Oedipus Complex


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Oedipus Complex

  1. 1. 1Oedipus Complex POLYBUS: {raises his glass} For Edipo! ALL: {raises their glasses} For Edipo! {everyone applauses} CONSTELLO: {solo clap} {raised voice} Well, I guess it is my time to make a speech.Cast MEROPE: Constello!Polybus Greco – POLYBUS: {grabs Constello} Constello, what isMerope Greco– this foolishness?!Constello Greco – CONSTELLO: Relax, mom, dad.Young EdipoGreco– EDIPO: {to Merope and Polybus} Let him be. I’mOedipus Rex– sure it’s just a simple birthday message, is it notGrand Master Faustus – brother?Old Constello Greco – Constello: Right, brother. A simple birthdayMaster Axel – message. Or a revelation, rather.GuidoRoma – {Polybus tries to grab Constello, but isJustin Falcon – stopped by Edipo}Laius Grande – CONSTELLO: Listen everyone, listen. My dearestJocasta Grande – elder brother here, Oedipus, boasted by myEsfinge – parents, the son that they loved, is not a trueTiresias – part of the Greco family. {every guest gasps} POLYBUS: Why you bastard! Scene I {Polybus grabs Constello and punches[Fade through black] him in his face. Edipo stops his father.}[Setting: Grand ball, birthday celebration of EDIPO: Let him say what he wants to say, dad.Edipo, Greco Villa, classical music, guests After all, it might not be true, am I not right?chattering, others dancing, all masqueraded] POLYBUS: Just don’t listen to him.POLYBUS: {rings a glass, silence among the CONSTELLO: Nice, dad. Hitting your true andguests} Guests, fellow friends and legit son. People, Edipo is found on this day,acquaintances, we are gathered to celebrate 10th of May, 15 years ago, near the dumpsters!the birthday of our son, Edipo. Edipo: That’s a big accusation, Constello. HaveMEROPE: The joy that our wonderful son gives you any proof that supports it?us is the best joy that any parent could ask for. CONSTELLO: I have none, but I have mom andIn his very tender age, excelling almost in dad. Ask them the truth now.anything, Edipo makes us proud. {EDIPO eyes the two, but is interruptedPOLYBUS: Without further ado, good guests, I by POLYBUS}would like you to present you, the heir of the CONSTELLO: Stop right there! Mom, dad, I wantGreco family, the gift from God, Edipo Greco! you both to look my dear brother in the eye. {guests applaud, Edipo appears} People say that that a man’s eye is the windowEDIPO: Friends, thank you all for gathering here to his soul. Now, I want you to look Edipo in thenow, on the celebration of the day of my birth. eye, to see if you two are telling the truth.Thank you for my parents here, Polybus and {POLYBUS grabs CONSTELLO, shakesMerope Greco, for without them, I would not him}be here. I thank them for their guidance, and POLYBUS: What do you want, huh son? Whatfor leading me in a straight path. I am also are you after?thankful for my one and only brother, Constello, {silence, 10 seconds}over there, for being beside in times of being CONSTELLO: Your love, mom, dad! I haveextremely down. sought your love! All of the time you favored
  2. 2. 2Edipo, that trash, that fake. Neglecting me, your lying now to you. And they are lying that theyone, true son, and showering that shit with your are not lying to you.lavish affection! You both should be ashamed EDIPO: But…but why mom, dad? Why hide theof yourselves! truth from me? {Silence} {the two parents try to make out words,MEROPE: Everyone, thank you for coming. I but they couldn’t}apologize for this…this dramatic flair. Thank you EDIPO: To prevent me from being hurt? Is thatagain. Have a good night. Party’s over. it? No! I heard that bullshit from movies, again {Guests disperse. MEROPE slaps and again. Now, tell me the truth. Tell me theCONSTELLO then} truth goddamnit!MEROPE: What on earth have you done, {MEROPE cries now}Constello? You have ruined your brother’s POLYBUS: Fine. What Constello says is true. Youparty. are not really our son.CONSTELLO: My brother? For heaven’s sake CONSTELLO: See that Ed? I only tell the truth.mother, father, drop the act! Edipo is not my Mom and Dad were liars.brother, nor your son. He is not the fruit of your MEROPE: Oh shut up Constello! Where did youlove! get that attitude? {POLYBUS grabs CONSTELLO again} CONSTELLO: From the lack of love and attentionPOLYBUS: You bastard, where did you get that from you, perhaps, mom?information? POLYBUS: {to Edipo} It is true that we found youCONSTELLO: That’s none of your concern, near the dumps 15 years ago. We are not yourdearest dad. What matters is, you two have true parents.been lying to Edipo, lying to the whole world, {silence, about 10 seconds}and lying to yourselves. EDIPO: But why only tell me now?MEROPE: False…that is false. Edipo, don’t listen MEROPE: Because we do not want to hurt you.to your brother! We want to say it to you in God’s time, but thatEDIPO: What matters is the truth. Dad, mom, is not now. Today is not the right day. You areare you truly my parents? Am I really the fruit of not yet…mature enough to know.your love? POLYBUS: Now, do you understand, son? {EDIPO looks at his parents’ eyes {silence, about 10 seconds}deeply} EDIPO: Yes mom, dad. You only did that toCONSTELLO: That’s right Edipo, look them in the protect me.eyes. See their soul. CONSTELLO: Yes. And despite that you are notEDIPO: Am I really your son? from our blood and flesh, we still loved you asMEROPE and POLYBUS: Yes. our own. You are a part of our family, and {dramatic slow-mo} always will be.EDIPO: Good lord, you two are lying! POLYBUS: That is true. Won’t you forgive us forPOLYBUS: No Edipo, we are not lying, listen to keeping this secret from you?us first! EDIPO: Yeah dad, I guess. After all, where wouldMEROPE: Edipo, my dear Edipo, you truly are I be without you two? I’m lucky to have youour son! both as my parents. I could never ask for more.EDIPO: Stop it, you two! I have seen it! I saw it {the three hug together}with my own eyes. You two are clearly lying! CONSTELLO: {slow clap} I never expected it that {CONSTELLO sits down on a nearby it would turn out like this. Oh well, I guess Ichair} have no other choices left.POLYBUS: No, son, we are not lying. {CONSTELLO rises up, then shows hisCONSTELLO: Oh look Edipo, they are lying to revolver, the three shocked}you. They are lying. They lied to you. They are CONSTELLO: Now, what to do. What to do.
