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Document Management Solutions: Top Reasons for Adopting Digital Records


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Primarily, document management solutions improve the way your business manages its records. You could transform your business by eliminating paper. Or, you could enhance your existing digital records and associated processes. For more information about Document Management Solutions, visit

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Document Management Solutions: Top Reasons for Adopting Digital Records

  1. 1. Document Management SolutionsTop Reasons for Adopting Digital Records
  2. 2. • Adopting document management solutions improves the way business manages its records• Transforms business by eliminating paper• Business save time and money amongst other benefits• Best management systems improve business processes without requiring major overhaul
  3. 3. Regulatory Compliance• Additional legislation requires companies and industries to adhere to special requirements in record keeping• Sarbanes-Oxley compels companies to prove financial information has not been altered• HIPAA requires privacy for all patient medical records
  4. 4. Regulatory Compliance• Non-compliance with either regulations result to huge fines• ISO 9000/9001 certification, to be certified, companies must demonstrate data is original, secure and unaltered. Document management ensures company records can qualify for certification
  5. 5. Functional Enhancements• Help streamline business functions for human resources, accounts payable and accounts receivable• Operations will improve from eliminating paper, enforcing naming conventions, ensuring strict approval process and creating consistent procedures
  6. 6. A Host of Benefits• Reduced costs – companies save money by not devoting employees to handling paper. Warehouse space for archives can be eliminated. Shipment of documents are no longer necessary• Improved security – provide multiple layers of security: hackers, identity thieves, disgruntled employees, unauthorized access, etc.
  7. 7. A Host of Benefits• Greater mobility – allows employee to access company information online remotely• Disaster recovery – digital records are more likely to survive in a natural disaster like fire or flood• Greater conformity – processes remain uniform
  8. 8. • Kevin DArcy is VP of Sales and Marketing for MES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontarios leading document scanning and document management supplier. For more information about Document Management Solutions, visit