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May bagyo ma't ma'y rilim


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May bagyo ma't ma'y rilim

  1. 1. May BagyoMa’t, Ma’yRilim (Though it is Stormy and Dark) Though it is stormy and dark, I’ll strain my tearful plaints And struggle on- I’ll set out in voyage And persist in my search For God our Father. Though it doesn’t sleep a wink, This temptation bearing down on me, Still will I dare To read this book, And from it, draw The weapon I’ll wield. Having lost my sight in the past. I’m giving Thanks For this Light Which God let shine Upon the priest who has made known This noble book.
  2. 2. Though tossed and dashed By huge waves, I’ll trash my legs And renew my strength- In this [book] will I grasp For the bouy that saves. Though disabled and limping, Nothing can hold back my steps, For this [book] will take me by the hand And show me the way- The staff was prepared To give me strength.