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Microfilm Scanning in Ontario Preserves Delicate Documents


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Microfilm scanning in Ontario allows you to safely archive fragile documents. If you want to preserve delicate documents indefinitely, like newspapers, blueprints, drawings, maps and more, microfilming is a great choice to make information readily available well into the future. For more information about Microfilm Scanning in Ontario, visit

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Microfilm Scanning in Ontario Preserves Delicate Documents

  1. 1. Microfilm Scanning inMicrofilm Scanning inOntario Preserves DelicateOntario Preserves DelicateDocumentsDocuments
  2. 2. • Microfilming allows safe archiving of fragiledocuments like: newspapers, blueprints,drawings, maps and more• Paper documents have limited use. Digitalformats have issues, such as technologiesrapid evolve of software and hardware
  3. 3. Microfilm Scanning in Ontario is the Answer• Stored information that is protected andaccessible for years• Microfilm scanning is stored very affordably• No special equipment is needed to readmicrofilm, it is not dependent onsophisticated computer technology
  4. 4. Major Differences between Microfilm andDigital Archiving•Microfilm does not limit resolution of images todots per inch (dpi)•Acceptability in legal proceedings, microfilmcannot be doctored
  5. 5. Should Microfilm be used for all DocumentRetention?•Method selected for archiving depends on howlong you intend to keep documents•If documents need storing for short while,digital storage is good choice•For long term storage, durable archivingmethod must be used
  6. 6. Should Microfilm be used for all DocumentRetention?•Microfilm provides longevity and detail•Provides maximum protection for fragiledocuments. Can be used as backup archivemethod
  7. 7. • Kevin DArcy is VP of Sales and Marketing forMES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontariosleading document scanning and documentmanagement supplier. For more informationabout Microfilm Scanning in Ontario, visit