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Trip around the neighbourhood


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Published in: Travel, Education
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Trip around the neighbourhood

  1. 2. Farggi is an ice-cream factory...
  2. 3. What is the name of this park? Umm…
  3. 4. POBLENOU CENTRAL PARK Very easy!
  4. 5. Can you tell me the name of the architect who designed this park?
  5. 6. And he also designed the Agbar Tower... Jean Nouvel!
  6. 7. At the police station.
  7. 8. I like the motorbikes…
  8. 9. The Me Hotel is our favourite!
  9. 10. The Me Hotel is a skyscraper!
  10. 11. Look, look Marc!
  11. 12. Wow!
  12. 13. I can see Can Felipa Sports Centre! This was the ancient Provençals School.
  13. 14. At the fire station
  14. 15. I like this monument... Firefighters help people...
  15. 16. This is the Can Framis museum! Look a chimney!
  16. 17. Media TIC has a covering of plastic inflatable bubbles!
  17. 18. Media TIC is my favourite building! I prefer the Agbar Tower!
  18. 19. Look, BTV !!!
  19. 20. I’ll take a picture! This statues are made of volcanic rock!
  20. 21. Let’s go!
  21. 22. The AgbarTower is very impressive!!!