How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Open Source Identity (Paris Edition)


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Day 2 keynote at ForgeRock Euro Open Identity Summit 2013

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Open Source Identity (Paris Edition)

  1. 1. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Open Source Identity Open Identity Summit, Domaine de Béhoust, France, October 2013 Pat Patterson Principal Developer Evangelist @metadaddy
  2. 2. Pat Patterson @metadaddy 2004: Technical Product Manager • Sun Access Manager 2005: Federation Architect • Sun Access Manager 2005: „Community Guy‟ • OpenSSO 2009: Principal Engineer • Huawei Cloud Storage 2010: Principal Developer Evangelist •
  3. 3. Back in the Dark Ages (2004) Sun Java System Access Manager • Suffered multiple renamings/rebrandings (iDSAME, Sun ONE) • Functional product, but undistinguished
  4. 4. Let’s Open Source it! Announced at Catalyst 2005 Following in footsteps of Solaris, Java, Glassfish, etc Disrupt the marketplace Get back on the radar “Crazy Ivan move” – John Loiacono, Sun EVP for Software
  5. 5. Stakeholder Reaction Customers • Ambivalent or positive Press/Analysts • “Sun is back in the game!” Engineering Team • Mixed emotions – from excitement to fear!
  6. 6. OpenSSO Highlights Aug 2006: Repository opened Jan 2007: First Production deployment? May 2007: Sep 2008: Federation at CALGB Mar 2009: OpenSSO Community Day, NYU
  7. 7. And then April 20, 2009 happened “Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) and Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Oracle will acquire Sun […]” Redwood Shores, CA - April 20, 2009
  8. 8. Stakeholder Reaction Customers • WTF! Press/Analysts • WTF! Employees • WTF!
  9. 9. But Then… ForgeRock announces OpenAM!
  10. 10. Open Source is Integral Open Web Standards • OAuth, OpenID Connect, SCIM Open Source Libraries • Just search GitHub! Open Source Products • OpenAM, OX, Syncope
  11. 11. In The Past, Identity Was Only About Managing Employee Apps Firewal l Identity
  12. 12. Today, Employees Are Using Devices and Apps From Everywhere Firewal l Identity
  13. 13. Identity Challenges Grow Exponentially With Customers, Partners and Products $6.9B Identity Market by 2017* Firewal l Identity *Source: IDC Worldwide IAM 2013-2017 Forecast, June 2013
  14. 14. Introducing Salesforce Identity: Now Generally Available Salesforce Identity Identity for the Connected World Integrated identity services to connect every employee, customer and partner to any app, on any device User Directory Directory Integration Single Sign-On Access Management Mobile Identity External Identities Brandable Services Social Collaboration
  15. 15. Salesforce Identity Connect Enterprise Class Integration • Leverage your existing directory services • Single Sign-On for Web, Mobile and API • Integrated Windows Authentication • Active Provisioning / Deprovisioning • Attribute / Schema mapping and transforms • Directory Resolution
  16. 16. Find out more