  3. 3. 3 {CONSTELLO plays with his gun} EDIPO: No mom, dad. You can’t leave me.POLYBUS: Son, where did you get that? Please don’t.CONSTELLO: None of your business dad. MEROPE: I’m sorry dear, but it’s the only way oPOLYBUS: I said, where did you get that?! save you.CONSTELLO: Did your ears turn deaf dad? I said POLYBUS: Let’s just say it’s our punishment forit’s none of importance. ourselves, for lying to you for so long.POLYBUS: Put that away. EDIPO: No dad, you’ve done nothing wrong, soCONSTELLO: No. please, please Constello don’t kill them please,POLYBUS: I said put that away, or I’ll call the have mercy on mom and dad.security. CONSTELLO: Oh, I am not going to kill them. YouCONSTELLO: No. going to kill them.POLYBUS: 1. EDIPO: What? Why is that?CONSTELLO: No. {the camera pans down on the legs ofPOLYBUS: 2. the characters, the two parents try to makeCONSTELLO: No. words}POLYBUS: 3. EDIPO: {with bit of his sleepy voice}No…noCONSTELLO: No dad. please Constello. {CONSTELLO grabs EDIPO and threatens {a shot is fired by EDIPO, MEROPE goeshim with his gun, MEROPE is still aghast, EDIPO down, another shot is fired, POLYBUS goesstruggles to get free} down, the camera returns back to normal view,CONSTELLO: Do that and I will make the brain of EDIPO is now holding the gun, still pointingyour beloved bastard son explode into tiny bits straightly}and pieces. CONSTELLO: Oh no Edipo, you killed mom andMEROPE: Good heavens no! Constello no! Have dad.mercy on your brother! {fade out}CONSTELLO: No! He is not my brother! Don’tyou two dare to say that again!POLYBUS: Constello calm down. What do you Scene IIwant? Money? Our business? We will give {Setting: same as scene I}anything to you, just don’t hurt your…your CONSTELLO: Since I’ve promised to mom andbrother. dad that I won’t hurt you, I really would not.CONSTELLO: Really, dad? Anything? EDIPO: But…but mother, father.POLYBUS: Yes son, anything. CONSTELLO: Get out of here. You killed them.CONSTELLO: Hmm… EDIPO: No I didn’t…mother, father. {Constello pauses for a while} CONSTELLO: {shoots his left foot}What have youCONSTELLO: I think I want you. In fact, I want done to me Edipo! You’ll pay for this.you two dead, you and mom. EDIPO: I didn’t, I—POLYBUS: Is that what you really want, you CONSTELLO: {shouts} Security! Security! {toungrateful bastard? EDIPO} Run. Get out of here. Or you’ll rot in theCONSTELLO: Yes. hell called prison.MEROPE: Well, do what you want. But please, EDIPO: No, I didn’t do anything…I did not killplease Constello, promise to us, promise to them…I—mommy and daddy, that you won’t hurt your CONSTELLO: {shouts} Get out of my sight!brother. {two guards appear, EDIPO tries to run,CONSTELLO: {a bit annoyed} I said he is not my the guards chase him, they run outside thebrother. I have no brother. But OK. If that is house, do this for 2 minutes}your wish, mom.
  4. 4. 4 {after the chase act, EDIPO tires out and involves murder. We put justice in our ownhides, a hooded man finds him, and talks to hands.him} EDIPO: That’s cool. Why am I here?EDIPO: You…who are you? MASTER AXEL: You’ll find out later.MASTER AXEL: Shhh…follow me. EDIPO: Who are you?EDIPO: No, get away from me. {attempts to MASTER AXEL: I am Axel. That’s Master Axel forflee} you, Edipo.MASTER AXEL: {grabs his hand} I am a friend. EDIPO: How did you know my—EDIPO: How should I know? MASTER AXEL: We know everything.MASTER AXEL: {looks around} Come! We don’t {fade out}have much time. {fade in, the two arrives at a door}EDIPO: What if you’re one of the security? MASTER AXEL: Here we are.MASTER AXEL: I am not. Quickly, here they EDIPO: What’s inside?come. MASTER AXEL: Not ‘what’. ‘Who’. {opens theEDIPO: Ok, where to? door}MASTER AXEL: Just follow me. MASTER AXEL: Master, we’re here. {the two {the two emerges from the shadows, enters}two of the guards see them} GRAND MASTER FAUSTUS: Good, Axel. NowGUARD1: There he is! leave us be.GUARD2: Hey, stop! MASTER AXEL: As you wish, master. {leaves andMASTER AXEL: Oh shit. closes the door, EDIPO bangs on the door}EDIPO: What now? G.M. FAUSTUS: Fear not. I am on your side.MASTER AXEL: Just stay hidden there. I’ll deal EDIPO: How should I know? Axel said you are allwith them. assassins. Murderers. {EDIPO hides again, fight scene for G.M. FAUSTUS: It is true that we kill. But we killabout two minutes, EDIPO saves MASTER AXEL} in the name of justice. And you have to trustMASTER AXEL: Thank you. That’s a close one. me, for I am a friend of your father.EDIPO: Don’t mention it. EDIPO: He is not my real father. They are notMASTER AXEL: Now follow me, before those my real family.bastards come here looking for us again. G.M. FAUSTUS: I know. Polybus told me some{fade out} time ago. EDIPO: They cared for me, even though I am not one of their own. And yet I killed them. Scene III G.M. FAUSTUS: You know in your self that you{fade from black} did not.