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Linkedin - Business and Social Media tools


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How can Linkedin increase your sales?

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Linkedin - Business and Social Media tools

  1. 1. How can social media increase your business success? aAuthor: Jean-Francois MESSIER
  2. 2. This document is part of the “Social Media and Business” series by JF MESSIER
  3. 3. Millionmembers 98% use 160 of professionals 140 120 LinkedIn 100 80 60 40 20 0 Oct May Jan Jul Jan 2009 2010 2011 2012
  4. 4. Millionmembers 160 2% of users realize 140 LinkedIn is a gold mine 120 that can help 100 80 find clients 60 (not only jobs) 40 20 0 Oct May Jan Jul Jan 2009 2010 2011 2012
  5. 5. 25 increase sales usingTips to 1 LinkedIn as part of an ecosystem 2 to 5 Optimize your profile 6 to 10 Deliver value for free11 to 14 Connect with prospects15 to 23 Grow your database24 to 25 Join groups … One more thing…
  6. 6. LinkedIn as part of anecosystemTip 1
  7. 7. 1Build a machine to engage,and think of LinkedIn as one of the wheels. Using a tool, LinkedIn or any other, will not change your results. Build a machine to engage, and think of LinkedIn as one of the wheels.
  8. 8. Optimize yourprofileTips 2 to 5
  9. 9. 2 LinkedIn profileCreate a Don’t copy and paste your resume as that makes though you were selling easy looking for a job! Customers use the internet to find Don’t copy and paste your solutions to problems. resume, but publications on Explain which problems you can fix, blogs or SlideShare and what you are an demonstrating what you expert in. specialize in… Using SlideShare is especially powerful “A picture is worth 1,000 words...” Fred R. Barnyard
  10. 10. 2 LinkedIn profileCreate a that makes selling easy Write a personal tagline: That line of text under your name is the first thing people see in your The tagline profile. It follows your name in search hit should not be lists. Its your brand. your position. Make it customer oriented: which problems you can fix or how your specialty can help them…
  11. 11. 2 LinkedIn profileCreate a Websites: Make sure you fill in your blog that makes name AND company selling easy website to drive more traffic. Add three websites to your profile, then optimize their titles. By default, LinkedIn link names are “My Company,” “My Website,” “My Blog,” “My Portfolio,” or “My RSS Feed.” However, links carry more weight in search engines if Make sure you their titles are relevant fill in your to the pages to which company they link. website to drive more traffic.
  12. 12. URL: When you set2 up a profile, LinkedIn LinkedIn profileCreate a assigns it a URL, most likely with a that makes combination of your selling easy name, numbers and slashes. Edit your public URL so it includes your name and/or company. By including such information in your vanity URL, the search engines will have a better idea of what or whom the page is about. Edit your public URL so that it includes your name
  13. 13. The LinkedIn recommendation is the new testimonial.2 LinkedIn profileCreate a It’s credible, powerful, and instrumental in that makes establishing your selling easy reputation. It’s also the hardest element of your profile to complete. Aim for a 3 out of 4 consumers do not recommendation from trust traditional every customer. If you advertising have fifty customers, get fifty 9 out of 10 recommendations. If consumers trust the you trained 5,000 recommandation of a friend. attendees, don’t worry about getting 5,000 recommendations. Shoot for a hundred and be proud that you’ll be among the top 2% of LinkedIn users. Forrester Research 2009
  14. 14. 2 LinkedIn profileCreate a that makes selling easy Make sure your profile is public. Whatever information you hide in your public profile, you block from search engines as well. For maximum human and Make sure your search-bot visibility, profile is public keep all your information available for public viewing. Everything on LinkedIn should be ready and appropriate for public consumption.
  15. 15. This is your chance to show your personality,3video your communication skills and your passion. Make a One of the most powerful ways to stand out as a person of value on LinkedIn is by harnessing the power of video. Very few LinkedIn users have video on their profile because it’s a little bit of a task to make it work. For starters, LinkedIn does not currently offer a YouTube plugin, but upload your video to YouTube, embed it into a presentation with SlideShare, and then enable this application on your profile. “Video trumps all.” ─ Noah Rickun
  16. 16. For profile wow effect, as well as to better4 apps explain what you do, Use LinkedIn employ one or several LinkedIn apps. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, load it to SlideShare and use the SlideShare app. If you blog, use the WordPress app. LinkedIn offers a variety of useful apps to choose from – explore them to determine which best reflect you and your business. Make sure you integrate them using ‘More’ – ‘Get My seven favorite apps More Applications’.
