Twilio and Salesforce - Building SMS and Voice Integrations into


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The Twilio Helper Library for Salesforce provides an Apex interface to Twilio, making it easy to send and receive voice calls and text messages from the Sales and Service Clouds, and your own applications. This session will get you started with the helper library, show you how to leverage Twilio for SMS lead generation in just a few lines of Apex code, and walk you through creating a simple, yet powerful, interactive voice response (IVR) system that greets callers by name and routes their calls to the correct representative.

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  • Am gettin tough time with my banks sales job. Can someone pls help me?
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  • Am gettin tough time with my banks sales job. Can someone pls help me?
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Twilio and Salesforce - Building SMS and Voice Integrations into

  1. Twilio and Salesforce: Building SMS andVoice Integrations into Force.comPat PattersonPrincipal Developer Evangelist /metadaddy @metadaddy in/metadaddy
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  3. AgendaSMS lead generationCall routing
  4. SMS Lead Generation
  5. User storyAs a marketer, I want to runcampaigns that generate leads byinviting prospective customers to sendtheir email addresses to us via SMS.
  6. Three challenges Calling in to Salesforce from Twilio with an incoming SMS Creating a Lead record and associating it with the correct Campaign record Calling out from Salesforce to Twilio with an SMS reply
  7. Sidebar: is a Platform-as-a-Service that allows you to create and extend business apps Code is in Apex, markup in Visualforce All code runs on the platform Twilio Helper Library for Salesforce – – Apex bindings for Twilio API
  8. Webhooks on Create an Apex REST method Expose it on a public URL via a Site – Don’t forget to make the class accessible!
  9. Try it out!$ curl https://twilioapi-developer-edition name=Pat$ curl -H Content-Type: application/json -d {"name" : "Pat"} https://twilioapi-developer-edition"Well, hello Pat"
  10. Creating a Lead, attaching it to a Campaign Campaign has custom field ‘Phone’ Look up Campaign via recipient caller id Create a new Lead record – Populate with email and phone number Link Lead to Campaign Reply via SMS, email
  11. Remember security! Validate signature on incoming request – Otherwise… ALL YOUR SYSTEM ARE BELONG TO US!
  12. SMS from Twilio Helper Library abstracts away the details Remember security! – Configure as a remote site
  13. Try it out!SMS your email to 408-724-8777
  14. Call Routing
  15. User storyAs a customer service manager, I wantcallers to be greeted by name and thenautomatically connected to theiraccount representative.
  16. Four challenges Connecting a voice call with Salesforce Locating the record for the caller’s account rep Responding with the rep’s name Connecting call with account rep
  17. Receiving a call Render TwiML via Visualforce page on site (publicly accessible) Call data passed as request parameters – AccountSid – From – To – etc
  18. Locating the caller’s account rep
  19. Responding with the rep’s name,connecting the call
  20. Did you spot the security hole?
  21. Validate Incoming Parameters
  22. Wrapping up The Twilio Helper Library for Salesforce provides an Apex binding for interacting with Twilio from Implementing business requirements requires surprisingly little code Don’t forget about security – have your implementation reviewed!