{Setting: a corridor, then a bleak room, the EDIPO: I did…I killed them with my own hands.EDIPO and MASTER AXEL are walking} G.M. FAUSTUS: Come closer.EDIPO: Where are we? {EDIPO approaches G.M. FAUSTUS}MASTER AXEL: We are in our headquarters. G.M. FAUSTUS: {points to a small bottle} Do youEDIPO: Headquarters? What headquarters? know what this is?MASTER AXEL: Our very own guild. We are {EDIPO shakes his head}assassins. G.M. FAUSTUS: This is a chemical calledEDIPO: I didn’t know that assassins still exist Hypnothracine. When one ingests all of thistoday. bottle’s contents, that one will lose all of hisMASTER AXEL: We do. We have many names: free will and will be under total command fromguns for hire, snipers, hired killers, mercenaries, the person who first talked to him. It has thevigilantes. We are associated with anything that same effect when smelled, but with less time of being hypnotized. Let’s just say that you’ll be
  5. 5. 5controlled for a minute. And that’s what Scene IVConstello did to you. He got some from an {fade from black}untrackable source. {Setting: after 7 years, HQ, OEDIPUS and G.M. {a flashback of the killing of the two FAUSTUS meets}parents is shown} G.M. FAUSTUS: Greetings, Oedipus. How wasEDIPO: How did you know all of this? your training with Axel?G.M. FAUSTUS: We were there, at the party. OEDIPUS: Fine, just fine.Polybus invited us. We watched from the G.M. FAUSTUS: Good to hear. Now, hear is yourshadows. next missionEDIPO: But why the hell did you not stop {hands down a bond paper with printedConstello? characters to OEDIPUS}G.M. FAUSTUS: Because we were too late to G.M. FAUSTUS: This man here, Oedipus, isact. We have not anticipated that Constello committing an unforgivable crime. What is it,would use it to his own parents and put the you ask? I’ll give you a gist: Justin Falcon, ablame on you. notorious criminal also known as the “BoyEDIPO: But I thought you are assassins? Are you Sweeper”. His victims, mostly young boys, arenot fast or something? usually found decapitated, and their genitaliaG.M. FAUSTUS: We are assassins. Agility may be missing, and a broom beside each body. Whatour main attribute, but the hands of fate are the broom signifies, we do not know. But wemuch faster than the hands of man. know that he killed about a hundred boys {silence for a few seconds} around our country. The authorities cannotEDIPO: Who are you? track him, but since we have our own, shall IG.M. FAUSTUS: I am the Grand Master of the say, ‘network’, we now know his whereabouts.assassins in this headquarters. I am Faustus. OEDIPUS: What do you want me to do? {silence for a few seconds} G.M. FAUSTUS: Your mission is simple:EDIPO: What now? eradicate Justin. Rid the world of thatG.M. FAUSTUS: I will give you two things to do, abomination. Now, are you up to it?but you must only choose one: a.) leave here OEDIPUS: Yes, I am.now, and live in the streets; live your life as you G.M. FAUST: That’s the spirit. Now pack up.like it, forget your past. Or b.) remain here, Bring some gears. Give justice to those poor,know our ways, become an assassin, serve innocent souls.justice, and have vengeance for the people who OEDIPUS: I will.cared for you for a long time. You must remain {fade from black}low-profile on either of the two. Now you {Setting: outside, OEDIPUS is stalking JUSTIN forchoose: a or b? about 2 minutes, then OEDIPUS confronts {silence for a few seconds} JUSTIN in a secluded area}EDIPO: I choose b. I want to exact vengeance JUSTIN: What do you want?and to make the crooked paths right. OEDIPUS: I want to know why you killed thoseG.M. FAUSTUS: Is that really what you want? children?EDIPO: Yes. JUSTIN: Me? I don’t know what you’re talkingG.M. FAUSTUS: It is settled then. But we must about.change your name. Is that ok with you? OEDIPUS: Don’t play games with me. Are youEDIPO: Yes. not this?G.M. FAUSTUS: Fine. From now on, you shall be {OEDIPUS shows a wanted poster ofknown as Oedipus—Oedipus Rex. Welcome to JUSTIN}the Brotherhood. JUSTIN: I might as well let the cat out of the {fade out} bag. I killed them because when I do, I feel