  17. 17. 5 connect LinkedIn to If you use Twitter, connect your account here and your prospects will see your most recent tweets right on your LinkedIn profile. If you’re not on Twitter, get with the program. It’s not going to disappear. Update your status automatically but use #in so you don’t spam your network.
  18. 18. Deliver valuefor freeto leverage your networkTips 6 to 10
  19. 19. An update can be: a link share Regularly to a great article, blog6 an update or upcoming event, a quote or news about a productive meeting or connection. Sharing an update is one of LinkedIn’s best networking features. If you’re not using it, you’re missing To post an out. Why? Because update, go to every time you share an “Edit Profile” and update, your look under your connections are notified photo. Click on via email as well as on LinkedIn’s home “Post an update” page. In just a few and you’ll be able words you let your to share up to connections know 140 characters. details about several services your company provides, without the hard sell. Social media is all about pull, not push marketing.
  20. 20. 7 Comment regularly Respond to updates from others and show on an update them you’re not always thinking about yourself. Connecting with others is why LinkedIn is social media. Remember, your comment means something to the person who posted. Everyone loves to be noticed.
  21. 21. share8 blog posts This is one of the best- kept secrets (until now). If you’re a blogger, share your blog posts with some or all of your LinkedIn groups. A notable part of your blog traffic will come directly from LinkedIn.
  22. 22. 9 value Regular y deliver Remember to nurture your first-degree network. to your first-degree contacts If you plan on asking your contacts for favors, please remember to keep in touch with them and to deliver value to them (e.g., by sending a web link to a resource you think they might find useful). Otherwise, they will see you as very utilitarian, and that will ultimately hurt your online and Givers gain! offline reputation.
  23. 23. 1. By communicating about innovative ideas and offering10 compelling value. Differentiate 2. By nurturing people you are connected to and developing real yourself relationships. (Tip 13) 3. By knowing who the people you are connected to are, and talking to them regularly. Keep in mind: with over 147 million members and 55,700+ groups, it’s tougher than ever to be unique on LinkedIn. However, these 3 points together are a secret that makes master networkers and group leaders stand apart from their competition.
  24. 24. Connectwith prospectsTips 11 to 14
  25. 25. Do you both know11 someone in common via LinkedIn? Ask people you know If so, ask that person to well for their support introduce you. Explain the value that you may be able to provide to their contact. It can be hard to ask people you know to introduce you to someone else: Many people dont ask friends to help because they are too proud. But if you ask your close friend for a favor through LinkedIn, it in approaching is very hard for that prospects you don’t person to feel they can say no. And of course, it know but who they are will make approaching your prospects easier. connected to.
  26. 26. What kind of event? 1. Virtual event: web-12 conference using a Host an event web-meeting tool. 2. Live event: lunch & learn, or breakfast web-conference or live-conference networking session From a positioning standpoint, there’s no better way to become known as a person of value within your community than to host an event at which you bring in a speaker. If your goal is to attract prospects for your business, speak on the industry rather than on your product. Don’t use the platform to make a sales pitch.
  27. 27. 13 smoother Check references for potential customers Make your first sales meeting before meeting them for the first time. Learn more about the people you are meeting so you can discuss common interests and acquaintances. Find your prospect on LinkedIn. Click through to the profile and look for: 1. How you’re connected to your prospect 2. Previous employment 3. Education 4. Websites
  28. 28. 13 smoother Check references for potential customers Make your first sales meeting before meeting them for the first time. Learn more about the people you are meeting so you can discuss common interests and acquaintances. Find your prospect on1. How you’re connected to LinkedIn. Click through your prospect to the profile and look for: Often, you’ll find that you 1. How you’re connected to your have a mutual prospect connection that you can 2. Previous reach out to for insight employment and the inside scoop. 3. Education 4. Websites
  29. 29. 13 smoother Check references for potential customers Make your first sales meeting before meeting them for the first time. Learn more about the people you are meeting so you can discuss common interests and acquaintances. Find your prospect on2. Previous employment LinkedIn. Click through to the profile and look Has your prospect worked for: with or for anyone you 1. How you’re connected to your know? prospect Have you done business 2. Previous with a former employer? employment Perhaps you worked for 3. Education the same company at 4. Websites some point?
