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Case study on Titanic to promote 3d Titanic movie across the world


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MetaOption developers got associated with the integration and upcoming of real 3D and IMAX 3D. This application was basically created for the iPad with the usability of the iOS platform to target the customers who are fun-loving iPad users and likes to view themselves instead of 3D movie stars.

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Case study on Titanic to promote 3d Titanic movie across the world

  1. 1. MetaOption 1 Case Study for TitanicCASE STUDY On TITANIC
  2. 2. MetaOption 2 Case Study for Titanic TABLE OF CONTENTS.No. PARTICULARS PAGE1 CLIENT PROFILE 3 1.1. Organizational Background 3 1.2. Aim and Vision 32 PROJECT OVERVIEW 43 CHALLENGES 44 SOLUTION 5 4.1. Automation Key for Titanic success 5 4.2. Sample Screen 75 TECHNOLOGIES INVOLVED 226 MANAGEMENT TOOLS 22 6.1. MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server) 22 6.2. PMS (Project Management System & Bug Tracking) 24 6.3. Timesheet management system 25 6.4. Subversion (SVN) 26 T ABLE OF FIGURESScreen No. PARTICULARS PAGE1 Welcome 72 Choose Character 83 Chose character 94 Upload Photo 105 Pick Photo 116 Pick Photo (other’s photos) 127 Select Pick Photo 138 Align Photo 149 Mark Photo 1510 Review Photo 1611 Compose Message 1712 Create Video 1813 Video 1914 Share video 2015 View saved video 21
  3. 3. MetaOption 3 Case Study for Titanic 1. CLIENT PROFILE 1.1. Organizational BackgroundOur client is based at New York and has amazing name and fame in the digital product marketfor integrating personalized entertainment. It is employed with its patent and technology invariety of services. It is known to offer the product for adults and teens including U.K. socialexpression brand.Our client is engaged with the offering of photo-personalized applications to enhance theconnectivity of social media networking. They also provide patent licenses for products rangingfrom computer applications and toys to online promotions and social media applications. Theywork as per the client’s instruction as well as through ad agencies on behalf of their clients.1.2. Aim and VisionOur client aims to develop completely integrated application and even offers patent license tocover programs developed by interested parties for long or short term. Our client holdsauthoritative patent portfolio that covers method for extracting, from an image, an anatomicalportion of a person, and associates it in an anatomically correct fashion, with a backgroundimage to produce new composite image or series of images.
  4. 4. MetaOption 4 Case Study for Titanic2. PROJECT OVERVIEWOur client possesses the potentiality to promote the 3D Titanic movie across the world withoverall efficiency. To enhance the efficiency, MetaOption developers got associated with theintegration and upcoming of real 3D and IMAX 3D.This application was basically created forthe iPad with the usability of the iOS platform to target the customers who are fun-loving iPadusers and likes to view themselves instead of 3D movie stars. The project needs to beaccomplished with the following objectives such as:  The application need to be developed a titanic movie clip with the movie stars face replaced by the users.  A video need to be created with the capture made of th4e user face that is later on simultaneously cropped for an appealing video clip.  The replaced stars face clip must efficiently get uploaded or easily as the 3D Titanic movie on the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. 3. CHALLENGES Our client desires to promote the latest 3D and iMAX movie of titanic before it is on the theatre in real life. During the challenges, we get to know that there are several positive correlations between success and enhancement of the real-time synchronization. This application is integrated with the service to provide customized source of entertainment that allows the user to select a photo, crop it, and create a personalized video by them. With the target to achieve a new success, MetaOption developers took up the following challenging features to bring into existences such adorable application:
  5. 5. MetaOption 5 Case Study for Titanic  Cropping and adjusting cropped image  Sending cropped image for creation on FTP  Posting video on Facebook and twitter  Use of SQLite for user-specific data storage purpose  Integration of Graph API for Facebook  Integrated of OAuth API for Twitter  Addition of features for image rotation and zooming  Integration of Bezier Curve for Image clipping4. SOLUTIONMetaOption conducts a quick and thorough investigation to identify the difficulties and bringabout a betterresult with enhanced efficiency. Our developed customized entertainmentapplication creates and displays the videowith maximum compatibility and finish. Our teamdid on-site research to get completely involved in the integration of better functionalities andachieve the goal with the stipulated time period..4.1. Automation Key for Titanic successWith the implementation of the complete architecture, we have reached our goal of success toexplore our name and fame across the globe. The developers resulted with development of“Titanic” as an iPhone/iPad application that plays Titanic movie video clip on device with lots ofexceptions. Exceptions like integrations of users cropped face in the video instead of real artistand uploading and sharing of these videos over Facebook and twitter. The integration of the
  6. 6. MetaOption 6 Case Study for Titanicapp has been accomplished with the completion of several amazing features that appeared asthe challenge for the development team.  Development of the basic prototypes  Integration of the view elements to all screens  Designed workflow for each screen  Utility of SQLite for user-specific data storage  Integration of Graph API helps in fetching relevant data and migrate it, in and out of facebook social graph. Graph API is underlying mechanism used by facebook iOS toolkit.  Integration of OAuth API provides a method for clients to access twitter server resources on behalf of client. OAuth is an open standard for authorization.  Addition of image rotating and zooming features  Integrated Bezier Curve is basically incorporated for Image clipping between two control points that controls the tangent at the end in a geometric manner. This curve is defined by the usability of 4 different points.  Use of the web services to generate customized movie clip  Implementation of the functionality used for sharing option in most of the social media sites.