  6. 6. 6superior. I feel that I am above all. I feel that I Beyond this place of wrath and tearshave their lives at my hand and that I could end Looms but the Horror of the shade,it as easy as blowing out the flame from a And yet the menace of the yearscandle. Finds and shall find me unafraid.OEDIPUS: Just as I suspected. Just like the othercriminals, you have the god complex. It matters not how strait the gate,JUSTIN: God complex or whatever. I feel no pity, How charged with punishments the scroll.only power. I am the master of my fate:OEDIPUS: And yet you know inside you that you I am the captain of my soul.are weak, targeting those who are far below {silence for a while, then he turns toyou. And by doing that, you degrade your own OEDIPUS}self into rubbish. G.M.FAUSTUS: Do you know what that is,JUSTIN: Wait a sec, I am not weak. I have killed Oedipus?many! OEDIPUS: Yes Grand Master. It is ‘Invictus’, byOEDIPUS: Yes you are. And today is your final William Ernest Henley.day here on earth. G.M. FAUSTUS: Yes. It is indeed. I heard thatJUSTIN: You think I’ll end this without a fight? you succeeded in your mission.OEDIPUS: Come at me then. OEDIPUS: Yes, you heard right. {JUSTIN fires his gun and OEDIPUS G.M. FAUSTUS: Then it is time for another. Heredodged it, OEDIPUS takes cover, when JUSTIN it is.comes, OEDIPUS will use his knife} {G.M. FAUSTUS hands the bond paperJUSTIN: {gasping}Fine, you win. But I am just to OEDIPUS, then the latter reads it}one of the bad people. We are countless. G.M. FAUSTUS: Your next target: Guido Roma. AOEDIPUS: But I now reduced one from your corrupt police official which keeps on extractingnumbers. One by one I will hunt you. government funds in order to maintain its lavishJUSTIN: Your efforts will all be in vain. lifestyle. He abuses his power as well to bribeOEDIPUS: We’ll see. criminals and convicts, later to sentence them {JUSTIN dies} to death in his own gruesome method. {fade out} OEDIPUS: Does the government know about it? G.M. FAUSTUS: You know the logic of the corrupt officials: blind the Cyclops and loot that Scene V Cyclops’s treasure.{fade from black} OEDIPUS: I see.{Setting: back to the HQ, G.M. FAUSTUS is there G.M. FAUSTUS: Now, you go forth and end thisagain } man’s filth.G.M. FAUSTUS: OEDIPUS: Yes. {turned away from OEDIPUS, reads a {fade out}poem} {OEDIPUS arrives in front of a house,Out of the night that covers me, with a box in his hand, he knocks and answers inBlack as the pit from pole to pole, a man}I thank whatever gods may be GUIDO: Yes?For my unconquerable soul. OEDIPUS: Package for Guido Roma. GUIDO: But I’m not expecting any today.In the fell clutch of circumstance OEDIPUS: Are you sure sir? The sender left aI have not winced nor cried aloud. note. Here.Under the bludgeonings of chance {OEDIPUS hands down a note to GUIDO,My head is bloody, but unbowed. then the latter reads it} GUIDO: What the hell is this?
  7. 7. 7OEDIPUS: Just follow what the note says to MASTER AXEL: What about finding your ownextend your lifespan for a few minutes. parents? {OEDIPUS points a gun to him, then the OEDIPUS: No, that is out of my mind. I don’ttwo enters the house, GUIDO raises his arms} want to waste my time searching for the peopleGUIDO: I don’t understand. What do you want? who abandoned me in the first place.OEDIPUS: I do not want anything. I’m here to MASTER AXEL: Whew. That’s dark and deep. Bygive you your final sentence due to graft and the way, the old man left you a new mission.corruption. Here.GUIDO: {laughs} Oh, that. That was just a petty {MASTER AXEL hands OEDIPUS a bondcrime. paper, then the latter reads it}OEDIPUS: You call stealing $200,000,000 from MASTER AXEL: Laius Grande: leader of fearedthe citizens a petty crime? syndicate, the “Dark Spawn”. Dark SpawnGUIDO: A small amount, if you ask me. terrorizes villages and holds ransoms for theOEDIPUS: Not to mention bribing criminals, random people they caught. When theirlater to end their life, guilty or not. demands are not met, they decapitate theirGUIDO: Criminals deserve to die. victims. When you have eliminated their leader,OEDIPUS: You deserve to die as well. You made Laius, their group will disperse for sure, for he isa mistake in choosing a place to meet your the brain of the syndicate. His wits arewhore. You also dismissed your body guards. A unparalleled.foolish move. Now you are alone, and you will OEDIPUS: Laius huh.die alone here. You corrupt officials make me MASTER AXEL: What, is something wrong?sick. OEDIPUS: Nothing, the name just soundsGUIDO: And you vigilantes make my blood boil. familiar.What are you going to do, kill me? In that case, MASTER AXEL: Every name sounds familiar.you’re no different from me. I kill criminals as OEDIPUS: Ok. Than off I must go.well. We are just tools of death. MASTER AXEL: Wait, Oedipus. I have a final {OEDIPUS pulls the trigger of his gun question before you leave.and GUIDO dies} OEDIPUS: What is it?OEDIPUS: We are not the same.{fade out} MASTER AXEL: Do you trust our Grand Master? {silence for a while} Scene VI OEDIPUS: Yes, I trust him. Why shouldn’t I?{Setting: HQ} MASTER AXEL: Well…nothing. You haven’t{fade from black} looked him in the eyes, have you? Now off you{OEDIPUS knocks on the G.M.’s room} go.MASTER AXEL: Come in Oedipus. OEDIPUS: How about you Master Axel, do you {OEDIPUS comes in} trust him?MASTER AXEL: Greetings. MASTER AXEL: I’m the only one who’s supposedOEDIPUS: Master Axel, why are you here? to be asking the questions. Now go.MASTER AXEL: Master went on a business trip, OEDIPUS: Right. Later.and he assigned me in his office. So how’s {fade out}everything so far? {OEDIPUS is being dragged by two menOEDIPUS: Fine, all is fine. with hidden facial features, he is brought to aMASTER AXEL: Do you not regret it? room,}OEDIPUS: Regret what? MAN1: Boss, this guy tried to rob one of ourMASTER AXEL: Choosing this life. Being an members.assassin. LAIUS: Really? Leave us.OEDIPUS: No. I do not. Besides, I don’t have MAN1: Yes boss.anything to do in my life. {The two throws OEDIPUS on the floor}