  30. 30. 13 smoother Check references for potential customers Make your first sales meeting before meeting them for the first time. Learn more about the people you are meeting so you can discuss common interests and3. Education acquaintances. Did you go to the same Find your prospect on school? LinkedIn. Click through Did your prospect earn a to the profile and look degree that is completely for: unrelated to his/her 1. How you’re connected to your current position? For prospect instance, people who 2. Previous attended law school but do employment not practice. Or a VP Sales 3. Education who studied molecular 4. Websites biology. Makes for a fun conversation.
  31. 31. 13 smoother Check references for potential customers Make your first sales meeting before meeting them for the first time. Learn more about the people you are meeting so you can discuss common interests and acquaintances.4. Websites Find your prospect on Does your prospect have a LinkedIn. Click through blog or link to a non-profit to the profile and look organization or foundation? for: If so, click! Read the blog 1. How you’re and print out a post or two connected to your to bring with you to your prospect 2. Previous meeting. employment Same thing for the social 3. Education cause. Be prepared to 4. Websites ask questions about your prospect’s involvement.
  32. 32. Your goal is to grow the number of green circles in your direct and14 extended LinkedIn Make it a habit network. This will allow you to search for people to send a LinkedIn connection across your contacts’ extended network. invitation after every meeting Remember that your customer’s LinkedIn connections likely include other people working at the same company and colleagues working in similar roles at other companies. When you connect with a customer on LinkedIn, you gain visibility to their first-degree network and benefit from their extended network when you conduct searches.
  33. 33. Growyour databaseTips 15 to 23
  34. 34. 15 As a general rule, most Don’t connect with your mother, people use LinkedIn to father, kids, work colleagues keep in touch with work or school colleagues. or school friends This means that most LinkedIn users probably use it exclusively as a career networking or contact management tool. Most people don’t take the time to imagine how else they can use LinkedIn, for sales and prospect acquisition, for instance. But because we are sales specialist, we should.
  35. 35. 1. Find and invite old acquaintances16 2. Send invites to new Grow contacts 3. Optimize your profile to appear in search organically results 20-70 times a day 4. Import your address book into LinkedIn 5. Send mass emails 1. Invite old acquaintances and invite people to 2. Send invites to new contacts connect 6. Respond to Polls and 3. Optimize your profile Discussions so people see you and 4. Import your address book into LinkedIn invite you to connect 5. Send mass emails 7. Get introduced: Also consider a 2nd 6. Respond to Polls and Discussions degree connection. 7. Get introduced 8. Use the “Advanced People Search” 8. Use the “Advanced People Search” functionality on LinkedIn
  36. 36. 17 visible Be highly 1. Frequently initiate valuable Discussions 2. Initiate relevant Polls 3. Utilize answers to crowdsourced research 4. Start your own Discussion Group 5. Post your LinkedIn URL on: -> all company stationary and emails -> company swag and advertising
  37. 37. 1. Go to TopLinked.com18 and register as per Grow their instructions. 2. Review people on TopLinked’s mailing through groups list and invite them to connect with you. 3. Join Open Networking groups and invite people to connect with you. 4. Maintain high visibility so Open Networkers will see you and send you invitations 5. Seek out subgroups (in Groups) where people are looking for more invitations. (Tip 24)
  38. 38. Search for prospective19 buyers using the “Advanced People Use Advanced Search” functionality on LinkedIn. People Search The Advanced People Search allows you to conduct highly specific searches for people who You can specify the also have a LinkedIn person’s: account.  Industry The best search results  Company (current or are obtained by using a previous) combination of industry,  Job title (current or job title and keywords. previous)  City  Country  Keywords contained in the user’s online profile
  39. 39. Network with people online as you would with20 anyone you meet offline. Network online as you Genuinely network with people online and treat would offline them with the same respect and desire to build a relationship as you would with anyone you meet offline. Don’t contact people cold: Contacting them cold via LinkedIn gives no added value. The value of LinkedIn is using legitimate connections to get where you want to go, talk to who you might want to talk to. Use legitimate connections you have to get a personal foot in the door with someone you might want to talk to.
  40. 40. When you connect with a customer on LinkedIn,21 take the time to browse their direct connections Get introduced to and identify “Super Connectors.” “Super Connectors” Super Connectors are people who have hundreds of contacts in their first-degree network. By connecting to a customer with so many connections, your extended network will grow much more rapidly than if you connect to a customer with fewer connections. Your goal is to find ways of getting introduced and ultimately connected to these Super Connectors on LinkedIn.
