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Nyas ml-4sq-2


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Nyas ml-4sq-2

  1. 1. Machine Learning andBig Data at FoursquareBlake Shaw, PhDData Scientist @ Foursquare@metablake
  2. 2. What is foursquare? An app that helps you explore your city and connect with friends A platform for location based services and
  3. 3. What is foursquare? People use foursquare to: • check in to places • discover new places • share w/ friends • get tips about places • get deals • earn points and badges
  4. 4. What is foursquare?Mobile Social Local
  5. 5. Stats10,000,000+ people25,000,000+ places1,000,000,000+ check-ins10,000+ actions/second
  6. 6. Growth
  7. 7. Growth
  8. 8. Growth
  9. 9. Learning with location data• Check-ins are a rich source of data that describe human behavior• We apply machine learning algorithms to the collective movement patterns of millions of people to build exciting new services
  10. 10. Recommendation engine• foursquare explore provides realtime recommendations using: • location • time of day • check-in history • friends preferences
  11. 11. Signals about places
  12. 12. Networks of people
  13. 13. Networks of peopleBrooklyn Manha-an SF Australia
  14. 14. Open questions• How to measure similarity between people and places?• How to determine influence in large networks of people and places?• What statistics can we use to describe people’s behavior in the real-world?• How do we predict what information will be
  15. 15. Our data stack• MongoDB• Amazon S3, Elastic Mapreduce• Hadoop• Hive• Flume• R and Matlab
  16. 16. Join us!foursquare is hiring!85+ people and