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"Center Director is 100% committed to changing behaviors to create a fair and trusting environment". My question: Why is open government bundled with Next Gen activities: Yuri's Night, NASA Ames Graduate Research Co-op ("Starfleet Academy")?

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Worden All Hands 01 19 2011

  1. 1. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style Sp a ce NASA Ames Research Center All-Hands N AS A January 19, 2011 Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 1
  2. 2. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style All-Hands Objectives N AS A Sp a ce • Alignment with Headquarters • Issues with Trust and Fairness • Information from the recent Executive Council retreat that focused on our Center results in the OPM Culture Survey Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 2
  3. 3. fli gh t.c om Click toAll-Hands Agendastyle edit Master title ce • Strategic and Organizational Update • Key Outcomes of the Executive Off-Site • Next Steps N AS A Sp a – What I am going to do – What the EC/Directors are going to do – What I need from you Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 3
  4. 4. N AS A Sp a ce fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style STRATEGERY Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 4
  5. 5. fli gh t.c om Click to Commissiontitle style Debt edit Master Proposal Congressional Budget Office (CBO) 200 N AS A Sp a ce %GDP Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 2040 5
  6. 6. If “they get serious”… fli gh t.c om Click Does Master title style Whatto editThis Mean for NASA? Sp a ce Overall Funding: • Overall non-security discretionary trends will be down initially, with capped nominal growth rates of 0-1% thereafter. • The funding outlook for NASA itself may become more unpredictable as broader concerns and competition with other agencies become more the norm. N AS A Overall Program Metrics: • Programs that are not meeting objectives may attract even more scrutiny and possible cancellation • Programs that focus on economic growth – essential to maintaining the U.S. economic position – will be favored. Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 6
  7. 7. $27,000 $25,000 ISS extension through 2030 Over guides: Purchase Commercial Crew transportation services TDRSS M Aeronautics new Projects Green energy USA Pension ce $29,000 fli gh t.c om Click toNASA Master Profile edit Current title style $21,000 Over Guide plus ISS Extension Sp a $23,000 FY 08 inflated by 1.4% AS A $19,000 FY12 OMB Request (Oct 6, 2010 N2, FY17-FY22 inflated by 1.4%) $17,000 $15,000 FY09 N FY08 Title_Design Editor FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 Speakers Bureau 7
  8. 8. N AS A Sp a ce fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 8
  9. 9. fli gh t.c om NASA to edit Master on the Issues ClickLeadership Working Hardtitle style ce • Senior Management Council (SMC) Offsite Retreat in October 2010 Sp a • SMC Strategy Retreat in December 2010 N AS A • Senior Executive Service (SES) Summit in February 2011 1/20/2011Editor Title_Design 9 Speakers Bureau 9
  10. 10. fli gh t.c om ClickAmes Budget Snapshot to edit Master title style ARC Budget Comparison +$156M $1,000.0 +$63M from FY08 $900.0 $800.0 $825M $700.0 $762M $300.0 AS A $200.0 Sp a $500.0 $400.0 $918M ce $600.0 $M from FY08 $100.0 $0.0 FY08 FY08 = Actuals N Budget includes Direct & Reimbursable Funding Title_Design Editor FY11 Based on PY10 Enacted/PY11 Reimb estimates for planning purposes. FY11 Based on FY11 preliminary budget data & PY11 Reimb estimates Speakers Bureau 10
  11. 11. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style Ames Portfolio N AS A Sp a ce • Equally funded in four areas: • Aeronautics • Science • Human Exploration and • Work for Others (esp DoD) • Have positioned ourselves as “Innovation Center”, “Private Partnership Center” and “Out of the Box Center” • HQ (and other Centers) regards us as creative, but seen as defiant and not team players Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 11
  12. 12. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style Ames Strengths N AS A Sp a ce • Aero – esp IT-based (eg NEXTGEN) • Strong science- Individual & Missions (Kepler, SOFIA, etc.) • IT in general • Small space missions • Entry Descent and Landing • Fundamental Biology • Human Factors • Virtual Institutes • Partnerships – with private sector, DoD and international • Strong student excitement Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 12
  13. 13. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style Ames Weaknesses • • • • • N AS A Sp a ce “Pushy” Leadership Jack of all trades – master of none Weak political support Aging infrastructure Animosity from HQ and other Centers – some view us as a threat – others as a burden • Unhappy and de-motivated workforce (at least in comparison to other Centers) Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 13
  14. 14. ce Sp a AS A • • • • • Small Satellites Move toward space operations focus Bio-technology, quantum technology, exo-planets NextGen– Yuri’s night, NASA Ames Graduate Research Co Op (“Starfleet Academy”), open government, etc. Private sector partnerships, NRP Green aviation – airships DoD partnerships International partnerships – esp with non traditional partners Interactive opportunities – happy hours, golf course, etc. N • • • • fli gh t.c om ClickPete Worden Initiatives to edit Master title style Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 14
  15. 15. N AS A Sp a ce fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style FAIRNESS AND TRUST Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 15
  16. 16. AS A Sp a ce NASA Ames Employee Survey Other Surveys – anonymous feedback Directorate post-survey discussions Analyses by HR and HQ N • • • • fli gh t.c om Click toFairness and Truststyle edit Master title Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 16
