Unit 8 2 - Presentation on different job types in TV & Film


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Unit 8 2 - Presentation on different job types in TV & Film

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Unit 8 2 - Presentation on different job types in TV & Film

  2. 2. AGENCY ASSISTANTWorks under the company CEO as an assistant to the firm.Will be required to manage day-to-day activities in the office,as well as mailings, maintain and build client relations, mediapublic relations, and any other duties assigned by theirsuperiors.
  3. 3. ANIMATORAnimation is the art of making images that appear to come tolife on screen. It features in all kinds of media, from featurefilms to commercials, pop videos, computer games andwebsites. Animators use a range of techniques to makeimages appear to move, and most specialize in one of thefollowing: 2D drawn animation 2D computer animation stop frame or stop motion animation 3D computer generated (CG) animation
  4. 4. ASSISTANT DIRECTORThe Assistant Director (AD) is the directors right handperson, taking responsibility for a number of importantpracticalities so that the director is free to concentrate on thecreative process. During pre-production, ADs break down thescript into a shot by shot storyboard, and work with thedirector to determine the shoot order, and how long eachscene will take to film. They then draw up the overallshooting schedule.
  5. 5. AUDIO RECORDISTA member of the sound crew responsible for operating theaudio recording equipment on a set.
  6. 6. BOOM OPERATORBoom Operators assist the production sound mixer on filmand television sets, and operate the boom microphone,which is either hand held on a long arm or dolly mounted (ona moving platform).
  7. 7. CAMERA OPERATORA Camera Operator works with digital, electronic and filmcameras in multi and single camera operational conditions,producing pictures for directors by combining the use ofcomplex technology with creative visual skills.
  8. 8. CASTINGDIRECTOR/AGENTCasting Directors organize and facilitate the casting of actorsfor all the roles in a film.
  9. 9. COSTUMEDESIGNER/WARDROBEThe Costume Department is responsible for the design,fitting, hire, purchase, manufacture, continuity and care of allcostume items on feature films.
  10. 10. DIRECTOR/PRODUCERThe Director/Producer is the lead creative artist on set. He orshe will communicate with the talent what is exactly neededto convey a particular scene.
  11. 11. EDITORFilm Editors assemble footage of feature films, televisionshows, documentaries, and industrials into a seamless endproduct.
  12. 12. GRAPHIC OPERATORThe Graphics Operator maintains mostly the lower third of aTV screen inserting anchor names, scores, facts, or subjectlines.
  13. 13. HAIR & MAKE UPHairdressers work on feature films and on some commercialsand pop promos. They liaise closely with colleagues in thehair, makeup and costume departments, as well as withdirectors, actors and extras.
  14. 14. PERSONAL ASSISTANTDepending on the type of business you run, a PersonalAssistant can be responsible for a myriad of tasks.
  15. 15. REPORTERBroadcast Journalism is the collection, verification andanalysis of information about events which affect people, andthe publication of that information in a fair, accurate,impartial and balanced way to fulfill the publics right to knowin a democratic society.
  16. 16. RUNNERProduction Runners assist wherever they are needed onproductions and their duties vary depending on where theyare assigned.
  17. 17. SALES AGENTA Sales Agent represents filmmakers who want to distributetheir films, and who may be first time directors, or directorswho work outside of major studio productions.
  18. 18. SOUND EDITORSound Editor creates the soundtrack by cutting andsynchronizing to the picture, sound elements, such asproduction wild tracks, dialogue tracks, library material andFoley in analog or digital form and presents these to the re-recording mixer for final sound balance.
  19. 19. STILLPHOTOGRAPHERUnit Stills Photographers take the vitally importantphotographs of film sets or studio shoots that are used tocreate the press and publicity for feature films.
  20. 20. STORYBOARD ARTISTStoryboard Artists translate screenplays, or sequences fromscreenplays, into a series of illustrations in comic book form.
  21. 21. STUNT COORDINATORA Stunt Coordinator is a person who arranges and plansstunts.
  22. 22. TALENT BOOKERThe Talent Booker contracts the appropriate performers tostar in a production.
  23. 23. VIDEOGRAPHERA Videographer is a person who works in the video medium,recording moving images and sound onto linear analog ordigital tape, non-linear digital disc, or any other digitalrecording media, such as memory cards.
  24. 24. VOICEOVER ARTISTThe Voiceover Artist is the unseen person who does thespeaking necessary to create a voiceover.
  25. 25. WRITERWriters are involved in the creation and/or development of alltypes of creative writing for film and TV.