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OpenGov v2.0: How do we get from here to there?


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Presentation to Open Gov West - March 26, 27 2010 - Seattle, WA

Published in: Technology
  • Social Media Resistance - Open Leadership and tension escalating in the enterprise:
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  • Announcing the Easter launch of the OpenGov 2.0 Facebook Fan Site. Please post news, events, photos, ideas, links, etc. that will help us move Open Gov from Gov 1.0 to Gov 2.0:!/pages/OpenGov-20/109119905773807?ref=nf
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OpenGov v2.0: How do we get from here to there?

  1. OPENGOV 2.0: HOW DO WE GET FROM HERE TO THERE? OpenGov West Megan Eskey March 27, 2010 Steering Committee, Federal Intranet Content Managers
  3. Beth Noveck recently released her latest book: Wiki Government: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful. Beth Noveck is enacting these changes as the United States Deputy Chief Technology Officer (CTO). She leads the President's Open Government Initiative in the White House. On leave as law professor at New York Law School and a visiting professor of communication at Stanford University, she lectures on intellectual property, innovation and technology law. She is also the founder of the State of Play conferences.
  4. Recent History of OpenGov Sunshine Week: March 16, 2010 The White House Blog Sunshine Over Washington D.C. Posted by Norm Eisen on March 16, 2010 at 08:00 AM EDT ―This Sunshine Week, as we join individuals and organizations across the country in recognizing the vital importance of openness in government, we wanted to look back on the many areas where we have opened government up and let the sunshine in—and also look forward to how we will build on our efforts so far to promote transparency. The White House today issued this Memorandum from the Chief of Staff and the White House Counsel taking due note of our successes—and urging the agencies to redouble these efforts in our second year in key areas such as Freedom of Information Act compliance.‖
  5. January 20, 2009
  6. January 21, 2009: Transparent Participatory Collaborative
  7. May – June 2009: White House IdeaScale Dialogue
  8. Innovations Gallery: May – June 2009
  9. June 2009
  10. December 2009 Open Gov Progress Report:
  11. Federal Agency Open Sites: January 2010
  12. Open Government Dashboard January 2010
  13. Federal Agency IdeaScale Sites: February 2010
  14. GovLoop
  15. OpenGov Playbook Wiki  Self-managed – Anyone Can Contribute  Agency Agnostic – Federal, State and Local Government  Open to Non-profits, Academia and Private Industry  Open to the General Public  Next Open Gov Directive (OGD) Series Workshop: April 28, 2010  Link to the OpenGov Playbook Wiki: 
  16. OpenGov TV, Radio, Google group  TV:  Email-group: entDirective  Radio:
  17. Challenges Ahead  Government Public Web becomes outdated soon after we post a press release, a video, a blog, or an idea  Today, it primarily serves as an archive of past information, or a mechanism for releasing timely information to the public about events, policy directives, new initiatives, accomplishments, etc.  How do we move Open Government from Gov 1.0 to Gov 2.0?  How do we overcome cultural barriers to participation?  How do we engage citizens in a deeper and more meaningful way?  How do we measure success?
  18. Federal Agency OpenGov Plans: Due April 7, 2010  Posted on http://www.[Agency].gov/open  OpenGov 2.0: Moving from Open to Social  Develop Agency Social Strategies: Leadership, Customers, Enterprise, Innovation, Governance  Develop Agency Social Media Policies that encourage and support open participation  Better leverage traditional media to reach a broader audience: television, magazines, newspapers, radio
  19. OpenGov 2.0: Develop Agency Collaborative Platforms for Social Networking
  20. OpenGov 2.0: Develop Platforms for Community Contributed Apps and Widgets
  21. Integrate with External Social Media Services APIs or Shindig Gadget Containers •Twitter •Facebook •Slideshare •Scribd •YouTube •LinkedIn •GovLoop (Ning) •iGoogle •myMSN •myYahoo •MySpace •And many more… The Open Stack: OpenID, oAuth, XRDS-Simple, Portable Contacts, OpenSocial
  22. Transform Data into Apps  Memo on Innovative Prizes and Engagement: March 2010  prizes-and-engagement  Apps for Air, Space, Earth, Life, Humanity: a guide to turning the data sets in into useful apps  own-apps-for-democracy/  Provide APIs, Standard Data Formats, Opensource software components via ―CodeBanks‖, Online Guidance  Coordinate Challenges and Contests led by Agency Public Affairs Offices  Release High Value Data Sets for  Agency Public-facing web sites and apps -> new gadgets, widgets, mobile device apps, innovative mashups, etc.
  23. How To Get Involved Today  Interact on OpenGov and Gov 2.0 Social Media Channels:  Facebook Fan Sites:  OpenGov West  West/364870760796?ref=ts&v=wall  GovFresh !/govfresh  GovLoop !/govloop?v=wall&r ef=ts  Use OpenGov, Gov2.0 and Social Twitter Hashtags: #opengov, #ogov, #gov20, #gov20la, #ogw, #social  Get involved in upcoming OpenGov and Gov 2.0 online and F2F events  OGD Workshop: April 28, 2010   Gov 2.0 Expo: May 25 – 27, 2010: 
  24. How to Take OpenGov 2.0 Viral  Create an OpenGov 2.0 Playspace on the OpenGov Playbook wiki  Create an OpenGov 2.0 Brand  Logo, Mission Statement, Vision, Goals, etc.  Spread the word about OpenGov 2.0 using Social Media Channels  Twitter – #opengov20, @OpenGov20  Facebook Fan Site : OpenGov 2.0  YouTubes – interviews, overviews  Organize OpenGov 2.0 ―uncamps‖  Use ―Engagement‖ rating scales on OpenGov blogs, sites, posts, videos, contests, ideas, discussions, games, etc.  somewhat -> caught my attention -> very -> totally compelling
  25. References  OpenNASA/OpenGov   Open Gov: The Evolution of Engagement   Open Government: Collaboration, Transparency and Participation in Practice   Standard Requirements for Agency Next-Gen Open Platforms  Next-Gen-Open-Platform  Putting the Fun in Functional   Open Data Means Open Analytics   Developing a Social Strategy 
  26. Gov 2.0 and OpenGov YouTubes Worth Watching  Bon Jovi and  ure=player_embedded  OK Go: This Too Shall Pass  ture=player_embedded  Do it Ourselves: Tim O’Reilly  ure=player_embedded  Us Now  ture=player_embedded
  27. How to Find Me  Web Manager, NASA Ames Research Center  Chair, NASA ARC Web Council  Steering Committee, Federal Intranet Content Managers  Twitter: @meganesque  Facebook Profile  GovLoop Profile  LinkedIn Profile
  28. Open Discussion Removing Cultural Barriers to Participation Measuring Success Engaging in More Meaningful Ways OpenGov 2.0 Wordle