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SCAN: Winter 2011


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SCAN is SCAD Atlanta's award-winning, student-produced quarterly magazine.

Published in: Design
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SCAN: Winter 2011

  1. 1. S CAD AT L AN TAS S TU DE N T M AGA Z I N EW I NT E R 2 0 11 » VO L. 3, NO . 2 W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 1
  2. 2. GPB C E L E B RA T E S OF PROG R AMMING E X C E L L E N C ECelebrate 50 years of broadcasting excellence with Georgia Public Broadcasting. This year, GPB is unveiling threenew documentaries which highlight some of our state’s most fascinating people and stories. As If We WereY O U C A N B E A P A R T O F I T A L LVisit for more information and view clips from Augusta’s Master Plan, As If We WereGhosts and Margaret Mitchell.You can also learn more about all of the programs airing on GPB Television and GPB Radio, GPB’s award-winningnewscasts, and the outstanding educational resources GPB provides to teachers and students across Georgia. worth sharing How Do You Get GPB? For a complete list of stations, programming information or GPB membership questions, visit, email or call GPB Member & Audience Services at 1.800.222.4788 or 404.685.4788 in the Atlanta area.
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS » ETSY VENDORS WORTH THE TIME 5ABOUT THE ISSUE These sellers make the cool stuff so you dont have to.In an age of digital workspaces and on-demand » THE VINYL TOUCH 6laser printing, we sometimes forget the tactile, Retro records remain relevant.visceral processes that preceded modern tech-nology. Not too long ago, there were no word » TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS 10processors or Adobe Illustrator, no cameras or Five SCAD students set out on their own.MP3s. This issue is a love letter to the methodsof yore, the artists and craftsmen who swim » DREAMS OF A GOLDEN LIFE 14upstream against the flow of time, to show the A tale of love, longing and of bits and bloops that there is still valuein analog creations. » SHOWCASE 20 Featuring the best student work from the School of Fine Arts. » WORLD TRENDS: MELBOURNE 26 Go Down Under and get a taste of this Australian hotspot.Printmaker COLLEEN CAMERON » SUNNY SIDE UP 28Cover Photo SEAN WRIGHT A look at the most important accessory of the day. W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 1
  5. 5. CONTRIBUTORSCOLLEEN CAMERON ALEXANDRA SOWERS BARRY LEEPr intm a ker, Cover W r ite r , Ets y Ven d ors Wor th th e T i m e I l l u stra tor , T h e V i n y l Tou chCHRISTIE HUDSON RON HEDGEPETH JAMES RISPEKM o de l , Drea ms of a Gol d e n L ife Mo d e l , D rea m s of a Gol d en Li fe M od el , D rea m s of a Gol d e n LifeSHAMIKA MAXIE KREERATH SUNITTRAMAT CARRIE FLEMISTERH air , Drea ms of a Gold e n L ife P ho to g ra p h er , D rea m s of a Gol d en Li fe M od el , Su n n y Si d e UpAbout SCAN Magazine Contact UsSCAN is the quarterly student magazine of the Savan- SCAN Magazine Office  » 404.253.2738nah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. All editorial SCAD Atlanta Fax » 404.897.4888content is determined by student editors. Opinions 1600 Peachtree St. » scan.magazine @ scadconnector.comexpressed in SCAN Magazine are not necessarily those Atlanta, GA 30309 » the college.©2011 SCAN Magazine. All rights reserved. No part ofthis magazine may be reproduced in any form withoutwritten permission from the publisher. W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 3
  6. 6. Northside Dr 1460 Northside Dr Howell Mill Rd NW om Atlanta, GA 30318 axso u t h .c 404.352.7200 samfl Deering Rd NW SCAD Peachtree W Sam S tN voted best art store 6 years in a row hop students receive a 10% discount off Flax Bis 17th St NW of our already low prices 16th St NW 14th St NW LISTEN the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations through an organ. It is one of the traditional five senses. Discover something new — listen to SCAD Atlanta Radio. Now playing in The Hub! SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  7. 7. In an era of mass-produced and unoriginal merchandise, Etsy, anonline marketplace, continues the tradition of selling handmadegoods. Buyers can find any object their hearts desire. Categories ETSY VENDORSinclude housewares, needlecraft, vintage and “geekery.” By mergingold traditions with this new way of promoting products, artists canelevate their craft, develop an online following and get their creativejuices flowing through inspiration from other Etsy sellers. The fol-lowing is a selection of artists whose handmade goods and interest- WORTH THE TIMEing ideas may inspire you in your own creative endeavors. » Written by ALEXANDRA“Cute-sturbing” The Art of Joe Havasy Une Italienne à Paris! Extraordinary Knitwear DesignsJoe Havasy paints brightly colored creatures Inspired by the City of Light and the many As an avid knitter, StudioCybele createsin quirky and sometimes devilish scenarios, cultures found there, Memi the Rainbow designs using what she calls a “better pointand enjoys making art “that is both cute and creates felt jewelry, rubber stamps and of view." Her bright scarves, chunky shawlsdisturbing, and beyond all, beautiful to look handmade spats with a personal, intimate and other fashions exhibit classic knitwearat.” His work has a tongue-in-cheek humor feel. A self-described dreamer, her creations standards with a modern twist, slightlythat comes from those “what if?” moments. hold heartfelt and childlike sensibilities. influenced by the Far East. W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 5
