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Message Bus iDate 2013 Presentation


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Message Bus iDate 2013 Presentation

  1. 1. Best Messaging, App &Legal Practices for theDating CommunityNeil Schwartzman,Vice President,Receiver & Sender RelationsMessage Bus Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda & C.V.Who the heck am I?Who are you? Spammer
  3. 3. The IssuesMessaging AttacksDeliveryEmail, IM, In-App, Social DDoS, HacksSpoofing Malware
  4. 4. Why Comply?+ Privacy+ Disclosure+ Engaged Messaging = Success!
  5. 5. Alternatively- User complaints- Deferrals- Blocks- Blacklisting- Poor reputation = Failure!
  6. 6. Community Best Practices Anti-spyware Coalition MAAWG (app-related) (Messaging Anti-abuse Working Group) Senders’ BP
  7. 7. Anti-Spyware Coalition BestPractices• Signing Apps• BPs deal with: • Tracking • System modifying • Advertising display • Security analysis • Remote control • Automatic download • Dialing • Passive tracking
  8. 8. MAAWG Best Practices• Infrastructure• BPs deal with: • rDNS • Delivery Errors & List • SWIP maintenance • Permission • Blocking Remediation • Disclosure
  9. 9. Authentication & You• History• Various Auth approaches: • SPF • Anti-spoofing • SenderID • New! DMARC • DK • DKIM
  10. 10. Legal• CANSPAM• COPPA• EU Privacy Directive• Canada’s Anti-Spam Law
  11. 11. Question & AnswerDiscussion
  12. 12.• ASC BP• MAAWG Senders BP (V3 out soon!)• MAAWG Members list• Rude DMARC Whitepaper {URL}• Message Bus / nNovation Series on CASL {URL}• Industry Canada CASL website• FTC COPPA site• FTC CANSPAM site• EU Privacy Directive Site