  8. 8. 8LAIUS: What do we have here? A petty thief. LAIUS: To incite fear. And by fear, I thought thatDo you know that your life is in peril because of it would speed up the finding of my son. But Iwhat you’ve done? was wrong. {OEDIPUS is silent} OEDIPUS: What happened to your son?LAIUS: What! Answer me! LAIUS: I’d rather not talk about those private {OEDIPUS is still silent} matters.LAIUS: Very well. If you want to be silent, you OEDIPUS: Let me guess, you abandoned him.might as well be silenced forever. You’re not just a killer, you’re also anOEDIPUS: Wait. Before I die, I want to make a irresponsible parent.final request. LAIUS: Yes. And for the act of penance, I wouldLAIUS: A request eh? You’re in no position to like you to kill me right here and now.bargain. OEDIPUS: No. I can’t.OEDIPUS: It’s my final one, before I meet my LAIUS: But why? Isn’t that why you came here?death bed. OEDIPUS: I don’t know…I just had the urge onLAIUS: Ok. If it’s for the last time. What is it? not to.OEDIPUS: I want you to turn around for 10 LAIUS: Please, kill me now. End my agony.seconds. OEDIPUS: No…LAIUS: Ha! Do you really think I am gullible LAIUS: Then I will take yours instead.enough to follow that order? And after that, {LAIUS draws a gun, OEDIPUS fires awhat? Are you going to stab me? shot, LAIUS dies}OEDIPUS: You are smart enough to know that it OEDIPUS: I really want to spare your life, butis impossible to get out of these binds. Please, you left me no choice.I’m just going to say my prayers. {fade out}LAIUS: Are you going to talk to your god? Fineby me, since you’re going to him afterwards. {LAIUS turns around, after 10 seconds, Scene VIIhe turns around again and sees OEDIPUS {Setting: HQ}standing, pointing a gun to him, LAIUS {fade from black}immediately raises his arms} {OEDIPUS knock on the door}LAIUS: Clever. It is very clever how you got out, G.M. FAUSTUS: So, you’ve succeeded again indespite of the circumstance. your mission.OEDIPUS: And it is very foolish of you to trust an OEDIPUS: I believe so.assassin. G.M. FAUSTUS: Well, let’s waste no time inLAIUS: What do you want? celebrating. It’s time to know your next mission.OEDIPUS: I want to know the cause of your {G.M. FAUSTUS hands him anothersyndicate. After that, I’m going to take your life. bond paper, OEDIPUS reads it}LAIUS: And what if I shouted to my comrades? OEDIPUS: Wait, this is—OEDIPUS: By the time they arrive here, the only G.M. FAUSTUS: Yes. It is Constello. The cause ofthing that they will discover is their leader’s your suffering.dead body. OEDIPUS: This is the chance that I’ve been {silence for a few seconds} waiting for. The time that I kill my brother.LAIUS: Ok. I established the Black Spawn in G.M. FAUSTUS: True. But control yourorder to find my son. In order to do that, we emotions. We end other’s life in order to lethave to get some funds by holding someone in others live.captive. Failure to answer our demands, we’ll {fade out}be releasing the headless body of our prisoner. {Setting: Greco Enterprise Office,OEDIPUS: But why the beheading? Constello’s room, his phone rings}
  9. 9. 9CONSTELLO: {answers the phone} Yes, what is OEDIPUS: Why you! {he points his gun atit? CONSTELLO}OPERATOR: {voice over} Your appointment, sir, CONSTELLO: Do that and I will call the security.with Mr. Edward Grisham. That is by 11:00 AM. You think you’d escape after that? No. OurCONSTELLO: {glances at his watch} Is he here building is swarmed by security personnel.yet? OEDIPUS: I will blast your brains before you doOPERATOR: Yes sir, he is waiting here in the that.lobby. CONSTELLO: But if you do that, you won’t knowCONSTELLO: Right. Send him in. the other reason why you—I mean I, killed mom {CONSTELLO looks shuffles his and dad.paperworks, he hears a knock at the door} OEDIPUS: I’m listening.CONSTELLO: Come in. CONSTELLO: I killed them, because someone {the door opens, OEDIPUS comes in, gave me orders to do so.CONSTELLO is still busy with his paperworks} OEDIPUS: Who is that?CONSTELLO: Well Mr. Grisham, on behalf of our CONSTELLO: {laughs} HA HA HA HA HA! You stillcompany, I would like to thank you for giving us don’t know, do you?a portion of your time. OEDIPUS: Who?OEDIPUS: Hello too, brother. CONSTELLO: Ok. I think you know him. {CONSTELLO stops shuffling the papers OEDIPUS: Enough games.and focuses on OEDIPUS} {OEDIPUS forces