  17. 17. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style Pete Worden Take-Aways • Good News: Ames employees think their job is important – near top of Agency ce – Independent information verifies high performance – e.g. Science citation indices • Bad News: N AS A Sp a – Resources Inadequate in many areas (people, funding and facilities) – Personnel decisions unfair – Investment decisions unfair – Low trust in management – esp “Senior” Management Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 17
  18. 18. fli gh t.c om Click Director “Ownership” to edit Master title style • Two areas particularly important – Hiring and promotions Sp a ce • Director hires outside friends • Those brought in by Director have different set of rules – Director makes all investment decisions N AS A • Traditional Ames strengths ignored • “Insiders” only ones who get attention Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 18
  19. 19. • • • • fli gh t.c om Click to edit MasterHot Buttons Factors, Excuses & title style SF Bay Area highest cost of living Resources provided by HQ lower relative to rest of Agency Ames has always done poorly on surveys When I started… Sp a ce – Concern that the Center was about to be shut down – needed dynamic “military” leadership – Agency moving to mission focus – we didn’t have expertise – esp. Space systems – new personnel needed – New entrepreneurial spirit needed AS A • I’m the Director – I know better where investment is needed • “Does a former drill sergeant make a good guidance counselor?” N I don’t buy these – need action not excuses – I take ownership! Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 19
  20. 20. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style Things I’ve started to do N AS A Sp a ce • New Hires - Let EC work out what skills are needed and make decisions about critical hires • Center investments – small but will have a more open and transparent process • Explain decisions more openly – investment, hires (particularly, senior leadership positions) • Accessibility -making myself accessible to a wider audience • Improving perceptions about trust and fairness is a key factor in my performance criteria • Must build stronger relationships with HQ and other centers Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 20
  21. 21. fli gh t.c om EC Off-Site Objectives Click to edit Master title style  To align Ames with the NASA Vision and direction ce  Create shared ownership in creating a healthy Ames environment Sp a  Build an organization with fairness and trust as key characteristics AS A  Sharing common challenges and best practices N  Offsite attendees included Union Representatives Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 21
  22. 22. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style Off-Site Outcomes • Collective understanding that the agency is moving into tougher times: Lack of resources, affordability is key Uncertainty, change Ames needs to better align with agency focus We need to work together through these issues ce – – – – N AS A Sp a • All EC members own and are accountable for creating a trusting and fair environment • Agency leadership placing high value on employee perspectives, employee survey results – we all need to act accordingly • Center Director is 100% committed to changing behaviors to create a fair and trusting environment Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 22
  23. 23. fli gh t.c om Key Next Steps and Priorities Click to edit Master title style Each Directorate being held accountable for improving their own organizational results Sp a ce • Regular tag-ups with Dr. Worden to check progress • Tom Edwards, Director, Code A, will serve as the lead for the Organizational Director Team Follow-up and accountability N AS A • 2 more EC Workshops in the coming months • Regular status updates Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 23
  24. 24. fli gh t.c om Key Next edit Master title style Click to Steps and Priorities (Cont.) N AS A Sp a ce Three EC actions moving forward: – Trust Team • creating a Trust Code of Conduct to be adhered to by all managers at Ames (starting with the Center Director) – Creating a Positive Environment • Identifying and articulating the characteristics and values of a positive environment for Ames • Enforcing standards of behaviors associated with these key characteristics for all leaders – Why for Ames? • Capturing a clear “why” for Ames vetted through various demographic groups and partners at the Center • Improve our alignment with HQ and the rest of the agency Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 24
  25. 25. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style My Personal Commitment Sp a ce • Specific element added to my performance appraisal to improve our survey results • Holding the EC and all leaders accountable for making improvements • Staying focused on this effort until we see positive results • Changing my own behaviors – Creating more transparency and trust N AS A – Building relationships at HQ and across the agency Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 25
  26. 26. fli gh t.c om ClickWhat I Need You to Do to edit Master title style Sp a ce • Continue to be passionate, committed and impressive in the work you do • Hold our feet to the fire - make sure we do what we’ve said we will do • Call us out on our behavior – if it looks like its not fair, tell us. We will either: – Change our behavior – Or do a better job of explaining N AS A • Continue to provide feedback – through one-onones, employee surveys, focus groups, email, etc. – we want to hear from you, it helps us get better Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 26
  27. 27. fli gh t.c om Click to edit Master title style N AS A Sp a ce Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Title_Design Editor Speakers Bureau 27