  41. 41. When you invite someone to connect,22 include a personal message. LinkedIn offers Invite this as an option, but fails to explain what your new contacts properly options are. Let’s make them clear:  Option 1: Write a personal note and increase your chances that your prospect will accept your invitation request, grant you the meeting, and buy from you.  Option 2: Be an idiot. In your note, include a sentence or two about what you feel you can offer your prospect, and ask for the meeting right then and there.
  42. 42. When you click “Add [prospect name] to your22 network,” you’ll be presented with the Invite following radio buttons to answer the question, new contacts properly “How do you know [prospect name]?”  Groups: the BEST option, if available. LinkedIn only presents this option if both you and your prospect belong to the same LinkedIn Group. It shows your prospect that you have a mutual interest.  We’ve done business together: my second favorite option for reaching out to prospects
  43. 43. For €22, you’ll get all the additional functionality you need to advance your23 LinkedIn prowess to mastery. Invest €22 in yourself Two that are worth it: and increase your income 1. Use premium search features: You get four additional filters that will make searching for new prospects a breeze: Seniority Level, Interested In, Company Size, Fortune 1000 2. Get more insight with expanded profile views – extremely helpfulFinal note: LinkedIn claims that 50% of users expense their LinkedIn Premiumaccount to their business. You may want to check with your Managing Director to seeif you can as well. If not, however, you’re not off the hook. You’re in sales. You makecommission. It’s time to invest in yourself and increase your income.
  44. 44. Join groups Tips 24 & 25
  45. 45. Although it’s a business oriented platform, LinkedIn groups span24 groups both personal and Join existing professional interests. About sales, marketing, management, etc….  Each group gives you the opportunity to meet new people who share your interests.Special bonus  Often, groupAfter you comment on members posea discussion, LinkedIn discussion questionsallows you to invite or post articles ofdiscussion participants interest. If moved, youto connect with you. should comment onIt’s the easiest way to group discussionconnect on LinkedIn, posts, as well asand it’s a way most creating discussionsalespeople ignore. posts of your own.
  46. 46.  Every group email lists you as the Owner – and create the recipients will click25 on your profile.  You become known as a person of value, forever recognized as your own LinkedIn group the group Owner.  People will want to connect with you as the Owner. It’s an easy way to grow your network.Special bonus  You control the discussion. You canYou have instant lead the discussion incommunication with all a way that ismembers. It’s the only interesting to you andplace on LinkedIn that to your prospects.allows you to emailblast more than 50  Your prospects willpeople at a time. reach out to you – if you create the right group, lead the right discussions, and present yourself as a resource.
  47. 47. One more thing…
  48. 48. goals Start defining  Start defining SMART goalsExample 1: I will spend 1 hour a week answering 2 to 5 questions S – specific related to xxxxxxx in Polls or Group M – measurable Discussions. A – achievable I will also invite 10-25 highly targeted R – realistic customers and industry influencers to be T – time bound part of my network each week. I will keep a weekly report for tracking people I start discussions with so I can nurture those relationships as potential clients.
  49. 49. goals Start defining  Start defining SMART goalsExample 2: S – specificOne of the secrets to being effective, and therefore a M – measurablePower User, is defining in advance what size of A – achievabledatabase is most important for you and who your R – realisticprospects are. For some, 50 contacts is enough, while T – time boundfor others it’s 500, or even hundreds of thousands.The number itself doesn’t matter; it’s the quality of thatdatabase in relation to its size that counts. It dependsthen on your conversion rates, F2F conversion rates,and conversion from online engagement to face-to-faceengagement.i.e., If you want 5 new customers <- 10 proposals <- 20opportunities <- 200 online targeted prospects.
  50. 50. Conclusion: 10 mistakes to avoid1. Using a tool, not building a machine to engage2. Staying in broadcast mode like direct marketing or mass advertising3. Forgetting that every single person you come into contact with is real4. Being “afraid” to get out of your comfort zone5. Inviting your colleagues and private friends6. Giving up when obvious results are not there7. Failing to be consistently visible8. Putting forward an image that has mixed messages9. Not realizing it’s the little things that lead to big things10.Forgetting that there is substantial value in building your brand’s reputation over time.
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  52. 52. Author: Jean-François MESSIER Global New Technologies Director at Mercuri International Mercuri Website: JF MESSIER’s blog: CreditAll photos in this presentation were purchase on and Thinkstock.All logos or brand references are the copyright of their respective owners.Slides from this document may not be repurposed without express written consent. Send permission requests