CONSTELLO toCONSTELLO: {nervous} Why…he-hello Edipo. consume the hypnothracine, CONSTELLOOEDIPUS: It’s been a long time. How have you struggles but OEDIPUS succeeds}been. OEDIPUS: Now you will follow all of my orders.CONSTELLO: Fine…just fine…been busy lately. {CONSTELLO is dazed, he nods}What do you want? OEDIPUS: Tell me, what made you to frame meOEDIPUS: I want two things: answers and to kill mom and dad?revenge. CONSTELLO: Someone commanded me to doCONSTELLO: Answers? Revenge? I do not know so.what you are talking about. OEDIPUS: Tell me who that is?OEDIPUS: {shouts} Don’t play dumb with me! {silence}CONSTELLO:I don’t know to you Edipo, but you OEDIPUS: {shouts} I said tell me!killed them. Mom and dad. Now you are one of CONSTELLO: I can’t. I’m commanded not to dothe most wanted criminal. What’s you’re trick, so.why hasn’t the damn police officials caught you OEDIPUS: Someone used the hypnothracine toyet! you before?OEDIPUS: I didn’t killed them. You did. You used CONSTELLO: I believe so.the hypnothracine to me. OEDIPUS: Can’t you really say who used it toCONSTELLO: Hypno-what? you?OEDIPUS: What? You don’t know? Then, CONSTELLO: No.wannna try some? {he shows a bottle to OEDIPUS: Ok. I want you to live your lifeCONSTELLO} normally today. You’ll forget that I even visitedCONSTELLO: No, please don’t. you here. Then by tomorrow, after you wokeOEDIPUS: Then why frame me up? Why kill your up, you will take up a knife and slash your wrist.own parents? Can you do that, for mom and dad?CONSTELLO: I wanted to see your downfall. I CONSTELLO: Yes, brother.want you out of the family. Wait, you’re never a OEDIPUS: Thank you brother. Farewell.part of the family in the first place aren’t you? {fade out}
  10. 10. 10 Scene VIII MASTER AXEL: Tell you everything about wha—{Setting: somewhere silent} {OEDIPUS pushes the knife more deeply}{fade from black} OEDIPUS: Enough chatter! What happened onMASTER AXEL: {talking to his phone} Oedipus! the party? Who gave Constello theWhere are you? hypnothracine? {OEDIPUS appears out of nowhere and MASTER AXEL: The Grand Master did!flicks a knife at MASTER AXEL’s throat} OEDIPUS: How sure are you? MASTER AXEL: Very sure. I was there when////////////////////////////////////////////////// Grand Master Faustus gave the bottle to FLASHBACK Constello.////////////////////////////////////////////////// OEDIPUS: Why did you not stop him?OEDIPUS: Master Axel, meet me here at the MASTER AXEL: Who am I to stop the Grand{mouths his words, mute} Master of the assassins? He has absoluteMASTER AXEL: {in HQ} Sure. But why? power! The moment I opposed him there, I willOEDIPUS: I’m going to ask something from you. be killed in an instance.Can you come at once? OEDIPUS: Why did he gave a bottle of theMASTER AXEL: Yes. Is it that urgent? hypnothracine to Constello?OEDIPUS: A matter of life and death, in fact. MASTER AXEL: I…I don’t know!MASTER AXEL: Are you sure it cannot wait? OEDIPUS: Tell the truth! Know!OEDIPUS: I’m afraid not. MASTER AXEL: I really do not know! I was justMASTER AXEL: Ok. I’m on my way. instructed to save you afterwards!////////////////////////////////////////////////// {OEDIPUS releases MASTER AXEL, the END OF FLASHBACK MASTER falls to the floor and gasps for air,////////////////////////////////////////////////// OEDIPUS points a gun to him, wait for at least 10 seconds}MASTER AXEL: Oedipus! What is this?! MASTER AXEL: Do it Oedipus. If you think IOEDIPUS: Tell me! Tell me what happened at deserve to die, do it.the night of the party! OEDIPUS: Why, Master Axel? Why involveMASTER AXEL: Party? What party? Let me go, yourself into this conspiracy?Oedipus! MASTER AXEL: I never wanted to. I just followedOEDIPUS: I won’t if you will not tell me orders. And I owe you my life once. You haveeverything. the right to take it away. {OEDIPUS pushes the knife more deeply {silence for 10 seconds}into MASTER AXEL’s neck} OEDIPUS: And I owe you my life once as well.OEDIPUS: One more second of delay and this {OEDIPUS hides his gun and helpsknife will slice your throat. MASTER AXEL to stand up}MASTER AXEL: Ok, ok I’ll tell you. No need for MASTER AXEL: Thank you, friend.the knife. {OEDIPUS turns around and starts toOEDIPUS: No, the knife will extract answers walk away, when the MASTER starts talking hefrom you. Now, tell me. will stop}MASTER AXEL: Oedipus! I am your superior! I MASTER AXEL: Where are you going now?demand you to release me at once! OEDIPUS: To the Grand Master of the Assassins.OEDIPUS: No master. I will release you after I I’m going to ask him a few questions.got my answers. MASTER AXEL: Right. One question though:MASTER AXEL: What are you talking about? what made you trust me?Oedipus, as your friend, I ask you to release me. OEDIPUS: Instinct, maybe.OEDIPUS: After you tell me everything. MASTER AXEL: Well, you have good instincts there.
