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Project management at a UX focused digital agency


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Most digital agencies face numerous pressures to execute high quality fast. This keynote focused on how organisations can use lean, agile, ISO9001 and UCD methods to deliver multiple innovative projects with few resources.

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Project management at a UX focused digital agency

  1. 1. 16 Oct 2013 Project management at Cyber-Duck Delivering multiple innovative projects with few resources
  2. 2. Structure of presentation ! 1. About Cyber-Duck 2. Our project management philosophy 3. Tactics at Cyber-Duck 4. Take aways
  3. 3. Hi. I am Danny Bluestone Founder and Managing Director @danny_bluestone

  5. 5. User Experience Web & Mobile Hosting & Support Marketing Consulting
  6. 6. Top 500 company in Europe, The Middle East and Africa 2012 The only digital agency certified in ISO 9241:210 and ISO9001:2008 18th largest South East digital agency according to turnover and growth
  7. 7. User centred design (UCD) Image: sui No tab t de le fo vt ea r a m
  8. 8. Danny Bluestone Account Manager Matt Gibson User Experience Lead Raj Remanan Designer Gareth Drew Technical Lead Ramon Lapenta Front-end Developer Nash M. Quality Assurance Lead Harry Clark Marketing
  9. 9. User-centred Design & Marketing Client and user research System architecture Start Technical research Visual design Experience prototypes Functional specification Technical prototypes Testing and QA Platform development Test-driven Development Launc h Marketing and support
  11. 11. Why should I involve my customers? “If you're only looking at the problem from your own point of view you're only going to be, at best, half right.” Jesse James Garrett Author of The Elements of User Experience ! Image:
  12. 12. Scrum 1. User stories replace requirements. 2. Replaces the notion of ‘phases’. 3. Scrum welcomes change. 4. The concept of 'done'. 5. Team autonomy. ! !
  13. 13. “Scrum was a major contributor to a 66% reduction in cycle time… Scrum improved staff morale, transparency and lead to uncover bugs and poor habits Pat Elwer
 Agile Project Development at Intel: A Scrum Odyssey Image:
  14. 14. A framework - ISO9001:2008 1. Key procedures are documented. 2. Record keeping is systemised. 3. Client surveys. 4. CAPA analysis. 5. Quality objectives. 6. Continual improvement.
  15. 15. “Within 12 months, ISO9001 helped us to improve profitability by 177%. The team understands the business, department and their own objectives”. Cyber-Duck Ltd * comparing Aug 2012 with Aug 2013
  16. 16. Lean 1. Develop MVPs while pivoting 2. Build, measure and learn 3. Actionable analytics 4. Validated' learning 5. Automation for speed / errors 6. Small batches work better. 7. Eliminate ‘waste’. 8. Uses the andon cord.
  17. 17. Lean thinking provided a 93% reduction time in specimen reception and a 40% reduction time in turnaround time. Specimens arrive in the lab up to 3 hours earlier. Neil Westwood / Clinical Process Consultant
 Hereford Hospitals, NHS Trust, UK
  18. 18. Combining UCD, agile and lean By combining UCD, ISO 9001 and agile together we gain: • A superior user experience design process • An agile mindset and manoeuvrability • Strong quality management processes ! ! !
  20. 20. The project management triangle THE ‘PM’ TRIANGLE
  21. 21. What creates a project at Cyber-Duck
  22. 22. Company wide project meetings
  23. 23. Departmental weekly resourcing
  24. 24. Task management
  25. 25. Time recording
  26. 26. The project clipboard
  27. 27. Go no go meetings
  28. 28. People reports STAFF 1 STAFF 2 STAFF 3 STAFF 4 STAFF 5 STAFF 6
  30. 30. Operational weekly resourcing DIFFERENT STAFF MEMBERS
  31. 31. Managing recurring procedures Different staff members
  32. 32. Post mortems
  33. 33. Manage bugs
  34. 34. TAKE AWAYS
  35. 35. Top 10 skills of a project manager 1. Be systemised but flex with the project. 2. Use frameworks such as UCD, agile, lean and ISO9001. 3. Documentation will help you to track and monitor progress. 4. Communication can be improved by using Trello. 5. Make yourself passionate about the subject. 6. Be ready to juggle speed, scope and pricing. 7. Show empathy to all stakeholders. 8. Be prepared to multi-task. 9. Be a detail freak and test all the time. 10. Show a relentless drive to deliver quality.
  36. 36. Thanks for listening @danny_bluestone