  8. 8. THE VINYL TOUCH Written by OSAYI ENDOLYN Illustration by BARRY LEE “Whoa. Whoa! What album is that?” The Zifty delivery guy pointed behind me. Forty-five minutes earlier, I had ordered a chicken Parmesan sub through The Zifty people pick up your takeout order from restaurants that don’t deliver, and bring it right to you. I was famished. It was one of those offensively cold nights just before Atlanta was held hostage by snow and ice. My kitchen offered unattractive options ranging from uncooked pasta to granola, and I was not about to brave the weather. So when I opened the door to the nice Zifty man holding my sandwich from Noni’s Italian Deli, I could have grabbed his face and smacked a juicy one right on him. I tipped the man instead. Then things took a detour.6 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  9. 9. W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 7
  10. 10. “Do you mind if I take a look at it?” he asked. music meditation. He stood on one side of the stepped through my front door and walked up door, I was on the other, an album hovered that stairway, he might have wanted to smack I was confused at first. This is not how it usu- between us while my chicken Parmesan rested a juicy one on me. My husband and I own ally works: I’m hungry, you bring food, I pay behind me. It smelled delicious. Another about 600 albums. At some point counting you, you leave. Then it clicked. My stairway minute passed as he commented on Jackson them became silly. leading up to the second floor was in clear and his love for vinyl in general. Then, a brief view, and it was lined with vinyl records. They silence. If he made a break for it, I wasn’t go- A DIFFERENT WORLD sit flush against the wall, from top to bottom, ing to chase him. kept out of the way by clear plastic bookends. Some of the records were purchased, most we Zifty Man was referencing the front album adopted. There’s a lot of good music out there on the first step. I set down my sandwich that faces abandonment. Rod Stewart, Stevie and picked up the record, bringing it over Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Prince — they to him. needed a home, so we took them in. And where does one put 600 al- “The Joe Jackson?” bums? Everywhere. They line both stairways in our townhome. “Yeah,” he nodded enthusi- They are framed artwork on astically. “I hope you don’t the walls. They are conversa- mind. I’m a part-time DJ tion starters stacked un- and I collect records. I love derneath the coffee table. Joe Jackson, but I’ve never You can’t go anywhere in seen that album.” my house without running into an album. The record in question was “Body and Soul,” released Each record has its own in 1984, influenced by jazz, richness – not just because pop and salsa. The cover of the music it holds, but be- is striking. The 30-year-old cause of the sensation you get Jackson is posed against a black when you hold it. Something background and he’s tinted a fragile bubbles up, something fiery red. His saxophone is front you miss out on with an MP3 file, and center, and he holds a burning streaming music, or even a CD. I’m cigarette while staring into the distance. not talking about the audiophile debate The artwork on “Body and Soul” pays homage that’s gone on since the dawn of digital, or to the 1957 release “Vol. 2” by Sonny Rollins, “Sorry,” he said finally, with an apologetic the efficacy of vinyl sound quality versus master saxophonist of the bebop era. Zifty laugh. He handed the record back to me. other mediums. I’m talking about that tactile Man held the record in his hands, turned it element. The thing that made Zifty Man linger over to check out the track listing and then “No worries,” I said, “I totally get it.” And I on my doorstep. back to the front to stare at the artwork. My did. Hours later, after I had wolfed down my door was still wide open. Every bit of that sandwich, that moment stuck with me for Whatever that thing is, a lot of us have expe- night’s wind chill was whipping through its tenderness and its awkwardness. Music rienced it, and it’s contagious. Reports that my house. The front of my body facing the has a way of forcing people to act on their album sales have increased steadily every year door was frozen, and my backside was losing instincts, in spite of themselves. Delivery guys are no longer news. Today, smart musicians warmth by the second. But I couldn’t rush don’t make conversation — they’re in a rush, release a vinyl record along with a digital him. He was totally romanced. they’ve got other people’s doors to knock on. version, especially if they’re independent art- Zifty Man deviated from the routine not only ists. Turntable purchases are going to young It must have looked odd. A moment earlier we because he was a Joe Jackson fan, but because people, and their parents are buying iPods. As were strangers, connected solely by my hunger of the impact that seeing a stairway lined with someone who can’t remember a time when pains. Suddenly, we were sharing some kind of albums has on a music lover. Had Zifty Man CDs weren’t an option, I find that strange.8 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  11. 