  11. 11. 11OEDIPUS: I know. G.M. FAUSTUS: Who poisoned your mind? It’sMASTER AXEL: Good luck Oedipus. Axel, isn’t? {fade out} OEDIPUS: No. It is you who poisoned it. And now, you shall pay. {OEDIPUS fires a shot, but G.M. Scene IX FAUSTUS caught in in his hand}{Setting: HQ} G.M. FAUSTUS: You think I’m going to be dead{fade from black} that easy? I became the Grand Master for a{OEDIPUS knocks on the door, and GRAND reason!MASTER FAUSTUS lets him in} {G.M. FAUSTUS snaps his fingers and aG.M. FAUSTUS: Hello Oedipus. How was your group of assassins surrounds OEDIPUS}brother? G.M. FAUSTUS: Kill the dog that bites hisOEDIPUS: He is at peace now, I presume. master’s hand!G.M. FAUSTUS: Good to hear that. Now, your {fight scene for about 2 minutes,next mission. OEDIPUS defeats all the assassins} {G.M. FAUSTUS hands him the mission} OEDIPUS: Now, it is just you and me, GrandG.M. FAUSTUS: Esfinge. Spanish for ‘Sphinx’. No Master Faustus.one really knows his real name. He is known as G.M. FAUSTUS: Bring. It. On.Esfinge or ‘Sphinx’ because of the way he uses {fight scene for at least 1 minute,human corpses. He sews them together in order OEDIPUS is cornered, he holds out a bottle}to fashion them as different creatures. Once, OEDIPUS: One wrong move and I’ll make youEsfinge is a respected doctor, but lost his sanity my slave forever!when his wife was mutilated by someone. After G.M. FAUSTUS: {laughs} What are you going tothat, he worked underground, experimenting do, throw that to me? Oedipus, your naivetyon people on how they will die. never fails to make me laugh.OEDIPUS: Sounds like another nutcase. {OEDIPUS throws the bottle to G.M.G.M. FAUSTUS: It is. Now go and finish that off. FAUSTUS, the G.M. catches the bottle and {OEDIPUS stays there for at least 10 OEDIPUS uses this opportunity to tackle G.M.seconds} FAUSTUS, the G.M. dodges, but his knife isG.M. FAUSTUS: Yes, Oedipus? What are you still thrown away, G.M. FAUSTUS spills the contentswaiting for? The killer ain’t going to kill himself. of the bottle to OEDIPUS}OEDIPUS: Grand Master, can you really be G.M. FAUSTUS: What! Why didn’t it work!trusted? OEDIPUS: That’s because that’s just plain water.G.M. FAUSTUS: What kind of question is that? This is the real thing.You know in yourself the answer to that. {OEDIPUS produces another bottle andOEDIPUS: My brother gave me a lot of answers. throws the contents into G.M. FAUSTUS, theBut he left me a lot of questions as well. G.M. is dazed}Perhaps you know the answers to those? G.M. FAUSTUS: No…it…can’t…be… {OEDIPUS points a gun at G.M. OEDIPUS: It’s over, Grand Master. Now, I wantFAUSTUS} you to follow all my commands.G.M. FAUSTUS: What’s the meaning of this?! G.M. FAUSTUS: Yes Oedipus.OEDIPUS: It means that you are going to answer OEDIPUS: Tell me, why give did you use theevery question that I’ll ask. hypnothracine to Constello? Why give a bottleG.M. FAUSTUS: You can’t do that. I’m the Grand to him?Master. G.M. FAUSTUS: I did that to have a successor.OEDIPUS: Yes you are. And also a traitor. The And that’s you. I made him made you kill yourcause of my misery ever since. parents in order to detach yourself from the world. To not to trust anyone in the world but
  12. 12. 12me. I did that to deceive you, in order to have a OEDIPUS: Don’t thank me yet. Time for me totrusted protector when I reach an old age. Our end the doctor’s services. Stay here.brotherhood has many groups inside. I just {OEDIPUS searches the rooms and findswanted some allies and I want you as one of Esfinge a moment later}them. ESFINGE: So, you’re the hero that saved theOEDIPUS: Did Master Axel know about this? princess. And I’m the villain that tried to kill theG.M. FAUSTUS: No, he did not. He is just one of princess. What’s the ending? The hero alwaysmy chess pieces here in the brother hood of the tries to kill the villain after rescuing theassassins. Like you. You are another of my chess princess.piece. OEDIPUS: And that’s what I’m going to do. TimeOEDIPUS: You treacherous traitor! Kill yourself! to end your career permanently, Dr. Esfinge.G.M. FAUSTUS: Gladly. ESFINGE: Wait a second. I vowed to myself that {G.M. FAUSTUS produces a knife and I would not be killed by another lowly life likestabs himself with it, he dies} yours. I will change the ending: instead of theG.M. FAUSTUS: Oedipus…the chess piece. hero killing the villain, why not the villain killingOEDIPUS: Your game of chess is over. himself? Like what I’m going to do now.Checkmate. {ESFINGE produces a gun and shoots {fade out} himself, he dies} OEDIPUS: Saves me an effort. {OEDIPUS returns to the room where Scene X JOCASTA is}{Setting: an empty room} OEDIPUS: Are you alright?{fade from black} JOCASTA: Yes, I am. Thank you again for saving{OEDIPUS comes in the room and finds a woman me.sitting on a chair with a bomb attached to her} OEDIPUS: What is your name?JOCASTA: Please, help! Help me! JOCASTA: Jocasta.OEDIPUS: Calm down. OEDIPUS: A nice name. I’m Oedipus. Why are {a laptop lights up and plays a video, you here?Esfinge appears on the video and says the JOCASTA: I don’t know. I was just taking as strollfollowing dialogue} when suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my neck.ESFINGE: Greetings. Our experiment for today is Then everything went black. When I woke up, Iabout “What Will Happen To A Woman Being found myself in this room, with the bombWhen A Time Bomb Is Attached To Her”. Will attached to me.she be blown to pieces, or will she disintegrate OEDIPUS: An unlucky day for you to take a walk.to into atomic bits? Either ways, there is one Now, return to your town Jocasta.end result: she will die. I already got a JOCASTA: I don’t want to.hypothesis, but this experiment will prove it so. OEDIPUS: Why?And to you, the hero that appears out of JOCASTA: I don’t want to live the same lifenowhere: I can see here, and you have a minute again. I’m looking for two persons that hadto save the damsel in distress. Else, both you made an impact on my life. Now I’m tired ofand that woman will die together in my searching everywhere. I want to live a new life.chamber of horror. I hope you are ready, OEDIPUS: Then take me with you.because the timer starts now. JOCASTA: Why? {the video ends, the timer starts, OEDIPUS: I’m tired of this bloodshed. My handsOEDIPUS tries to cuts every wire of the bomb, had their enough fill of blood. I want to washwhen there is only 5 seconds left he successfully them now. May I join you?dismantled a bomb} JOCASTA: Yes.JOCASTA: Thanks. OEDIPUS: Then let us begin a new life together.
