. Manage employer expenses Track and calculate commissions
  7. 7. Insert pay advice messages Manage multiple bank accounts Manage multiple companies Secure operations that allow only the authorized personnel to access data Post liabilities to purchases and payables automatically Define pay scales (full time, part time or casual employment)
  8. 8. Dynamics NAV Payroll Module Simple /Complex payroll managed Insight on payroll expenses Fully automated payroll process Less training Better ad-hoc reporting
  9. 9. Dynamics NAV Payroll Module Integration HR functions Job costing and General ledger Automatically updating the payroll related areas
  10. 10. Managing Payrolls • Manage simple as well as complex payrolls • Manage different criteria such as holiday pays, taxes, annuities etc. Control over Payroll Expenses • View Payroll expenses, different payment types • Analyze payroll expense with respect to business departments, location, project etc. • Categorize pay type into into earnings, accrual, allowance, deduction etc. Automate Payroll process • integration of the payroll process with the various HR functions • Automatic entries into the general ledger journals, reflect time sheet results on the payroll, assess job/project costing, leave entitlement accrual etc. Reporting Advices • Email customized pay advices to individual employees or groups • Employee time management system reports can be integrated with the payroll function to correlate work hours with pay
  11. 11. Can be managed by a single manager in the office Requisite information simply needs to be inputted on the system for analysis and calculations Offers better control Reports are concise and lucid so that at a glance a company performance overview can be made
  12. 12. You can read the complete article on: vices/Dynamics-CRM.aspx