11. But it’s happening all over, and no one really bers. The very acquisition of music made it a But I wonder sometimes if we’re missingknows why. collective experience, something you had to something special. I wonder if some hidden share with others. That’s just how it was. gene lodged in that place only music goes,Some say it’s the vinyl sound – like crinkling is leading us back to — there, I said it — apaper or a fire popping — that accentuates the And even when you were alone and it was time when you didn’t just share music withlistening experience. Others say the meth- just you and your album, you could hold the friends, you experienced it together. I guessodology wins. Everything slows down when liner notes and cover in your hands. You could that’s what Ping and Pandora try to cultivateyou’re jamming to a record; moving a needle stare at the lyrics and read the acknowledg- by showing what your friends are listening to,to a specific point is not as easy as clicking ments over and over, until you looked at them and recommending new artists based on yourthe arrow in iTunes. Still, others promote the without seeing. And sometimes, the record tastes. They’re certainly effective; millionsvisual candy. Album artwork is ubiquitous would sound so perfect, the music would stop, of satisfied users indicate as much. But theytoday; it’s hard to believe that the concept of but that hissing noise that records make when don’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.putting art on a cover wasn’t invented until they keep spinning would come through the1938 (plain cardboard sufficed until then). The speakers, and you would just sit there and There’s also artistic integrity to consider. Someinnovative Alex Steinweiss, Columbia Record’s keep thinking about whatever it is you think musicians’ projects are based on a concept andfirst art director, invoked a new way for artists when something has inspired you, or made the music is meant to be listened to in order,to promote their music, and for consumers to you wistful. If you ask your parents, or your start to finish. Take Neko Case’s “Middle Cy-think about the mood behind their favorite aunts and uncles, that’s what they might say. clone” or Janelle Monáe’s “The ArchAndroid.”songs. Would Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” sound the The album as a medium certainly favors theirsame without the deep blue headshot of her If they leave out the part where the needle was visions. Don’t we get something out of hearingclose-to-tears face? Sure, it would. But would dull and it ruined the record, or how it was a piece of music the way it was intended? Andit feel the same? I’m not so sure. hot one day and the vinyl melted in the car, or haven’t we proven we’re unreliable when given how when they tried to move, the box broke the (digital) reins? Admit it, sometimes weTAKE A RETROSPECTIVE under the weight of too many albums smashed need guidance. Not because our views of music together — please, forgive them. We’ve are pedestrian, but because just like a well-Perhaps to understand what’s happening in to- convinced ourselves that vinyl takes us “back” crafted book, some musicians arrange theirday’s record bins, we should examine the way somewhere and that it’s a more “authentic” tracks like chapters. Reading cover to cover isit used to be. Our parents are good resources. listening experience. It’s not. It just feels good. part of the deal.If you ask them, they might recall the dayswhen singles were released on 45s and only on SOMETHING MORE, Maybe this is the new happy medium: a littleFridays. For that reason, Fridays were special SOMETHING GOOD digital for your everyday, a little vinyl for yourand full of excitement. Discussions at school soul. That’s the only way I know to explain thewould ultimately turn toward what was com- This is typically the part where the author sense of security I feel when a record is play-ing out that weekend and what you thought it bemoans “The State of Music Today” and ing. That’s all I can say when visitors wonderwould sound like. how the latest advances in technology have why we have so many records. And it’s the only wreaked havoc on our society. You won’t hear way I can understand the stillness and admira-They might remember a time when records me complain about any of that. I love living tion that came over Zifty Man so quickly, andsold out, just poof, they were gone, and weeks in a time where all 6,524 songs in my iTunes to justify that I was close to inviting him in.would go by before a new shipment came. can fit in the palm of my hand. I like that I can Just to talk. About music. Because even whenIn order to hear the album in question, you buy one song if I only like that one, and the you’re hungry and cold and not thinking abouthad to go to a friend’s house, because they other 12 can stay wherever songs