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Dessy's WOW: IKEA

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Dessy's WOW: IKEA

  1. 1. This is me…here on top of the world…but now having difficulties making a movie… so moving on to using alternatives to share my WOW brand
  2. 2. It is IKEA ! IKEA, really? Why? Because they help come up with the smartest ways of furnishing my small world – my home.
  3. 3. They redefined “space” in the place we live in and there are always things coming out of other things or hanging on some other things 
  4. 4. I fell in love with IKEA during a summer holiday in Greece, when I visited for the first time an IKEA store….it was 5 years ago… and since then it is the STORE
  5. 5. Everything in my place in Bucharest is from IKEA The Red couch for my guests….
  6. 6. the black couch predominantly for me
  7. 7. The carpet The frying pan The silverware The kitchen The coffee cups The plates The coasters The table The pillows The candles The curtains…
  8. 8. Everything in my bedroom OK let’s not go there now… you should trust me on this one
  9. 9. My bathroom
  10. 10. … I love their well designed items at SMART prices and the fact that there is always the colour, the shape and the size you need to make your idea reality
  11. 11. And when I see that colourful thing at home… it just puts a smile on my face…and for those who know me they know it is a WOW smile 
  12. 12. THE END