Presentation of current research: distributed architecture for recommendations on the Web of Data


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Presentation about current and future research for my PhD

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Presentation of current research: distributed architecture for recommendations on the Web of Data

  1. 1. Digital Enterprise Research Institute Distributed architecture for recommendations on the Web of Data Benjamin Heitmann  Copyright 2009 Digital Enterprise Research Institute. All rights reserved. Chapter
  2. 2. About me Digital Enterprise Research Institute  PhD student at Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway: “Distributed architecture for knowledge discovery in linked data”  computer science master from University of Karlsruhe, Germany: Transitioning web application frameworks towards the Semantic Web (2008)  Philosophy was a minor subject for my masters (information ethics, political philosophy)  28 years old, German citizen, born in Switzerland, grew up in south Germany (Baden-Württemberg, the part of the South which is not Bavaria :) Benjamin Heitmann
  3. 3. Research interests: Digital Enterprise Research Institute  the architecture of the Web, the Semantic Web and the Web of Data  the influence of these architectures on the ability to provide recommendations  identifying and creating best practices and guidelines for enabling recommendations on the Web of Data  engineering solutions like software components and frameworks to provide recommendations on the Web of Data  understanding interplay between social uptake of standards and architecture of the Web of Data Benjamin Heitmann
  4. 4. Recent work: identifying common components of Semantic Web applications Digital Enterprise Research Institute Authoring User interface Interface (92%) Search (32%) Service (81%) Data Interface Integration (100%) Service (72%) Persistent Remote Crawler Storage Data (35%) (91%) Sources from: Heitmann, B., et al., “Towards a reference architecture for Semantic Web applications,” Proceedings of the 1st Int. Web Science Conference, 2009 Benjamin Heitmann
  5. 5. Common components of a Semantic Web application Digital Enterprise Research Institute  Data Interface (100%): Abstraction layer regarding implementation, number &distribution of persistence layers.  Persistent Storage (91%): Persistent storage of data and run time state.  User Interface (92%): Human accessible interface for using application and viewing data. (“read-only”)  Authoring Interface (32%): Edit, create, import or export data.  Integration Service (72%): Merge Structure, Syntax or Semantics of data from multiple heterogeneous sources.  Search Service (81%): Search on content + semantic features.  Crawler (35%): Retrieval of remote data for integration service. Benjamin Heitmann
  6. 6. State of the art: recommender systems Digital Enterprise Research Institute  Problem: to much data to be viewed by humans. Application logic  Pre-selection necessary!  current recommender Recommendation algorithm systems:  one data source with one data model Data source  one recommendation algorithm  system fine-tuned for one closed system, e.g. fixed domain (e.g. books) Amazon book recommendation  closed, internal system Benjamin Heitmann
  7. 7. Future research: distributed architecture for recommendations on the Web of Data Digital Enterprise Research Institute  distributed Application logic recommender systems:  multiple data sources Recommendation algorithm  portable across domains Data integration  using linked data  Challenges:  identify stake-holders Data providing Data integration  which algorithms are application provider suited for such Data recommendations? Data source 1 Data source 2 source 3  How do architecture and algorithm influence each other? Benjamin Heitmann