live in Apple music, when you connect with someone overditched class and waited in line to buy it. world when you don’t buy them. I don’t mind an album that you forgot you had, the dynam-Everyone would gather around and listen or that clicking “Buy” is a solitary experience and ics change. You soften. And you, sometimes both, but you couldn’t go that I don’t lose my breath from anticipatingtoo far away — in less than 30 minutes you a new release because it streamed on NPR for As I placed the record back on the step, Ziftyhad to turn the record over. If you played an free. And I love hitting “Play,” then “Shuffle,” Man apologized again. “You just don’t comeinstrument, your popularity increased by how and walking away from my computer, knowing across too many people,” he started to say.quickly you could learn the new songs and that days could pass before all the songs play.perform them with your fellow band mem- “I know,” I said, “I know.” » W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 9
  12. 12. TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS Beyond the walls of SCAD, these student entrepreneurs take on the business world. Written by KERRY BURKE The Savannah College of Art and Design piranha-like teeth, and messages scribed in is known for being the “University of Cre- Italian. Henderson says The Editions is grow- ative Careers,” so it’s no surprise that SCAD ing, and has a small Southeastern following. students and graduates become successful en- trepreneurs in their respective fields. Carving “I create for people who would like to wear a your own way on a creative path can be both consciously created t-shirt that was designed rewarding and challenging, as some business for a purpose,” Henderson said. The Editions owners have discovered. t-shirts are currently available at Young Blood business, and also styles for photo shoots, Gallery & Boutique in Poncey-Highland. runway shows and performances. Kendall Henderson, a fourth-year graphic design student, developed a t-shirt company, An incoming graduate transfer student, With a B.A. in interactive design and game The Editions. The name is inspired by Hender- Shanté Wallican-Nesbit will begin the luxury development, Andrew Baker creates fun, son’s view that we go through different phases fashion management program spring quarter. educational games for children. Baker targets or “editions” in life. His designs reflect those As a fashion consultant and publicist for her preschool and elementary-aged kids. His first shifts. On his blog, “These Moments Define business Enshanté, she “promote[s] up-and- game will release this spring. According to Us,” Henderson writes that he wants people to coming brands by showcasing their work and Baker, the young students are looking forward “wear quality t-shirt artwork that communi- facilitating business relationships.” She works to the drop date. “They’ve been pestering the cates something and has meaning.” His shirts to expand her clients’ audience so that their computer teacher to find out when they feature doughy cartoon characters baring lines get picked up by stores and generate new can buy it.”10 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  13. 13. Kendall Henderson // The Editions thesemomentsdefineus.comVanessa Boulton graduated in 2005 with aB.F.A. in illustration. She owns Vanessa Boul-ton Original Handbags, a family business thatdesigns, manufactures and sells her creations.The handbags depict colorful owls, squirrels,storks and floral patterns that vary in size,shape and style. “My audience is quite broadas the line ranges from small cosmetic casesto diaper bags and larger handbags,” Boultonsaid. The company is based in Venezuela,“where the brand has grown very popular.”Boulton’s handbags have a far reach. Vanessa Boulton // Vanessa Boulton Original Handbags W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 11
  14. 14. Andrew Baker // B Squared Games They are sold in the U.S., Cyprus and several Latin American countries including Panama, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. Running a creative business means that one must be creatively inspired. Henderson has a Zen-like philosophy: “I believe that decisions you make throughout your life ultimately define your future. My inspiration comes from these points in the lives of people I know.” For Wallican-Nesbit, SCAD Atlanta is a place that is “oozing with inspiration,” but finds architecture and nature equally stimulating. Baker stays inspired by the young minds who play the games he creates. “I have always loved working with children because my mom was a preschool teacher.” Boulton’s muses are easily identifiable. One“ look at her colorful collection of handbags and the inspiration is obvious. “The illustra- tions on the handbags are based on nature Stick with it. It’s not easy to build something from scratch. There will be tough times that you have to learn from and move through. Make sure whatever you “ and animals, as well as lovely girls with big, bright smiles.” If creativity alone led to successful businesses, almost anyone could do it. As these entrepre- neurs will attest, it takes support from family, friends and mentors to make things happen. Henderson, Baker and Boulton credit SCAD professors for their support. “Most of my professors have played a key role in a quest to create affordable art,” Henderson said. “I would not be able to do this without decided to build is something that my friends and customers who love and con- tinue to buy my work.” you are willing to fight for. Baker credits Professor John Sharp. “If it wasn’t for [him], I never would have discov-12 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  15. 