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Technology for Marketing & Advertising TFM&A 2010 Session Slides: "International Direct Marketing: Find the Profits, Avoid the Problems" by Data Services, Inc. President/CEO Jerry Messer.

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Data Services, Inc | TFM&A 2010 International Direct Marketing Session Presentation

  1. 1. International Direct Marketing Find the Profits, Avoid the Problems Jerry Messer, President/CEO, Data Services, Inc.
  2. 2. Overview: Speaker Bio: Jerry Messer, President/CEO, Data Services, Inc. - 40 Years in Direct Marketing Industry - Work with companies around the world to ensure their marketing programs are efficient , targeted, & cost-effective - Own first company in the world to offer all Data Processing and Address Hygiene Services for US, Canadian, & International Data under one roof email: twitter: @gfmesser @DataServicesInc
  3. 3. International: Three Areas of Focus Product ------ Prospects ------ Partners ------
  4. 4. Product - Part One • Demand -- is there a demand in your target markets? • Culturally Acceptable -- is anything about your product/service offensive? Will you need to modify your product/service to be acceptable in other target markets? • Brand: o Is your product/service/brand well known or not? o Is there a product you can easily compare your product against, to make your product more easily accepted in the target market?
  5. 5. Product - Part Two • Market Expectations o Quality o Guarantees o Return or cancel • Shipping/Fulfillment o Can you ship from your home country? o Do you need to stock/ship from another location. • Merchandizing/Sizing Issues o Different body sizes among Europeans & Asians o Different dimensions for home furnishings, bedding. o Do your homework
  6. 6. Prospects - Part One Does your product have Broad or Niche Appeal? • Broad Appeal: o Target countries with large middle class o Content written in native language or not? • Niche Appeal: o May target countries affluent consumers o May test English-only mailings to the affluent o List research very important
  7. 7. Prospects - Part Two List selection is Critical in International Mailing • Using an experienced list broker is very important • Usage information o Ask what other mailers tested a list o Ask what other mailers rolled-out to a list • List availability o Some markets have more good lists available o Some markets require creative list selection o List testing is always very important
  8. 8. Partners - Part One • Address Hygiene o Expensive/wasteful to Mail Incorrect Addresses. o Improve delivery time, response rates and profits with proper address cleaning, formatting/hygiene • Data Processing o Select an experienced service bureau. o De-duplication and suppression is very important in managing direct mail prospecting campaign costs. o Creating and maintaining a proper customer database is vital
  9. 9. Phase II Address Hygiene Samples United Kingdom Before Hygiene After Hygiene Address 3 Coronation Way Address 3 Coronation Wy Bearsden City Bearsden Glsg Glasgow Postal Code G61 1DG Province Lanarkshire Country United Kingdom United Kingdom 3 Coronation Way Bearsden New Address GLASGOW Block: Lanarkshire G61 1DG
  10. 10. Phase II Address Hygiene Samples The Netherlands Before Hygiene After Hygiene Address Address Morsstraat 111 Morsstraat 111 City 2312 BK Leiden Leiden Postal Code None 2312 BK Province No Country Pays Bas The Netherlands Morsstraat 111 New Address 2312 BK LEIDEN Block:
  11. 11. Phase II Address Hygiene Samples Japan 日本 Before Hygiene After Hygiene Address 第6水上コーポ11号室 第6水上コーポ11号室 Address 北区北35条西8-3-30 北35条西8-3-30 City 札幌市 札幌市北区 Postal Code 001-0035 001-0035 Prefecture 北海道 北海道 Country Japan 11
  12. 12. Partners - Part Two • Translation and Copywriting o Experience Counts o Best Translator may not always be best copywriter o Find a native-speaker to double-check your copy • Payments o Not all consumers will make payment in the same way o Use an International payment processor o Discuss/determine acceptable payment methods before finalizing your order form
  13. 13. Partners - Part Three • Postage o Decide if you should mail from your home country or perhaps direct inject into target markets o Good Int'l Mail Consolidator is very helpful o Printing and Letter Shop o Double Check addressing/sign off o Use lighter weight paper/recycled paper • Package Fulfillment o Testing very important o International or local options available o Cost and Delivery Time most important
  14. 14. Thank You! For more information and/or a copy of this presentation please contact: Jerry Messer Phone: +1 (410) 546-2206 x3003 Email: Or visit Data Services, Inc. at Stand B24