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Horizon Scanning – Know the future of science today


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Learn how Meta leverages world-leading AI originally created for U.S. Intelligence to provide innovation-driven companies with a privileged view of the future trajectories of science & technology.

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Horizon Scanning – Know the future of science today

  1. 1. Horizon Scanning Background Horizon Scanning A novel approach to scanning the scientific, technical and medical horizon for signs of future emergence.
  2. 2. Horizon Scanning Background In the global life sciences marketplace,
  3. 3. Horizon Scanning Background the ability to detect emerging technologies that are still in their infancy is a critical marker for success.
  4. 4. Horizon Scanning Background Whether it’s identifying early-stage in-licensing or acquisition opportunities,
  5. 5. Horizon Scanning Background Identifying emerging science and technology for therapeutic and product areas,
  6. 6. Horizon Scanning Background Or even increasing the efficiency of existing R&D pipelines.
  7. 7. 7 1.5M biomedical papers per year However, with the rising pace of global research output, 2.7M patents applications Per year
  8. 8. 8 too much data is being produced for human efforts alone to interpret.
  9. 9. Horizon Scanning Background Analysts need new approaches to enable them to continually scan for signs of scientific and technical emergence.
  10. 10. Horizon Scanning BackgroundComplete. Continual. Unbiased.
  11. 11. Meta Horizon Scanning Predictive early awareness for science/IP
  12. 12. Horizon Scanning allows innovation-driven companies to scan the entire corpus of scientific and patent literature for signs of technical emergence.
  13. 13. Identifying the emerging research being worked on by the next big PIs, academic medical centers and early-stage start-ups. Identifying early emergences in drug discovery, drug therapy and translational medicine. Identifying opportunities for drug repositioning, repurposing, and rescue. Here are just a few applications:
  14. 14. Meta Horizon Scanning was originally developed for a U.S. National Intelligence Program. IARPA
  15. 15. The goal was to create “a crystal ball for science and technology.” IARPA
  16. 16. Horizon Scanning Background • 5 year U.S. intelligence program, SRI International was prime contractor • Goal - enable early reliable detection and monitoring of technical emergence (Horizon Scanning) through machine intelligence • Scientific and patent literature (domestic and foreign) Past SRI Companies: SIRI (acq: Apple), TempoAI (acq: SalesForce), Redwood Robotics (acq: Google), Trap!T, Nuance
  17. 17. Meta Horizon Scanning is built upon a central hypothesis:
  18. 18. Meta Horizon Scanning is built upon a central hypothesis: Real-world processes of technical emergence leave discernable traces in the public, scientific, and patent literature. * * Murdick, D.A “Foresight and Understanding from Scientific Exposition.” Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Retrieved 19 July 2016.
  19. 19. Since change is a significant signal of emergence,
  20. 20. then it should follow that those changes could be mapped through semantic and linguistic patterns in the literature,* * Alexander, Jeffrey “A Reasoning-based Framework for the Computation of Technical Emergence.” SRI International. GTM 2013. 25September 2013. p8.
  21. 21. and subtle signals of emerging technical areas could be detected years in advance.
  22. 22. Meta Horizon Scanning leverages world- leading AI to scan the scientific and technical horizon at a speed and scale that far exceed human ability. * Hemsoth, Nicole. “Why the Golden Age of Machine Learning is just Beginning.” The Next Platform. 20 October, 2015. Retrieved 18 July 2016.
  23. 23. However, the key to success in Horizon Scanning is not just in the power of the algorithms, it is in having access to the content.
  24. 24. Over the past five years, Meta has created relationships with 40 of the world’s leading scientific, technical and medical publishers,
  25. 25. effectively creating the largest commercial STM text-mining collection on Earth.
  26. 26. Horizon Scanning Background Type Domain Language Volume Coverage Closed-access full-text articles Science and technical literature English 28M 1900 - 2016 Open–access repositories Science and technical literature English 26M 1980 - 2016 US Patent and Trademark Office Patent database English 9.7M (app) 4.9M (grant) ~1980-2016 $850M $850M In Peer-Reviewed Research Content Meta’s content sources
  27. 27. In exchange for their content, publishers leverage Meta’s AI to enable article discovery across Meta’s entire platform, Life Science Analytics Horizon Scanning Meta Science
  28. 28. putting more journals and papers into the hands of researchers and innovation-driven companies around the globe. Life Science Analytics Horizon Scanning Meta Science
  29. 29. Horizon Scanning Background Horizon Scanning Background With Meta Horizon Scanning, innovation teams have a privileged view of the future trajectories of science and technology.
  30. 30. Horizon Scanning Background Horizon Scanning Background And with it, a unique competitive advantage that will keep them ahead.
  31. 31. Horizon Scanning Background Learn more about Horizon Scanning. Download the Whitepaper Book a demo