15. ered my love for designing games. He pushed easy to build something from scratch. Thereme to see my full potential.” will be tough times that you have to learn For all your art supply needs, pick Blick. from and move through. Make sure whateverBoulton feels that SCAD teachers have had you decided to build is something that you are ROSWELL 1165 WOODSTOCK RD.great influence on her. “Mohamed Danawi willing to fight for.” For these entrepreneurs, (NEAR SUPER TARGET)and Katherine Sandoz have always been very their business will be their career, for others, 770-993-0240supportive.” When asked how SCAD helped to the business supplements their income whileprepare her for working on her own, Boulton they pursue other opportunities.says, “During my first quarter I attended apublic speaking course where I learned the Henderson has “radical dreams” for hisimportance of a good presentation. I also brand. He hopes that down the road he willreceived much needed advice from my profes- have a studio and production space wheresors throughout my illustration courses, espe- his brand will be “worn all over the countrycially during my senior year.” Boulton points by icons and people who love a good, well-out that projects were designed by professors designed, meaningful t-shirt.” As for beingto prepare students for their professional self-employed, Henderson has gained a sensecareers. Above all, she says, “My professors of accomplishment and “a good sense oftaught me to be proud of my work and to not financial responsibility.”be timid about selling it. This is the skill Ivalue the most and the one I always try to pass Wallican-Nesbit is hoping to establish heron to others.” business both stateside and abroad, but she’s aware of potential risks. There are issues withWallican-Nesbit has been influenced and men- maintaining intellectual property, “so youtored by Carla Anderson, a SCAD Savannah have to make sure you work with peoplegraduate and designer at Carter’s. “I think that you can trust.”SCAD has prepared me to be self-employedby allowing me to think outside of the box, Baker enjoys the freedom to set his own workby opening my mind to new possibilities, and schedule. On the downside, there is “no steadymaking it possible to gain new contacts with paycheck” and he has had to take care of allstudents, designers and faculty. There is so the legal issues himself. Baker hopes that inmuch talent at SCAD.” The fashion consultant the future he will have a full-time staff that 20% OFFadvises students who are seeking new business produces several games per year.opportunities “to learn your craft. Whateveryour industry is, its imperative to know about Boulton’s handbag business has become a full-as many aspects of it as you can.” time endeavor since its inception five years ENTIRE PURCHASE OF ago. “My parents, my brother, sister-in-law NON-SALE, IN-STOCK ITEMSHenderson notes that SCAD professors have and husband are very involved.” Despite hav- VALID 2/12/11 TO 2/26/11prepared him best by demonstrating how to ing the whole family on board, Boulton admits Blick Art Materials, Retail Inc., coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase; no copies will becarry oneself “as a professional artist rather that owning your own business takes “lots of honored. Limit one coupon per visit. Valid only on non- sale, in-stock items. Not valid with any other discounts orthan some kid who knows how to make t- discipline and perseverance.” » promotion, phone/mail/internet orders and purchases ofshirts.” Henderson’s advice to fellow students furniture or gift cards.with business goals is to “stick with it. It’s not *Ao04663* W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 13
  16. 16. DREAMS OF A GOLDEN g LIFE g Taunted by visions of a chartreuse-clad nymph, two debonair gentlemen introspectively face their solitary existence. Photography KREERATH SUNITTRAMAT Models CHRISTIE HUDSON RON HEDGEPETH JAMES RISPEK Hair SHAMIKA MAXIE Makeup ALEXANDRA SOWERS Styling LAWREN MCCORD14 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  17. 17. Dress by Thomas Gaddis. Earrings by Cheap Wealth.W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE15
  18. 18. 16 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  19. 19. W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 17
  20. 20. W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 19