  13. 13. 13 {fade out} let them know that I’ve started a new life with you. Scene XI OEDIPUS: Ok dear. I love you. I’m so happy to{Setting: assorted places} have you.{fade from black} JOCASTA: I love you too. I’m lucky to have you{five minutes scenes showing OEDIPUS and too.JOCASTA together, the shots show that the two {the two continues to walk until theyare already lovers, the shots progress until the reach a house, JOCASTA knocks on the door andtwo are already married} it is opened by TIRESIAS} {fade from black} TIRESIAS: I’ve been expecting you. Come in. {the two comes in and sits on a chair/sofa} Scene XII JOCASTA: {to OEDIPUS} Love, my mother is{Setting: a sidewalk, then a sidewalk} blind since the day of her birth, but she can do{fade from black} everyday things just like a normal person.{OEDIPUS and JOCASTA are walking together, {OEDIPUS nods}holding hands} TIRESIAS: Tell me what you want to know.OEDIPUS: Where are we going? JOCASTA: Hello too mother. Long time no see.JOCASTA: We’re going to visit my mother. How are you?OEDIPUS: I didn’t know that your mother’s still TIRESIAS: Fine. Let’s get to business, shall we?alive. JOCASTA: Right. Mother, I want to know whereJOCASTA: I don’t know if she’s still alive. I my ex-husband is now. Is he still alive?haven’t visited her for 10 years. {TIRESIAS scans her crystal ball/her deckOEDIPUS: Why didn’t you visit her? of cards}JOCASTA: She predicted something wrong. She TIRESIAS: Your previous husband, my dear child,is a fortune teller, you see. She is the one that is now dead.ruined my life. She was never wrong, not until JOCASTA: My god! Mother, are you sure?that prediction she gave to me and my previous TIRESIAS: Yes. Do you doubt my abilities?husband. That mistake destroyed my JOCASTA: Yes mother, I doubt them. Ever sincerelationship to him. that fateful day.OEDIPUS: I see. You never told me the name of TIRESIAS: Then why return here?your husband. {JOCASTA becomes silent for a fewJOCASTA: It doesn’t matter anymore. Because I seconds}have you. TIRESIAS: That answers it.OEDIPUS: What was your mother’s prediction? JOCASTA: Wait mother. If he’s really dead, howJOCASTA: That me and my husband’s first son did he die?will bring downfall to our family. TIRESIAS: He’s murdered.OEDIPUS: You two had a child? JOCASTA: Murdered?JOCASTA: Yes. TIRESIAS: Yes. Murdered by the hands of hisOEDIPUS: Where is he now? own son. Your son killed his own father.JOCASTA: I don’t know. My husband took him. I JOCASTA: You’re lying. Just like the last time.searched and search everywhere. I searched for Liar!many years. But the day I met you, I became TIRESIAS: I never lie. And never was I wrong.tired of searching. Maybe the two are gone, and Remember that Jocasta. Never.it’s time to give them a rest. But now, we are OEDIPUS: Joc, dear, may I know the name ofgoing to mother’s for the last time, just to know your ex-husband?where the two are. To bid farewell to them. To JOCASTA: Laius. OEDIPUS: Laius?
  14. 14. 14JOCASTA: Yes dear. Laius Grande, that’s his permanent. The change that we make affects aname. The bastard that took our son away. limited time frame of our destiny, but byOEDIPUS: No…it can’t be. making that change, we erase the thought that {OEDIPUS seems to be troubled} the ending is permanent. We believe that ourJOCASTA: Dear, are you alright? ending is changeable, and that is a good thing.OEDIPUS: Yes…just continue. Who knows, what if destiny really isJOCASTA: If you say so. Mother, where is my changeable?son now? Do not try to find me. I amTIRESIAS: You don’t need to look for him nowhere to be found now. Start a new life.anymore. He’s he right not. He’s beside you. Forget me. Forget that you had a son, and thatJOCASTA: No mother. This is serious. Where is that son killed his father and married you.my son? Start a new life with my halfTIRESIAS: Oedipus, tell my daughter you once brother and our son.slaughtered a man named Laius Grande. Your son and your husband, {OEDIPUS is still silent} Oedipus Rex.JOCASTA: Dear, is that true? {JOCASTA touches her tummy}OEDIPUS: Yes. It is true. {fade out}TIRESIAS: See. My prophecy is right. Your childwill bring downfall to your family. Your son willkill his own father. Your son will marry his own Scene XIVmother. Jocasta, meet your son, the killer of {Setting: empty room, a table, 8 peopleyour husband, Oedipus. including OEDIPUS playing Russian Roulette} {fade out} {fade from black} {One guy spins the gun, then it points to another guy, that guy will pull the trigger against his Scene XIII head and nothing happens, that guy will spin{Setting: a bedroom} the gun again, then another one is chosen, same{fade from black} effect as the first one, the gun points to{JOCASTA reads a letter while sitting} OEDIPUS, when he pulled the trigger, fade out}OEDIPUS: {voice over} My dear. I don’t know if I {roll credits}should call you mother or my love. Things arevery confusing between us now. First I wouldlike you to thank you for everything. The fiveyears of us being together is a very wonderful ~FIN~period of my life. You bring light to my wreckingworld then. I hope I did the same to you. Who are we to blame for ourdestiny? God? Karma? The Fates? No. Weshould not blame anyone. The fates that wehumans encounter are created for us to teach alesson: that there is an invisible force guiding usin a path that it choses. And we cannot alterthat path. Or can we? I believe that wecan change the path of our destiny. I know thatwe cannot change it forever, but we can changeit for a while. We can change the middle part,but not the end. The end is predestined. It is