  7. 7. MetaOption 7 Case Study for Titanic4.2. Sample ScreenThe welcome screen is the first screen that appears on the selection of Titanic tab present onthe iPad notification screen. This screen allows users to begin with the application and also toview the saved videos. Screen 1:- Welcome
  8. 8. MetaOption 8 Case Study for TitanicThis screen allows the user to select the character of their choices that may be an actor, actressor any of the romantic scene couple. Screen 2: Choose Character
  9. 9. MetaOption 9 Case Study for TitanicIn this screen, one needs to add his or her photo to get uploaded with the clicking option of“ADD PHOTO” displayed on the screen. Screen 3: Chose character
  10. 10. MetaOption 10 Case Study for TitanicIn this screen users are permitted to upload their own image. The image can be uploaded bytwo different options such as:  By clicking on the “CONNECT’ button to navigate to the facebook page  By clicking on the “UPLOAD” button for uploading the image from the album or device Screen 4: Upload Photo
  11. 11. MetaOption 11 Case Study for TitanicPop-up for the login in facebook account get displayed in the screen to capture the image thatwas required to replace the image. Screen 5: Pick Photo
  12. 12. MetaOption 12 Case Study for TitanicUsers can select the image of the friends and close once from the facebook account to replacethe image of selected actor or actress. Screen 6: Pick Photo (other’s photos)
  13. 13. MetaOption 13 Case Study for TitanicNow, users need to select the photo from the list of photos present in the application. Screen7: Select Pick Photo
  14. 14. MetaOption 14 Case Study for TitanicUsers need to align their image with perfection in the oval region similarly to the examplepresent on the right side of the screen. While aligning one need to be careful in placing thechin at the base. Users can even rotate and zoom as per their wish. Screen8: Align Photo
  15. 15. MetaOption 15 Case Study for TitanicUsers need to adjust the images inside the oval area and yellow dots that appears on the screenfor offering a perfect finish to the image. Screen9: Mark Photo
  16. 16. MetaOption 16 Case Study for TitanicThe cropped image appears on the screen with the perfect image on the desired destination.Users even have the opportunity to change their decision and select another image for thecreation of the video with a single click over “Choose Another Image” option. Screen10: Review Photo
  17. 17. MetaOption 17 Case Study for TitanicThis screen allows the user to compose a status message to be shared amongst friend and closeones. The message gets displayed along with the photo. The message must be within thelimitation of 150 characters. Screen 11: Compose Message
  18. 18. MetaOption 18 Case Study for TitanicFirst of all, a pop-up get displayed along with the message such as “Please Wait While YourVideo Is Create…………” Screen 12: Create Video
  19. 19. MetaOption 19 Case Study for TitanicThe created video gets displayed on the screen. This video comprises of the user image insteadof selected actor or actress. Screen13: Video
  20. 20. MetaOption 20 Case Study for TitanicUsers are allows to share the created video across the globe via social media networking. Thisvideo can be shared on facebook and Twitter. The video can be easily replayed with the help ofreturn button denoted by the symbolic expression. Screen 14: Share Video
  21. 21. MetaOption 21 Case Study for TitanicThis screen displays the saved videos that were previously saved for future reference. Thisscreen comprises of various buttons for different functionality. These buttons perform the taskssuch as view, view on the device, share with facebook, share with Twitter, delete and links forcopying the video. Screen 15: View Saved Video
  22. 22. MetaOption 22 Case Study for Titanic5. TECHNOLOGIES INVOLVEDThe project has been accomplished with the supportive measures such as the varioustechnologies that are involved in it. These technologies are listed as below:-  Xcode allows quick and easy development of the application and can trace out the complex programming element.  iOS SDK language adopted by the iPad.  Objective C handles the centric events and hooks up with interface elements to responds to the user tapping option.  SQlite Database is light weight database comprising of small programming library. SQLite cannot be processed separately as it is accessed from the client application, but is considered as an integral part of the application.  Web Service help in communication.6. MANAGEMENT TOOLSThe success of the project has helped MetaOption to become world renounce and gain bettername and fame worldwide. Our development team needs to follow several approaches andproject management technique to achieve success within timeframe of 6 weeks. Few of theconsideration are mentioned as below:6.1. MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server)MetaOption developers have made use of MOSS abbreviated as Microsoft Office SharePointPortal Server. This server allows centralization of tasks, data, and documents in anapproachable location.
  23. 23. MetaOption 23Case Study for Titanic
  24. 24. MetaOption 24 Case Study for Titanic6.2.PMS (Project Management System & Bug Tracking)The developer of MetaOption makes use of the PMS that allows breakdown of the modules intosmaller tasks and track out the progress report. With the completion of the module, the reportsget updated in MOSS.
  25. 25. MetaOption 25 Case Study for Titanic6.3. Timesheet Management SystemThe timesheet manages and brief about the present status report that tracks time spent on theproject and task accomplished for each and every project.
  26. 26. MetaOption 26 Case Study for Titanic6.4.Subversion (SVN)SVN is a configuration management system that manages versioning and allows check-in-check-out over the internet. We provided Titanic with login to the SVN environment to imposecontrol over the written codes. Login for all the system are provided to the clients that provideclients with greater control to manage projects in an effective manner.