  21. 21. Showcase » PRI N T MA KI N G Bo-Ra Choi Artist Statement My work follows an impulse to publicly frame my nationality — what I consider my self-awareness to be through personal experiences and memories, gathered together in an eerie and often dark mood. My images utilize the image of a little girl who represents my true self as defined by not only my native Korean culture and experiences, but also by those I have encountered since coming to study and live in the U.S. My work explores my realiza- tion that life is not a fairy tale. The little girls in my work wander into the quiet, yet hostile, environ- ment of fairy tales gone wrong. These pieces use sibling relationships as a meta- phor to explore my experience as an expatriate living in America. The abstract movement suggests my wanderings and the uncertainty of life away from home. These concepts allow me to research my identity and cultural influences, while fostering self-awareness. »20 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  22. 22. Showcase » SC U L P T U R E Curtis Miller Artist Statement I view my art as a tribute to those who have paved the way for us; to those whose valor and sacrifice are our inheritance and keepsake; to those who strive and constantly push us to rein- vent ourselves. My art pays homage to all the works that have challenged and enthralled me, works that have motivated me to move forward and progress in my own life. My artistic goals are analogous to the values I embraced in the Marine Corps. Namely to increase discipline and gain the life experi- ence necessary to realize one’s potential in both craft and concept. Since leaving the Corps, every day I carry the same focus. I am driven and determined to complete what I set out to achieve. My goal as a student is to utilize the discipline I’ve gained, and learn as much as possible to prepare myself for the next level of life and education. »22 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  23. 23. W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 23
  24. 24. Showcase » PAI N T I N G Anna Frischknecht Artist Statement My current body of work includes paper puppets in 2D animation (featuring original music), paintings, installations and comics. For supplies I use cardboard, unsolicited mail, free papers, whatever I can dig out of the trash, street treasures, cans, my boyfriend’s milk jugs and gifts of unused supplies. Poverty taught me, more than anything else, how to be resourceful. I am fascinated by commodity fetishism and the life cycle that objects of desire have for those with credit or expendable income. The less useful the product, the more exciting. In the past I collected action fig- ures and comic books. That was when I had a job at a plastic injection molding plant. I collected because I didn’t have any friends. Humans project magical qualities onto products — why is that? »24 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  25. 25. W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 25
  26. 26. World Trends: MELBOURNE By SALLY CHRISTIE Melbourne is known as Australia’s cultural In addition to non-stop happenings like capital featuring blockbuster exhibition festivals, major art exhibitions and musical openings, arts festivals, sporting spectacles, extravaganzas, many sporting events take award-winning stage shows and luxurious place in Melbourne. In January, the city hosts day spas. Lose yourself downtown in the one of the biggest tennis tournaments of the small, hidden alleys with eye-catching street year, The Australian Open. art and great urban clothing stores. Set your sights high and visit the Eureka Situated right on the bay, the sandy beaches Skydeck 88, the tallest public vantage point are easily accessible and frequently visited. in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether you St. Kilda beach is home to Luna Park, where choose to greet the passengers from the people come to play volleyball, windsurf and largest cruise ships in the world, take a short kite surf. There’s room for less traditional tram ride to the vast Queen Victoria Market, sports like sand soccer, skim boarding and walk to the Melbourne Aquarium or stroll Jack in the Pack (a popular Aussie football around the recently upgraded Melbourne social game), held throughout the summer. Zoo, there is something for everyone.26 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  27. 27. Brighton Beach bathing boxes, MelbourneExhibition Centre, Flinders Street RailwayStation (from top to bottom). W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 27
  28. 28. SUNNY SIDE UP Creativity runs deep at SCAD — even university staff tap into their inner artist when not working. Regyna Curtis, assistant director of enrollment marketing, events and programs, moonlights as a fiber artist. Her preferred materials include wool and crochet. Curtis handcrafts quirky accessories inspired by natural edibles, like bacon and eggs (pictured above) and radishes (right). Curtis’ Etsy shop, TheStartledSheep, has drawn customers from all over the world — even shopSCAD has picked up some of her pieces. » More on Curtis and her work can be found on SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11
  29. 29. Savor a moment between classes at The Hub’s ESPRESSO BAR NOW FEATURING NEW HOURS Italian and French sodas Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Flavored coffees Friday and Saturday: SCADpuccino 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fresh-baked cookies Closed Sunday Pastries W I N T E R 2 0 11 » S CAN MAGAZINE 3
  30. 30. 4 SCAN MAGAZINE » WIN TE R 2 0 11